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  1. We love videos

    Heres a view of the above battle from the BLUE side. Definitely will not have FMU enabled on this scenario next time !
  2. Traveling overwatch vs Bounding overwatch

    No, because fire control is at 'return fire only' on a scout route, and the gunner isnt telepathic. You answer your own questions here. If as the TC you are seeing something that the gunner isnt, and you think its important, then of course you let the gunner know. It helps to be familiar with the various routes and tactics, and how the 'AI' behaves respectively. http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Moving_Units_On_Routes
  3. We love videos

  4. Hummer M2HB MG mounts damaged on game launch

    Which scenario/s?
  5. Mounted troops don't dismount if vehicle is immobilized

    I dont believe they do. I have never seen infantry dismount due to damages (and i just tested it). It seems that sometimes there are survivors from the vehicle being destroyed though. If the terrain has any 'bumpiness' to it, the troops will pop up to fire, then pop back into/under the terrain.
  6. New Gaming Rig - Thoughts?

    Computers are cool!
  7. Setting quality

    That would be handy
  8. We love videos

  9. Setting quality

    Yeah unfortunately there isnt a universal quality setting, you need to select all the troops only (dismount any that are in vehicles).
  10. We love videos

    I like the little trees, hence my leaving them as is
  11. We love videos

    These are just my observations and may not be accurate, but trees placed with the 'tree' tool/brush (as opposed to 'woods') are always their largest size
  12. We love videos

    They came out like that when i applied them as a 'woods' type terrain. It seems that 'woods' are automatically shorter at the margins and taller in the centre, so they are all short unless its a large contiguous area of woods.
  13. We love videos

  14. We love videos