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  1. After playing the Kanium session yesterday I asked Assassin if I could test it again and it failed once more. Very frustrating. I uninstalled everything, again, then reinstalled it and just got finished testing it (with Assassin's assistance again) and it worked. I then made all the changes, one at a time with retesting after each, that I had made Saturday evening trying to try to localize where the issue is coming from. It did not fail so I haven't a clue as to what was causing it. Thanks again to Assassin for his help.
  2. Not quite sure what it was. Wound up installing SB on a different drive. Whether that meant I had a corrupted installation or that windows was being anal about thinking SB downloading a scenario was an attempted attack/hack on the system drive I don't know. It worked is all that matters to me. Thank you, Assassin. The result of TGIF was Red got many vehicles across the breakthrough line but Blue was able to destroy them before there were enough across to trigger the victory conditions. I believe Blue won by destroying enough Red vehicles for Red to be considered combat ineffective.
  3. Next Kanium Sunday session?

    Not sure I will be able to attend. I have to move at the beginning of next month. Also means you might have to find someone to host until I can get resettled.
  4. We love videos

    The last Kanium Session, but shorter: Link to the full version; https://youtu.be/YXWbXXLlwuI
  5. Yes. Uploading soon. However, I had changed my push-to-talk keys in team speak but forgot to change them in OBS so it has none of my responses to your commands (verbal responses that is).
  6. We love videos

    Scrapper_511, here is my version of the TGIF Battle Zone session cut down to a length more to your liking (hopefully). I'll try to do this more often.
  7. Here it is. MECH BG Attack V.2_10692_120918DESKTOP-2Q9Q1316.aar.7z
  8. Operacion La Seguridad

    12D (with a Centauro!), please.
  9. Steel Beasts "Summer Camp"

    Sounds great. I can't make any commitments right now as I am Looking to move at the beginning of January. I will try to pop in if I can.
  10. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    I'm planning on being there.
  11. We love videos

    A Kanium session from last month:
  12. MECH BG ATTACKS in Finland

    R11, please.
  13. We love videos

    Yesterday's Kanium session:
  14. We love videos

    Sorry Scrapper_511, it's a long one. Last weeks TGIF:
  15. We love videos

    Another Kanium session from a couple of weeks ago:
  16. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    I plan on being there.
  17. We love videos

    Trying again. Last weeks Kanium Session:
  18. We love videos

    My view of the Battle Zone TGIF scenario we played last month:
  19. We love videos

    Last weekend's Kanium session: For some reason youtube wouldn't process this video. Will reupload it soon.
  20. We love videos

    A Kanium session from last month:
  21. We love videos

    Last Friday's TGIF session:
  22. I would like a Romeo unit if we have enough to fill out the tanks and mech infantry. Otherwise I’ll take a tank. Or mech infantry if needed.
  23. I was expecting to host. Also, you placed me into two tanks.