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  1. Need is a strong word You could try using a spotting zone perhaps
  2. Looking forward to being able to play TGIF again one day, havent been in a while as the timeslot clashes with my daughters dance classes. Kids eh.
  3. 'Project Reality' Mod for BF2... yeah its still a thing! And its still being updated and improved. Completely free and standalone title. Ill be checking this out to see if there is much of a player-base these days A clip from the developers highlighting some changes from a recent update;
  4. Rubble resulting from buildings being destroyed during the execution phase would be even better
  5. Classic twalfa, a link to the thread youre already reading
  6. Im not suggesting that the 'Tank' is obsolete (and i dont think the author of the topic video is either), but obviously all of the things you mention here add costs to an already expensive platform, which (from a procurement perspective at least) is a factor in the viability of said platform, especially if/when there are cheap, mass produce-able anti-tank weapons and drones to consider. I also understand that combined arms is 'a thing'. Just sayin
  7. Here are a few other videos from his channel that are relevant to this subject
  8. Just sharing this interesting analysis of tank survivability 'these days'
  9. This is already a thing, no need to 'wish' for it
  10. Twalfa, perhaps you forgot what we were originally discussung, which was the matter of the drivers position not being occupy-able by other crew members...nothing to do with fuel leaks or drowned tanks.
  11. I dont know what you are implying with that, but Urban Dictionary has some... interesting interpretations! https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Honk Honk
  12. Being a sitting target in a tank that has a damaged main gun and an incapacitated driver....no thanks!
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