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  1. Nice work, the terrain tiles textures and colours are nice, the addition of tank ditches and fortification locations are very handy for anyone wishing to make scenarios based on historical battles in these areas (Yom Kippur War etc). Thanks for the work :)


  2. NORTHAG - 1966

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    Nice to see a scenario with this tank, and also a few other nice >4.0 features and weapons. Personally i found this scenario overly easy/ reinforcements had nothing to kill! Also, the scripted routes that reinforcements use gets them into trouble with some water (not a gamebreaker by far). Thanks for the Scenario Maj Hans :)

  3. Road to Ghoramshir

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    One of the better scenarios ( that ive found) with playable soviet gear. This is a big one, so you will probably look at the map a lot. Good practice for handling large formations and not micro managing. Looks great with 4.04 update  :)