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  1. Is this mentioned in the documentation at all? I dont see it anywhere. Also, if this is in fact how the infantry "morale" is modelled, (which i doubt, as it doesnt appear to work that way ) should there not be something similar applied to vehicle crews or platoons that take losses?
  2. I wasnt aware that taking losses had a persistent effect like that. I assumed that the squad would recover from the suppression after some time had elapsed (assuming they arent under fire anymore).
  3. Some GUI and/or visible sign when an infantry unit is suppressed would be a nice touch. Knowing when your troops are suppressed might also reduce the occurence of "why arent my fecking troops firing their rifles/RPG's" syndrome
  4. Great scenario, BLUE made a bit of a hash of it though...i reckon we have a rematch of this one next week!?
  5. Probably faster and easier to just jump to the missile team when its out of ammo and press the mount hotkey ( Shift+U by default i think).
  6. Ok thanks. Using fixed altitude isnt ideal for checking LOS etc though, so i hope this is a bug that will be fixed.
  7. Since 4.162 i have a bouncy camera when viewing 3D world in MAP EDITOR. Its as though the camera is conforming to the bumpiness of the terrain instead of moving smoothly as it used to. I can attach the map seen in the video if required, but i have tested this on several maps with the same result, so it doesnt appear to be map specific.
  8. When in the Map Editor, it would be nice to have the elevation of the terrain shown next to the cursor, instead of down in the corner of the screen.
  9. Check out this thread https://www.steelbeasts.com/forum/16-mods/
  10. Thats fine, as long as you remember to change ammo type before firing when you need to switch to a different type.
  11. As Gibson says, there is the option to view 3D world events in the AAR, and its also possible to view the 'non events' also (stuff moving around, reloading etc), but not in realtime like some other games do. I suppose the reasons for this probably related to filesize, and probably also because there isnt a demand for it from military customers/its not necessary. Having realtime 3D AAR would be cool though, you could make some nice videos with it.
  12. There has been some nice improvements lately, a good time to upgrade i reckon
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