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  1. Here is my copy of it. GELBER KYRASS.sce
  2. I have seen this happen before. I suspect its cause was a very serious case of a player de syncing from the host. In this case the player Falcon (not his fault, it just happens sometimes). Following my suspicions I believe the “ghost” units are the host receiving bad position reports from the player, which he can see and which he did engage, which are reported by the host and show up on the map. The corresponding ghost units are either already destroyed, according to the host, or are somewhere else in relation to the host and all of the players still in sync with the host. l don’t know if it has anything to do with the Leo 2A4, but I am positive that in this case the primary cause was the player being de synced.
  3. Yes, the second one. My second AAR is so large it stops on “loading the mission.”
  4. Could I please get the ARs from last night? One of mine won't load.
  5. When in the 3D view it is under the "System" tab in the upper left-hand corner as well.
  6. Heating C-rations in the field by either putting them in the exhaust stream of the personnel heater, the hot air vent in the turret, or burning the box while the can was inside. Hot breakfasts brought out by the 1st Sargents. That glorious hot shower provided for us by the unionized Dutch Army (on a weekend) after being in the field for 30 days. Being the gunner during gunnery. Hitting a 2000+ meter target with the first round while on the move. Pulling three 88s and two M60A1s out of the frozen muck at Hohenfels. Etc, etc, etc...
    This map is friggen awesome! Great job! Reminds me a lot of driving around real places the way the land undulates and you can suddenly dee great distances.
  7. The callsigns are of my own design as I could find no good examples of their vehicle numbering system. It's what made the most sense to me within the limitations of the template structure.
  8. I noticed an error in the callsign templates and have corrected them.
  9. That, and more, found at this web site: https://www.relikte.com/
  10. I was searching for TOEs for the NVA and found this, which is what I based my template off of:
  11. https://www.steelbeasts.com/files/category/140-41-single-player-scenarios/
  12. Here you go... NewTemplate MSR-9.7z NVA MSR 9 Callsigns.7z
  13. After more investigation I was able to recreate the problem. Lumi was correct. If the day sight is set to wide angle, ie less magnification, and you switch to the thermal view to engage a target it will reset the range to battle sight when you lase even if you are in the higher magnification view of the thermal. I don't know if this is supposed to happen that way but at least it is known now that is how it is operating.
  14. I was in thermal view the first time. The second time I'm pretty sure I was zoomed in. But, like I said, it flashed a new range before going back to battle sight and getting stuck.
  15. I took the STRV 122 to the range last night to prepare for the mission today and had a couple of instances where the LRF acted oddly. At the fourth or fifth engagement I would lase the target and the range would flash on the numeric display and then immediately switch to the battle-sight range. After that I would be unable to get a proper lase with the range stuck at battle sight. I talked to another player today and he said he had the same issue with this tank on the tank range, as well.
  16. I recently updated my RX 580 8g to an RX 6750 XT 12g. Steel Beasts performance improved slightly and I am able to run at higher resolutions, 2560 x 1440, with no noticeable loss of fps (at 3840 x 2160 there is a noticeable slowdown). I tested it today, playing with Kanium, and had very good results. The only drawback to the higher resolution was the massive increase in the file size of the recording I made of the session. The new card has been great for video editing, too. What used to take an hour now takes about 25 minutes (@ 1080p for the raw video).
  17. If it is just Code Meter popping up at computer startup you can fixed it thusly: 1) Right click on the task bar 2) Click on "Task Manager" 3) When opened click on the "Startup" tab 4) Highlight "Code Meter" and click "disable" Code Meter will no longer pop up but will still operate as normal when Steel Beasts starts.
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