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    This is good for 1970s and earlier. I hope one with MERDC is forthcoming.
  1. TSe419E

    M88 MERDC

    Was anticipating someone doing this!
  2. I use a TV because of eye strain when using a monitor up close. With the TV I can sit further back and still see things without squinting.
    Looking forward to using this mod. FYI, the M88A2 is the HERCULES (Heavy Equipment Recovery Combat Utility Lifting Extraction System).
  3. It's always nice not to get shot at by your own side but it only counts if you're playing the scenario.
  4. I was the Plt Sgt. I was supposed to be an extra set of ears for the Plt Ldr and an extra set of eyes. I don't know how things worked out.
  5. Sorry I dropped, everyone. It appears some idiot wasn't paying attention and jumped a curb and took out the power junction box, and cable box, that serves my apartment complex. Hope you all had fun.
  6. Good video. On an older version (can't remember which) tanks towing tanks would have to get closer than ARVs but now have they have to be practically rubbing ends together. If it were done this way in real life there would be no room for anyone to get in between the tanks to attach the cables up. I would think half of the towing distance would be an acceptable distance to hook up cables.
  7. Actually you can set up OBS to record only an open program window. Splitting up of the sound sources is the main reason I use it. Here is a very good video about using OBS, Team Speak, and Voice Meeter Banana to record your gaming/streaming activities:
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