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  1. I think this SINAI Campaign will be played in the TGIF rotation again soon (H2H version). Keep an eye on that @Koen sounds like you'd enjoy it
  2. If you are trying to achieve a zone that gives a message every time there is/isnt a unit within it, then you will need to use layered EVENTS for these messages. Example: 1) CONDITION that checks (continuously) if unit 1/A is in region "AREA" , called "AREA CHECK" 2) EVENT that is watching/waiting for "AREA CHECK" condition to be true. You could call this "AREA CHECK MSG 1". This EVENT can have text and audio message for the players. 3) Another EVENT called "AREA CHECK MSG 2" This event is the same, with the addition of checking that event "AREA CHECK MSG 1" is true.
  3. Well, if a trigger is set, it is effectively infinite unless it is unset. It would help if you described what you are trying to achieve, but perhaps you should be using a condition such as IF UNIT THIS IS IN REGION X
  4. Just finished reading ' A game of birds and wolves'. Not tank related, but a very entertaining read, and one that highlights some historical relevance and value of 'war-gaming'.
  5. Dynamic Graphics; Condition/Event based Graphics and Text that can be set by scenario designer to appear/disappear during the Execution Phase. This might not be possible within SB at the moment, but i hope it becomes possible at some point with the new GUI etc
  6. Making the wadi 2 pixels wide (or wider) will usually result in this. Also modifying the traction and drag properties of the wadi terrain type in the theme editor (within the map editor) can make terrain very difficult/impassable. Or using a tank ditch might be more suitable.
  7. Huh? I was suggesting to the OP that he increase the bumpiness on the woods terrain so that the dudes sink into it more, and/or are hidden by the bumps of the ground
  8. Increasing the bumpiness of the wooded terrain might help a bit
  9. Sorry to say that i wont be here for the finale, family stuff strikes again. May the best Soviet win.
  10. So BLUE's strategy for next week looks something like this hey?
  11. I took a look at the Hannover and Wolfsburg maps but didnt find a good match. Perhaps theres a part of the Fulda Gap map thats suitable? (Assuming this is European Woodland style terrain that youre looking for)
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