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  1. Thanks for the update. FYI M60 tank platoons had five vehicles in them.
  2. AARs showing the area of effect for explosive rounds.
  3. I wish for the driver's interior to be less bright so it is easier to see through the vision blocks, especially at dusk and night.
  4. Does moisture cocnrent of the geound make any difference?
  5. I’m looking forward to playing these. 🙂
  6. All the map installer parts and executable, plus 4.159 parts 1 - 6. The patch is for those of us that had 4.156/7.
  7. This is the same scenario that Gibsonm said he was going to upload in "invisible civilians" thread.
  8. TSe419E

    Control issue

    I found out today that if the proper profile is not selected for my Logitech X-56 before launch choosing the correct profile after the scenario has started is not recognized by 4.159 and SB will not recognize any inputs with the joystick at all.
  9. This is what I saw when I jumped to F8 during the latest Kanium scenario.
  10. The F-3/4 sights are located in the cupola. The cupola has a separate set of traverse and elevation controls than the turret. The joystick controls the traverse of the turret which also moves the site picture of the cupola. The joystick/turret controls are not connected to the cupola other than the fact that the cupola sits on top of the turret. You can’t use the turret controls to change the elevation of the .50 cal. so the joystick doesn’t do it either. The mouse can change elevation and traverse because that is how the cupola traverse and elevation controls are implimented (arrows as well).
  11. I’ve never tried it within the frame work of SB. I have a Logitec X-56 and its profiler lets me do it. I know there is software out there that can be used to create profiles for most controllers but I’ve never tried any.
  12. For the M60A3: F1 is correct. F2 you get no control unless you also hold the “P” key at the same time. In the real tank the commander must hold down his palm switch to overide and move the turret with his control handle. F3 & F4 is correct as you can only move the cupola, which the sights associated with those positions are in, horizontally with the joystick. To move the vertical axis use the up and down arrow keys or use the mouse and control both the horizontal and vertical.
  13. Different TCs had different tecniques. Usually a driver worked with a TC long enough to get an intuitive understanding of what the TC wanted when the TC wasn’t being very specific. At other times TCs were incredibly specific, such as “Head for those two big trees at about your 10 o’clock.” At others it was, “Follow vehicle x but go to the left/right of the mud hole he just went through.” The driver was the one the TC usually spoke the most to.
  14. Coax seems to be more effective and the poping contro-thrusters of the Dragon atgm is great.
  15. They were until Logitec bought them out.
  16. I had troubles with the drivers windows 10 compatability and my X-55 and had to upgrade to an X-56.
  17. For removal, yes. But somtimes I just feel the need to let rip with a pintal mounted .50 cal. Guess I will have to make my own.
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