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  1. Switch to each side in the editor and repeat the import process
  2. Asian civilian models that resemble Viet Cong irregulars. Conical or bush hats, black pyjamas & sandals and the like.
  3. GG today, look forward to seeing more of the FIREFIGHT series
  4. Its one of the skins from this mod, uses the RU folder. I didnt know/notice there was a chinese 70 option, will check it out.
  5. The map is nam river valley (heavily edited), custom (woodland) theme
  6. Bond_Villian

    UGL smoke

    Just noticed that the UGL smoke round doesnt continue to discharge smoke, ie; it goes bang and creates a smoke cloud that will blow away, unlike the personal smoke grenade (pop smoke) that will continue to discharge smoke for a time. Is this the intended behavior? (i dont know how it works in reality) Cheers
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