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  1. +1 Very much looking forward to seeing whats new in the map and scenario editors
  2. In the scenario editor it would be nice to have some form of vehicle information card/panel, with armour, armament, weight, speed etc. I know the information is around on the WIKI and elsewhere, but it would be helpful when designing scenarios (and the maps for them) to have all that info at your fingertips. Something akin to the attached image, but with less/more relevant data
  3. GPU is a NVIDIA GTX 690 (not integrated) and ive done clean installation of the newest drivers. Ive pretty much decided to get a new card soon anyway so ill just tolerate (ignore) this problem until then Thanks for the replies though
  4. I think hes asking for wire as a line object in the map editor
  5. Copy and paste the conditioned routes perhaps? Ie; put a waypoint on the map, build your desired route from it with your 'embark if', 'jump to end if' 'dismount if', 'retreat if' etc conditions on it, then right click the route, select copy route, select the desired units with a lasoo or shift-clicking them, right mouse button and paste the route. I cant check the validity of that as im not at my pc. Also if i remember correctly- if the route that you are copying has more than one part (has two or more 'legs' with waypoints connecting them) then you may need to paste it to each platoon/ unit one at a time instead of as a lasoo group. Again, i cant check that right now but you can experiment.
  6. Also a radio contact report filter, or at least different coloured text for contact reports from units in your company/under your command etc. The frequency and amount of contact reports, waypoint reports etc can become unhelpful and frustrating
  7. Unzip this folder into the relevant language folder path mentioned by Jartsev to modify the "this is 1/1 we're at our checkpoint, this is 2/1 we're at our checkpoint... etc" reports. The radio reports will be replaced by a brief radio squelch sound. Obviously by doing this you are choosing to essentially ignore those reports, but i agree that they are overly repetitive and unhelpful when you have large numbers of units under your control. I recommend making a backup of the 'mods' folder before doing this, as it will overwrite the original files. Squelch.zip
  8. Also, at the moment (version 4023) i think (could be mistaken here) there are issues with sniper teams engaging a target more than once. Ie; they fire once at the enemy and then stop. This may be fixed in the next release.
  9. Hey folks, ive been getting frequent driver crashes when using the sce editor in SB, and also when viewing AAR's. I gather its a driver failure, but was wondering if this is something others have experienced and perhaps know of a solution. Ive tried reinstalling/updating drivers without success. heres some details; Cheers
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