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  1. Hi Ssnake. I tried to send the localization package to you using 'Messages' from this forum and it didn't work. I received a message that you cannot receive messages. How should I proceed?
  2. Thanks. After your tip I realized where is the mode pushbutton. It is bellow GPS day sight, at AMMUNITION SELECT panel, among the buttons to select ammunition type. The PgUp shortcut works as expected. Thanks again.
  3. Hi, I'm following the M1A2 tutorials and on Lesson '03 M1A2 Gunnery C' there is a mention about the AIR/GROUND modes for the LRF. I understood the concept, but I didn't find how to switch these modes. The tutorial mentioned the AIR/GROUND mode pushbutton. Where is it? Does anyone know? Thanks.
  4. Thanks Ssnake. Next week I will send you by email the translated texts (after the last review).
  5. Hi everyone I'd like somebody's support here, if that's possible. I'm working on SB Brazilian Portuguese Localization and I've already finish many things. - psstrings.txt is done (reviewing now) - M1A1 tutorial translation is also done - I've created M60A3(TTS) tutorials (in English and translated) similar to the others - I will work on M1A2, M2A2 and Leo1A5, at least, tutorial translations - I'm working on voices now So I have some questions: - Is it possible to include this translation in the regular SB version (for the next version, for example)? - I'd like to check the voices, but for this I need to create voices.mrf. Can someone teach me how to do this? Thanks in advance.
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