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  1. Not mentioned there is that the artillery strike info is shown on the map screen on lower realism, you can accesss binocular view from observer position, and maybe a few other minor differences
  2. Jolly good show. Welcome to the forums Max Chee.
  3. I think you make some valid points, but the OP asked a simple question, not for a thesis. Do feel free to over-analyze and complicate the discussion though, by all means !
  4. The ability to set 'surrender if' and 'continue fighting if' conditions globally would be handy too
  5. Is this bumpiness inherent in the height map, or can it be reduced in the theme settings (under 'bumpiness'!)? If its inherent in the height map, perhaps road levelling will help, but i havent experimented with that yet so i cant say how/if it works.
  6. I think Captain Colossus likes to 'split hairs'. Its fair to say that SB can be played in a RTS style if thats what you enjoy. Indeed, in larger scenarios with many units to control, you spend more time looking at the map and giving orders from there, moving your attention around the battlefield to where its needed. Also, i think the GUI in SB is far superior to that of the Graviteam titles. The AI are "competent" in crew drills, but require the right orders/tactics for the situation. Check out some gameplay videos (link is a few posts up) to get a look at different ways it can be played.
  7. Recent videos of Steel Beasts running 4.1 (newest) version, can be seen here ;
  8. If i understand your question properly; i think you can get the desired result by creating a 'preset group' and connecting the group to a waypoint that has a route leading from it. EDIT; I just tested it and this does not work- the group does not 'merge' to the route. I thought i read somewhere that it worked that way now, but it doesnt
  9. No worries, use whatever you think is best for your project!
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