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  1. No idea what the cause of the problem is but there is a solution. First: Make sure any recording program is shut down. You will have to Alt-Tab out of Steel Beasts to do this. Second: Go back into Steel Beasts and hit Alt-W. This resizes the SB to a windowed format (which can't be done if recording software is active) and forces SB to reload which fixes the freeze. You will now be able to close/save the AAR (or not) as you please.
  2. I think you misunderstood my reply. I asked a question which was very obviously answered in his original post so I editted/deleted it. For some reason I could not just delete the whole post(probably a user issue) so I left the message I did. The problem stated in the original post is still an issue to the poster.
  3. Nevermind, it was a dumb question.
  4. I can move to Charlie so it is at least minimally manned. Or not.
  5. Also, open the mission editor and look under the file column for "Export to map package." You can then save the map but you will need to publish it to use it in other then the mission editor.
  6. I had a tank commander decide to show us how to drive one time. We parked it around 2 a.m. and when we got up at dawn we discovered that he had somehow got the tank in between two trees, dead center front and back, with less than two inches of clearance. We also got a great lesson of why you are not to sleep under the vehicle when we found out that the tank had sunk to its belly in the soft ground. We of course had to be towed out of that mess. Never went to BNOC and our TOW crews shot on the tank's Table VIII range the few times they fired TOWs. I don't know if they ever fired Dragons at any time.
  7. He must have spent most of his time on the eastern side of the post. The western side, except for the dammed up creek, was mostly dry when I was there. The forests were not too jungle-like but did make tank driving a bit of a headache. There was even one tank trail that had a small wooden bridge over it. And at least one hill that was significantly higher than the ground to the east, south, and southwest of it.
  8. There were issues so the session was cut off early. Hopefully they have been resolved.
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