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  1. Hi.

    I purchased SbPro last year & have had no problems with licence or codemeter stick.Yesterday I ungraded to Version 4.00 and purchased a 1 month Licence planning to upgrade fully at end of month. I received my licence and everything worked fine, but today  i get an error message:-

    One of the following licences is required

    CodeMeter 100146:11101

    Failure reason CM Container entry not found error 200

    CodeMeterAct 500173:71091

    Failure reason The CmAct Licence has to be activated again error 263


    When i activated the new licence my codemeter stick was not plugged in as i thought time based licenses were stored on pc

    Any help would be  appreciated 

    Many Thanks Michael Worsnup

  2. Hi.

    Been looking at buying Steelbeasts for a while & after finally upgrading my PC I`ve taken the plunge. Just working through tutorials & downloaded Wiki recommendations got lots of reading to do! But always liked realistic sims

    I would appreciate any scenario recommendations that prove a challenge but are not to complex. Hope to try online play in the future.

    Many thanks


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