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  1. Aye, that's what I reckon I've been doing. In reality the loader would say "no HEAT left" or something instead of just loading another SABOT and not telling the gunner after he'd selected HEAT on the firing computer. I'm learning I see what you mean. The targets closure rate bringing them, in effect, under the arc of the shell. Monkey see, monkey do! hahah. I wont make that mistake again.
  2. Aha! That sounds right. There was "0|0" in the ammo count in the top right but the main gun was still firing. That didn't look right. Looks like it sets the targeting computers for whatever ammo you choose (whether you have any or not), but ACTUALLY fires something else. That's a bit special. Can I fire my loader out of his own gun? I can never understand a word the AI shouts out In any case.
  3. er......on wheels. On the moving targets tutorial. I'm not sure what you mean I did a few last night and had the same issue just to make sure I wasn't seeing a one-off. I press insert and delete to switch SABOT and HEAT. My question is. Apart from pressing those two keys. Do I have to do anything else to zero the sights? It feels like I'm missing a step to reset the targeting computer or something. (apart from 'P' to dump previous target)
  4. Sorry for not being clear. I meant In addition to changing the ammo. I change ammo, then the next loaded round is HEAT. Then its 200m short most of the time.
  5. Is there any reason for this? In the gunnery training mission for M1A2, I can hit every moving target with SABOT, but every HEAT round falls short and the TC yells "Add 200",(I think that's what he's saying). I'm not doing anything differently. Track, lase, centre, shoot, dump. Do I have to manually change a setting on the targeting computer when I change ammo type? I know the manual sights for SABOT and HEAT are different.
  6. A very interesting discussion and a lot of good info there. Looking back, I see I made two very basic errors; 1) I looked at the ARTY training mission with its TRP's and assumed a target area consisted of 4 x reference points forming a rectangle / square and the "attitude" was then applied to define rotation of this shape. This I can now see was a mistake. The entire point of the system is that you need supply only one point and then give 2 measurements and an angle to define the target area. 2) I also thought the calculation needed to define the initial point of the plotting, otherwise the resulting trapezoidal shape could easily be defined 180 degrees the wrong way round. I now see that the initial point must be the centre of the resulting shape, therefore ordering is irrelevant. Sometimes it’s easy to overthink things and miss the obvious!
  7. Wow. As complex as I thought it would be! I'm a "monkey see monkey do" type so I will setup some tests to get my head round this. Why they couldn't just use degrees........ I understand mils help measure distance but as you are giving grid co-ordinates anyway and assuming everyone (sender and recipient) are using the same map and scale, it seems like a bit of pointless extra maths unless I'm missing something.
  8. From the manual. Adjusts the angle of the major axis of the impact area between 0 - 3200 mils I understand all those words but not the meaning.......... From Wikipedia Artillery uses angular measurement in gun laying, the azimuth between the gun and its target many kilometres away and the elevation angle of the barrel. This means that artillery uses mils to graduate indirect fire azimuth sights I'm none the wiser. Does this mean a higher number = higher trajectory = shells falling straight down?
  9. I know its a daft question but I cant find anything in the manual. What do the red numbers after the vehicle name mean in the top right of the screen? For instance; M829A3: 10|14 That's the APFSDS designation, so do the numbers mean rounds available and rounds in storage? (that become available if I order a reload?).
  10. i wish! I suspect in modern tanks the crew text each other their orders or the Gunner checks the TC's Facebook or Twitter page to see what his next target is. #BMP_LOL :c:
  11. Ah thanks. You should do regional accent tank commander .WAV sound packs. I'd pay for Mexican or possibly Glaswegian Tank comanders voice To be honest, i've been ignoring him and just giving everyone a SABOT where the sun dont shine. It seems to be working. I will pay more attention in future. Cheers C
  12. As a new recruit I’m stuck on the gunnery tutorial where the mission text tells you to listen for the TC’s instructions as to what ammo to load and what to do. I can’t understand a thing he says! Anyone who’s ever been to the M1 services at Woodall and asked for anything at KFC will know what I mean.  Or watched a Matthew McConaughey film. Is there a subtitles option for mumbling tank commanders?
  13. I had the same problem. Windows 10 update at the weekend set my desktop scaling to 150% for some reason, and the mouse pointer in SB Pro PE disappears in full screen mode. It's there in "windowed". Set back to 125% and its visible again.
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