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  1. If there are at least four of us we could play the Battlezone scenario.
  2. That was pretty damned good.
  3. I believe it's a global change. All vehicles would use the same language regardless of the nation represented.
  4. I thought this kind of wire wa made from galvanized steel and didn't rust?
  5. I watched a session today and really liked how the terrain seemed to have more texture.
  6. Okay. I'll try to be patient. It'll be hard, but I will try.
  7. The year they, eSim, think it’s ready.
  8. Long live the King!
  9. Does the BMP-2 have a turbo to give it that turbo spooling down sound?
  10. This reminds me more of the M-85 than the M240.
  11. I stayed inside all day yesterday and kept dry. I had to go out today and only got caught by a light drizzle. Tomorrow’s supposed to be rain free. We’ll see.
  12. I should make a clip of that one fight you had during a TGIF session. It really illustrates your point.
  13. As I remeber it sometimes when the gunner is killed you still are in the gunner's seat untill you leave it either by F8 (overhead view) or F5 (map view). Then you can't get back into the gunner's seat. Seems to still be an issue.
  14. That’s a great idea! 👍👍👍
  15. I did see quite a few falling stars when I was on watch at Bergenhone. Showed really well with passive sights.
  16. Sriracha? Yuck! Roasted Poblano, or Habanero, is much better!
  17. I noticed the different flight pattern.
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