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  1. I think this is a known issue, but in case its not in BZ yet ill mention it again; 'revived' vehicles often have non functional turrets. This is a real pain in multiplayer scenarios where revived units are valuable and considered in the balance of forces. Cheers
  2. Yeah but the sce size goes waaaaaay up. Yeah it can if you use long/large files. Looping SFX events can help with that but requires more work in the editor.
  3. I wish SB supported audio file types other than .wav for sound events.
  4. This can be achieved with sound events. You could pinch snippets from something like this;
  5. Im opting for the A1 with Ball ammo as a proxy. Has a UK skin, and doesnt have the benefit of the cage.
  6. The only version that can have the M240 also has an RPG cage. The G2 has the MG3, but no option for the M240. I checked every possible combination before making the wishlist entry, but feel free to check it again if you like
  7. A version of the M113 that can have a M240 instead of a 50cal, and not have chicken fence on it (as a proxy for the FV432) ie; M113A1>optional weapon>M240
  8. This has been mentioned before, but i wish it were possible to disable or limit the 'observer view' for vehicles in multiplayer matches. I recall someone saying that it might be problematic because an 'observing' player (a player that jumps to a unit that they do not own/control) needs a POV somewhere in the 3D world; perhaps in this instance the 'observer view' could be in the turret bustle or on the turret roof. I think this option for vehicles could illustrate the limited visibility and situational awareness of AFV crew. I imagine this option would not be viable for troops in their current state though.
  9. I prefer the copy/paste method. Also no good for scripted AI.
  10. They no longer should, actually. If they do, I'd like to know which version you use and how you give the commands. What version and method should i use? Gibsonm and thewood seem to be satisfied... what am i doing wrong? Ive tried various combinations of tactics, speed, etc. Version 4.162
  11. The troops always converge to one point regardless of spacing.
  12. @Panzer_Leader Ill PM you when i can
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