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  1. Thanks ssnake, I appreciate it! Yeah, pressing the Next button twice feels like a needless gesture. I modeled the quiz after Duolingo, which always provides feedback on whether you are wrong or right. But I can see the value of eliminating success feedback and simply moving on to the next question. Thanks again for the pin and the feedback!
  2. Hey all, I created a little quiz application to help with vehicle identification that you might find useful: There are lots of armored vehicles, but there are also aircraft from different eras, too. I hope you find it fun and helpful!
  3. I have CH Pro pedals and I have not experienced the same issue as you. Maybe the pedals are being considered a joystick? As a test, you could try disabling the joystick in Steel Beasts to see if that resolves that issue.
  4. --fullscreenwindow=true worked perfectly and fixed my issue. Thanks, this saves me numerous reboots and time!
  5. Thanks for the ideas. I am running full screen, but I will try windowed mode to see if that remedies things.
  6. I have a pair of MIMO USB monitors (480x800px) that use DisplayLink Manager 8.0.644.0, but they stop displaying the moment I run Steel Beasts. The monitors still have power, but the displays stop showing the desktop. A reboot fixes this issue, at least until I run Steel Beasts again. The monitors work fine on all other games and the issue seems isolated to SB. Any thoughts on why this would be happening or suggestions on how to avoid this particular problem? I realize that it is probably a specialized problem given that many users likely do not use mini USB monitors. I use them for flight sims along with a pair of Cougar MFDs, if you were wondering. It would be nice to have them keep working after I play SB so I could avoid the reboots. Thanks!
  7. DarkFib3r


    Holding ALT and rolling the mouse wheel will focus the thermal imager on most, if not all, tanks.
  8. Top notch answer, thanks Mirzayev. That's exactly what I was looking for!
  9. I understand the difference between GLOS CITV and GLOS GPS, but what I am having trouble with is determining which one to use in which circumstance? It seems to me that you use GLOS CITV if you want to override and fire, as TC, through the CITV screen. And you use GLOS GPS if you plan on overriding and firing, as TC, through the GPSE. Are there any other situations that would dictate using one mode over the other? Thanks!
  10. Hi 12Alfa, Given that there is lots of interest from a bunch of different time zones across the planet to attend your training sessions (which are great, by the way), to completely remove ambiguity of the start times for the 1CAD training events, you might want to also include GMT time (also known as ZULU time) whenever you promote a new session. In this case, your event start time is September 29, 00:00Z, which is equivalent to September 28, (2100AST, 2000EST, 1900CST, etc). Once DST hits, the local times will change by an hour but the ZULU time will stay constant. However, you may also bump up the ZULU time at DST so that you can start at the same local time for ADT? Also, to be completely clear to newcomers, you might want to specify on every event that you meet in the steelbeasts.com TeamSpeak server. Adding these components to every event posting may get your more attendees as there are less barriers to figuring out when and where your events are happening. It took me a bit of sleuthing to figure out when and where exactly you guys met, so I am speaking from experience that the above information would be helpful. FWIW.
  11. 12Alfa, can you please verify the time and TS location of the Wednesday training session for Sept. 21? I want to ensure I communicate it clearly to others who may attend. Thanks!
  12. Hi 12Alfa, Gusy and I will attend with the potential for another person or two to tag along. The opportunity for some training is greatly welcomed! Where should we meet and what time? I am assuming the SteelBeasts TS at 9:00pm EST, but please let me know if that is wrong.
  13. In a recent game, I reversed my MBT (an M1A1) to escape an HE barrage. Unfortunately, there was a tree approximately 25 meters directly behind my tank and I rammed into it at full reverse speed. This action killed both my loader and my driver, leaving the tank immobilized. I have never been in a tank before, but I would assume that the crew in a 60 ton tank would barely feel the impact of a tree, let alone get killed by the impact at less than 60kph. I always imagined tanks smashing through trees and buildings as if they were not there, primarily being concerned about getting stuck in a basement rather than the impact hurting the crew. But again, I have no real world experience in this arena :-) Is this a realistic concern for tankers? Thanks!
  14. Nice, thanks! I must have looked at 20+ M1A1 pictures and not once did I see that hole under the coax.
  15. The M1A1 has two sights, the primary GPS and the auxiliary GAS. The GPS is the "doghouse" sight on top of the turret, easily visible on most M1A1 pictures. But the GAS is a telescope sight situated along the barrel somewhere and I have not been able to see it in game or on M1A1 pictures on the interweb. Can someone point out where the GAS is physically located? Thanks!
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