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  1. Rich text in the briefing, and images (file size limited if need be). Also, 'dynamic' map graphics that could be set by the scenario designer to appear/disappear as events/conditions occur during the action phase
  2. But dynamic thermal signatures would be cool.
  3. " This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning "
  4. Dynamic thermal signatures would be cool... (get it!?)
  5. Not really, but theres bits and pieces of info around. I'd say this thread is the place to watch for any news on new features and stuff
  6. Partial credit; the CUANAVALE scenario was set on the Gomohalo Badme height map, but probably not on that bit of it. Terrain and graphical improvements look excellent, really looking forward to getting my hands dirty in the map editor with 4.1!
  7. Yeah it is intentional, both sides know what and how much the other side gets
  8. Looking good. I wonder how much use the dozer will get in a typical MP scenario (TGIF for example) , often the tank scrapes dont even get used when its just a case of placing them during the planning phase. I suppose it will depend on how quickly they can be 'dug' in the action phase. Perhaps one day this deformable terrain can allow troops to dig fighting positions, foxholes sandbags etc too
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