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  1. Could you send me the scenario?
  2. Yes, the gunner should be lasing. What is it about the first video?
  3. This week's Kanium session:
  4. This week's TGIF session:
  5. This week's Kanium session:
  6. Just something I saw during an ad hoc session that I really liked.
  7. My understanding is that the older vehicles are done by eSim employees as a labor of love.
  8. Part of this week's TGIF session (some dummy pushed the wrong key and failed to record the second half of the session):
  9. This week's TGIF sessions:
  10. This week's Kanium session:
  11. Pick the right tank. Not all of them have the crew modeled.
  12. The last couple of week's TGIFs:
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