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  1. This may be an editor anomaly (for want of a better term). I suggest you try loading the map in the Mission Editor and see if its the same there.
  2. Theres a really under-rated keyboard shortcut called 'next engaged unit'. This will (usually) take you directly to the unit reporting the contact.
  3. This would be a great option for the waypoint/tactic at the end of a 'scout' route
  4. Open the map in the map editor, delete the problematic bridge, rejoin the road ends, then select 'bridge roads' in the top drop down menu. Relevant keyboard shortcuts can be viewed within map editor, theres a list available in the top menu somewhere.
  5. Im guessing now, but possibly because older vehicle models dont have a crew model, just a hitbox...?
  6. Well, its not just light grey coloured themes that obscure the contour lines. In my experience, its much easier to see the contour lines with no theme colours on the map.
  7. There is no option in the Map Editor to disable the theme colours within the Map Editor. As it is, when you are working on a map there is no option to turn off the theme colours, so that you can see the contour lines better in the map editor.
  8. From last weeks TGIF scenario 'TF Deutschland 1978'. I got greedy, i got dead.
  9. Also; the option to turn off the theme colours in the Map Editor, so as to better see the contour lines
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