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  1. One does not simply crunch MEGAFORCE...unless you have the most powerful computer known to science
  2. Place the unit/s ( UNIT 1/A ) in a region ( EMBARK REGION ) , create a CONDITION ( UNIT 1/A IN EMBARK REGION ) that checks if unit 1/A is in the EMBARK REGION { UNIT "1/A" IS IN REGION "EMBARK REGION" } , reference this CONDITION in the EMBARK IF dialogue box { BLUE CONDITION "UNIT 1/A IN EMBARK REGION" IS TRUE FOR "?" MINUTES }. Hope that makes sense. I dare say there is a better way, im not great with scripted AI maneuver. I should say that i havent tested this, its quite possibly bullshit 🚮
  3. You could put repair & revive conditions on the units
  4. Without some sort of DRM being implemented to prevent file sharing of monetised content, this conversation seems a bit pointless, as you would still be relying on an 'honour' system. A scenario/content creator that wants to monetise their stuff can do so now by asking people for payment via Patreon or similar. I dont think theres anywhere near enough demand for this to be viable as a money maker for anyone. Also, there is the question of fragmenting the (already small) communities by enforcing payment for some map or scenario that all members must own (and pay for) to participate in an event.
  5. Its an SB oddity. If you want 50 just roll the slider to 0 or 100 and roll it back to 50 (mouse wheel).
  6. Your 'Reputation' is 1... that sounds about right
  7. People do watch our TGIF videos after all, Cav!
  8. Wish; All available munition types quantities shown in the Support dialogue box. Currently the player doesnt know how much (if any) airstrike or precision munitions are available
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