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  1. Yeah its pretty smooth now with the new PC. Used to have a strange micro-freeze problem that has gone away now too. Gigglybits FTW!
  2. Perhaps this should be the default then...?
  3. Binocular view available from commander position of MB 240 truck. Currently the user has only Observer view and Commanders/Drivers Eye view, which isnt great as a recon vehicle.
  4. Nevermind, i just remembered the import button within the Alt+c window
  5. So, my pc blew up, and i have just installed SB again. My control scheme is heavily modified and i really do not want to have to re-do it all! I have a saved .hkf (key bindings) file, but im not sure where to put it, can someone enlighten me please? Cheers
  6. And definately looking forward to this (from the WIKI page); "Just like in the Firefight 79 campaign, the scenarios are set to (intentionally cheesy) 1980s era Cold War movie theme music. " Nice work on the WIKI page by the way, very cool.
  7. One does not simply crunch MEGAFORCE...unless you have the most powerful computer known to science
  8. Place the unit/s ( UNIT 1/A ) in a region ( EMBARK REGION ) , create a CONDITION ( UNIT 1/A IN EMBARK REGION ) that checks if unit 1/A is in the EMBARK REGION { UNIT "1/A" IS IN REGION "EMBARK REGION" } , reference this CONDITION in the EMBARK IF dialogue box { BLUE CONDITION "UNIT 1/A IN EMBARK REGION" IS TRUE FOR "?" MINUTES }. Hope that makes sense. I dare say there is a better way, im not great with scripted AI maneuver. I should say that i havent tested this, its quite possibly bullshit 🚮
  9. You could put repair & revive conditions on the units
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