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  1. Until they start next season 0-2. And I will have to readjust my statement about the professionalism about the Patriots attitude, not the players but their Coach. He gets caught red-handed cheating before the season but he cant seem to make amends to the public at all by running off the field before game ends even though he did congratulate Coughlin. He's a Punk! TacBat, I'm with you on this really... I dont expect NY's attitude to ever change, similar to their political way of thinking. This is not to flame but the truth is the truth, sad but true! No one can call me a liar on this.
  2. I remember a few years ago asking Sherm what his favorite NY team was and he told me it was the Giants and I was glad of his answer because my "Ole Miss Boy" was going to be playing for em and that I told him that they would be in good hands with him at the helm. Well, all was not smooth for my boy or the Giants with the NY Media and fans eating the coach and Manning up basically wanting their head on a platter all the way up into the playoffs. Well have it be, Eli and the Giants pour on the Coal in the playoffs continuing into the Super Bowl! The will and desire to bash and give up on your team seems to be an epidemic these days ( though I never have and never will , whats my proof? ... I'm a ARZ(EX-STL) Cardinal fan ) is unreal ! .. It almost makes one to want the Giants to lose just because of NY's attitude but as it was, NE's somewhat arrogance and their perfect record I feel made the country root more for NY. But NE's attitude for their defeat is most professional and their no finger-pointing and gave all credit to NY is nothing but noble. But I feel so much pride for Eli Manning... his daddy was born/raised just up the road from where I was. I seen Eli play for my Ole Miss Rebels and play so great and knew that NY didnt know what the hell they were talking about and in the end they got to see the ill of their ways which gives me and Ole Miss and the state of MS. ( football truly is a religion down south) so much gratification that he proved em so wrong. But, I'm sure NY will learn from here on out hopefully, to never, ever give up!!
  3. Very sorry to hear Gary.... I certainly dread the day my boy goes away, and when I say "boy" I sincerily mean like he's like the son I never had. Much like the totally devoted/loyal human as you always described Battledog. My deepest sympathy.
  4. Moosehead/St. Pauli Girl in that order. But in the end, I always wake up and come back home to Miller High Life.
  5. After first impressions, I thought I was being a little ham-strung with my 2500XP and 9800PRO. I have my resolution at 1024x768, low detail, downloaded latest video driver with no AA or Antisotropic and all seems quite well. Smooth!
  6. Wow.. with that set-up I'm surprised you didnt hear laughter coming from your computer tower at the challenge of running it.
  7. Just wondering anyone....would you think it would be worthwhile for me to replace my Athlon 2500XP for a 3000XP to run Pro PE?...I can get a brand new 3000 for 100 bucks. My 2500 is locked and I would hate to take the chance of screwing it up to unlock it. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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