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  1. I opened those scenarios by Crusty in an older version of SB. I found the maps to be: Teamyank1.ter hmap.raw Yankee2.ter Irwin.raw team3.ter Irwin.raw yankee.ter hmap.raw Forest2.ter Wolf.raw I can't open the "Team Yankee 6 Red Dawn" scenario because something is messed up.
  2. It was my experience that you couldn't see anything until the IR light was turned on. Get very far from the IR beam and you couldn't see anything either. It was an all or nothing kind of system. What your video shows was more like a passive system on a moonless, cloudy, pitch black night then turning a light on that reflected off a low cloud layer to illuminate the whole battlefield at once.
  3. Seemed more like a passive than an active IR.
  4. I have tried about a half dozen programs, and paid for most, to record videos. I find OBS is the easiest to set up, and use, that solves some issues that I have with the others.
  5. A14, please. Assassin, A11 may need a new antenna and some more main gun rounds but is otherwise in perfect condition.
  6. Put it here but save the other files before doing it: C:\Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\music credits.wav
  7. I have done that before for the same reason. TC even said "Target!" AAR said I missed.
  8. DaVinci Resolve has a free version. It's used by some movie studios.
  9. The release notes indicate it was fixed.
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