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  1. Go into the key bindings and look at all the shortcuts. There are keyboard shortcuts for "next unit" , "next engaged unit" etc listed there. Ideally you should eventually be able to go through the entire bindings list and recognise/understand the function of every binding listed there. You can access and modify the bindings during a scenario with "ctrl+c" (if i remember correctly, im not at my computer right now).
  2. Maybe, i dont know about that. The videos i put up get between about 200 to over 1000 views, while we barely see a couple of new players each month...what are the odds? The videos exist anyway, so they may be useful
  3. For what its worth i think any videos covering the basics of the scenario and map editors would be nice. And some more to cover the not-so-basics (like how to create elevated roads and railways for example).
  4. Not politically motivated, just a hilarious mash up
  5. Some of this kind of stuff can be gleaned from watching the various TGIF video AAR's. I watched a shitload of Rotar's videos before buying SB, and i think it helped me to have some idea of basics like giving routes and waypoints from the map, dividing and regrouping platoons etc. Having said that, i think the best way to learn about MP is to get into the sessions and play.
  6. @Ssnake If you're willing to share this map with me, i may be able to use some of it. Im planning to make a campaign that involves smaller areas of terrain over a number of scenarios, so it may be suitable. If not, ill either use the one i have now or just use a 'proxy' map (Fulda or similar). Cheers
  7. This is what im looking at now. Very steep hills that dont resemble the real world lacation, and very little road info
  8. Its not "bumpy", its the height data i think. The hills are very steep and large, and no not resemble the photos and maps im seeing elsewhere on internet. Yeah the hgt files are very old. Are you able/willing to create a decent hgt map from available data, or perhaps to 'flatten' out this old map a bit for me? (By about 75 percent).
  9. Hi all, im looking for a map of the area around Bastogne, Belgium. Something like this would be great; https://www.google.com.au/maps/@50.0210804,5.7039891,21086m/data=!3m1!1e3 I found two very old hgt files and a ter file that i have converted to 4.1 standard, but they arent great. The elevation data seems wrong to me, it seems a lot more hilly than the actual area, and the details (roads buildings and terrain) on the .ter map i converted are very few and poor. If anyone is able and willing to produce a map of this area i would be most grateful! Cheers
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