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  1. LS, have strenght during your way through this shitty part in your life.. I will certainly miss him.. Luit
  2. 4 x 40 = 160 > math and army don't mix.. it should be 120
  3. Version 1.0


    REad the tread over here![url]http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=8397[/url]
  4. does this mean the control system is simular to te one one the leo?
  5. luit


    Version 1.0


    Acoop made from KT''s anfall 01 scenario. suiteble for 3players but if you have more DO IT... after playtesting it showed it needed some work.... work is done needs to be playtested and will then be uploaded
  6. I seem to have the same problem on my stick... But no FPS loss
  7. OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!! > Well glad that is over!
  8. Why, that's my spare brain > that's why i'm so smart
  9. I said, as I ate the last chocolate-chip cookie > hmm that tastes sooo good
  10. Version 1.0


    An aatck on a battalion of ruskies
  11. waddapened? > Whats up doc?
  12. watson...watsoff (karate kid) > Wanna fight? fight with me!
  13. That smells of old buscits > gunpowder
  14. I think our relationship is strong enough for us to see other people > if said by a women this means trouble
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