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  1. UN is a human controlled faction if i remember correctly
  2. The ability to create conditional penalty zones and graphics in the mission editor. These functionalities would make for some very interesting possibilities. There has been mention of this 'new UI' , im very curious to see what kinds of changes are coming to the Map and Mission Editors. i reckon i spend 95% of my SB time in these!
  3. There are tents and other "things" (including fortifications) available in the map editor already
  4. Truly impressive! If you ever do a tutorial post or video, i would be very interested to see how this was achieved. Thanks for the work, i will definitely be using this map when its available.
    Very nice, as always. Now we just need the PT 76 to be crewable!
  5. Let us know when its available. Im curious to see what youve done with road levelling and overpasses etc. I havent been able to explore these features much due to extremely long loading times and PC crashes/freezes, among other things.
  6. The ability to 'tow' vehicles with helicopters (chinook etc).
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