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  1. Might be one of these https://www.steelbeasts.com/search/?q="Thunder Run"&type=downloads_file&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=and
  2. Which version of the Golan map are you working on?
  3. I dont know what you would be 'testing' by making things invincible. There would be no observable effects of combat...
  4. Yeah, i should be more clear; the only way to 'revive' destroyed units while running/testing a scenario in the mission editor is to set 'revive' conditions. Referencing a region is a very simple way of doing it. Also referencing a trigger gives you a sort of ON/OFF switch for the revive zone. I find this useful for ammunition/ lethality/ matchup testing where you want to test repeatedly without needing to exit and reload the scenario a hundred times. Ill attach a video showing how to setup a triggered revive zone, this may or may not be relevant to the OP's particular (and unspecified) ne
  5. Do trees and terrain objects (buildings etc) block LOS for ground units in DCS yet? I had a look at it a while back and the fact that AI could see and shoot through everything was a total deal-breaker for me!
  6. Just like Germany and Georgia...almost identical in every way
  7. Heres a ribbon that RogueSnake made for the Seven Roads to Hell campaign that was played recently. Git you one! You can apply this by copying it and pasting as signature under account settings.
  8. I have thought about making short videos on various editor topics (map and scenario), but where do you start? There are also many different ways to achieve a desired outcome, so understanding the 'logic' is the main thing.
  9. What does that even mean? Another way of saying 'Strategic'?
  10. The most non-symmetrical symmetrical attack ever Take a strong sedative before watching this.
  11. Or try any of the T tanks; if you cant see it easily youre not close enough to shoot it anyway
  12. Well as far as i can tell, @thewood Has a tendancy to be narky and argumentative in his posts, so it seems a pity to even gratify it with a response....ironic huh
  13. Isnt it time that the little guns had their day in the sun too? Perhaps im in a very small minority on this, but i would be very excited to see basic crewability (no 3d interiors) of the existing older kit thats already in game. Im talking about these guys; Scorpion PT76 AMX13 BMP1 BMD Having these as crewable would be awesome fun, would increase the depth and range of scenario possibilities, and would expand the stable of vehicles in the game with (i suppose) relatively little investment of resources compared to making something from scrat
  14. I wish the M113AS4 commander would stay in the turret and use gun in the same way that BTR gunners do. I guess the behaviour is the same as the other M113s without the turret- very reluctant to stand up and man the weapon. Maybe an item for bugzilla.
  15. This also seemed to be the case a few weeks back when we played 'Clash of Armor' at TGIF
  16. The ability to toggle theme colours on/off in the map editor would be helpful
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