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  1. Martian Fighting Machines (Tripods) and horse drawn artillery
  2. I agree that RTS style controls and hotkeys would really shine in the 'Combat Mission' mode/view at least
  3. I haven't been in the map editor recently, but as i recall, there is an option to have roads above or below the adjacent terrain (ie; snow covered roads). You could experiment with this and see what you get. I did this on my Bastogne map to simulate snow drifts on some roads (with movement speed 'penalties' on the snow terrain brush used) to good effect
  4. Terrain drag etc is only as prohibitive as you make it in the editor
  5. How are you able to identify the tank types? The footage is so blurry... they do both look like T72's of some stripe, but thats about it. Also, thermals aren't necessarily used here....the target is point blank on a clear day.
  6. I dont think anyone has wished for a crewable Chieftain in a while, so.... i wish we had a crewable Chieftain Also PT76 & BMP1 & Scorpion A man can wish.
  7. This too; https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Moving_Units_On_Routes Lots of very useful material and information on this WIKI in general
  8. Need is a strong word You could try using a spotting zone perhaps
  9. Looking forward to being able to play TGIF again one day, havent been in a while as the timeslot clashes with my daughters dance classes. Kids eh.
  10. 'Project Reality' Mod for BF2... yeah its still a thing! And its still being updated and improved. Completely free and standalone title. Ill be checking this out to see if there is much of a player-base these days A clip from the developers highlighting some changes from a recent update;
  11. Rubble resulting from buildings being destroyed during the execution phase would be even better
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