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  1. Some recent, and not so recent, Kanium sessions:
  2. Here you go. Apocalypse_OperationStreetSweeper_5140_011220DESKTOP-1FEE2009.aar
  3. First Kanium video of the year:
  4. First one of the new year:
  5. Here's mine. I tried it and it worked for me. Bridge_to_Far_with_Off_Map_Artillery_Ver_3_10448_010220M60A11409.aar
  6. Sorry didn't see it at first. It' is, as Colebrook said, a connection issue due to the host being in Denmark and the rest of the players scattered around the world.
  7. Starting an ad hoc session now. All are welcome (will need a server license if more than eight)!
  8. That’s the infantry taking up overwatch positions.
  9. TSe419E

    NVA 88

    Version 1.0.0


    While searching the web for information on OOBs for the DDR I found this. Organizations from the top down for the Army, Air Force, Navy, and border guard units. It's in German but Google Translate does a good job with it.
  10. @Gibsonm, here is my copy of the AAR. It's truncated by a tiny bit at the start but otherwise fine. SB_6269_3844_122019M60A12235.zip
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