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  1. I bought a Oculus Rift and used it for DCS as well. Makes the A10C playable and a joy to fly instantly but.............boy o boy wath a rubbish quality lenses this device has. First resolution is sub par and makes almost every gauge in the cockpit unreadable. Second, your eyes try to focus all the time to get a sharp image causing headache and strained eyes. It is a nice try to introduce VR but for now it really sucks. Luckely a could return it at Coolblue and collect my money. I will wait a few more years till some company comes with a descent quality VR set. Im happy with my g-sync 144 Hz monitor like never before :-)
  2. OkSoft is ok, I bought from oksoft too.
  3. Ssnake means to say: paying customers are more important then private people entitled to free updates/upgrades.
  4. I think Develeopers should not be hindered in their progession by unimportant issues as diskspace or frame rates......................If people want to play games and enjoy eyecandy, they have to invest in the proper hardware and stop complaining. When I read the forums I see a lot of people playing on medieval riggs....you cant take those moaners serious into account regarding future upgrades/updates.
  5. It doesn't matter how much money you throw in....................SB just will never run smoothly in suburban area,s ever!! But the more CPU power the better. Something with the SB engine..........................the most demanding simulation games like Digital Combat Simulation, offer far better graphical performance then SB. One just can hope SB will find a way to improve their engine and stop AI turning your tanks rears to the enemy ;-)
  6. Ok that makes sense, especially for an Armored Warfare and World of Tanks player
  7. I,m not an expert or experienced militarist, but I feel that the top speed of vehicles in game are not related to each other. Example: Should the Centauro and other light infantry vehicles not be much faster then a M60, or other main battle tanks?
  8. PROBLEM SOLVED Crossing bridges in Assault mode, solved my problem. All tanks cross quickly as they should . If I only tried this before earlier, what an idiot I am ..... Ssnake you can delete this forum thread if you wish I guess
  9. Ok that makes sense actually.....I will try that tonight with one of the new downloadable 4.0 scenarios "The battle of 97 Eastings". Thanks for the support and fast reply. (By the way version 4.0 rocks and especially infantry behavior is better. A crew-able Chieftain and Merkava would be great too. Leopards 2.X need a 3D detailed makeover to get them up to par with the 3d quality of the Chieftain etc.)
  10. I will post a video with some examples asap.
  11. Tanks are drowning in water when they are auto routed via the "new route" commands and they have to cross bridges. This was the case in 3.028 and it is still the case in 4.0. ( I assign a new route by tracing roads on the map while [shift] -key pressed down.) This heavy bug makes all maps with bridges that have to be crossed, unusable for single player gaming. Player has to cross almost every vehicle personally, else vehicles drive into the water and get stuck or drowned. Am I the only one experiencing this bottleneck?!
  12. OK very good, thx. I just will start my killing spree tomorrow then
  13. I just downloaded and am Installing 4.0 ........:-) But how to order the upgrade?!
  14. Play "STEEL ARMOR BLAZE OF WAR" untill this 4.0 gets released. SABOW is a very good game/simulator on its own, very underestimated. Infantry works very well in this game as Air support.
  15. Finely, the money is burning a hole in my pocket
  16. I'm just so anxious to start playing SB 4.0 I cant wait. It drives me mad But I do appreciate the open communication with the customer base though. The big problem with development projects is the end system integration, that's when all the "bugs" come out unexpectedly despite every developer did his bit, 100%.
  17. 100% this month? ....really?! Despite all the delay I will buy the upgrade when available but......Please just inform customers when it is really ready and tested and stop making promises all the time !!! That is really pissing me off. Send us a surprise email with order instructions, download-link and I will be happy as a child.
  18. Stick to the subject please!! It is July 31, What is it gonna be SSNAKE ?! RELEASE 4.0 YES OR NO in AUGUST 2016???????????????????????????????
  19. Can you please explain this futher? Im very interested. How can you override gunner when you look through Binocs and have the turret point to where you look?
  20. Hello Tankers, As a SB Pro, NOOB I cant dermine what direction my tank or gun is facing?! North, South, West or East. Help please. :confused:
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