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  1. I see we don’t have UR-77 mine clearing. It is an UR-77 in plan for future?
  2. Crear una misma ruta con las mismas características para varias unidades sin tener que crearla una por una a cada unidad. Todo esto dando órdenes de ruta sobre el mapa en medio del combate.
  3. I have some question about how set an advanced behavior in combat for a new path route designed by me in live combat controlling the AI. So what I want to do is: give it a sneaky path while keeping shooting on enemy. I see they stop to shooting so I want to avoid that. How? I want to use this same behavior in live combat for other groups. Can I copy paste the sneaky path route to other group/units to do the same or I need doing all from scratch again? Share a video tutorial will be great too. Thanks in advance
  4. No time to play and test. Any video to make my hype up?
  5. it is still scheduled for today the map to download?
  6. I don’t want keep discussion on this. About your comparison above is not 100%, but it is at least 80%. That after action help a lot to the simulation quality and correct yourself a lot as well the media promotion with videos
  7. Well 4 seconds is not worth it to make a video of the after actions. So seem we will keep the 4 second snap shots. Doing live is missing the best actions for a video. About the size is not that crazy big when the whole actions full frame are recorded talking about other games already have it.
  8. In 4.1 We will be able to video record from an after action mission file created together with mission?. e.g. like in iL-2 and DCS do
  9. I see some videos (not official channel) showing new stuff in 4.1 They got the new version first?
  10. I want to purchase the 4.1 in time-limit license version. This version is already on sale and ready to play? or it is a pre-sale? Armata is already in this version or will be in next versions?
  11. The server mode request have nothing to do with the games you mentioned. It it is a programming feature that can be added to a good simulation software. You keep the people busy having fun with a 24/7 online MP mode, that feature bring more customers/players to joint to your squad or opforces Whatever. Then we are talking the right language of a big community.
  12. If you think this is practical possible go ahead. The people want to have a flexible schedule to shot some rounds I guess that’s why my request. If some teams are willing to keep a server 24/7 This gonna be a lot of fun for the big MP players. My opinion. Do it
  13. Yeah, I got you thanks anyways. I am just a peaceful multiplayer fan of the finest hardcore military simulators. Sadly in this forums you request something to improve and some users jump out telling you go Counter Strike better, which sound arrogant as hell... but hey here is my support. I appreciate your job!
  14. Ok understood. Anyway this functionality will bring new customers. If you feel good doing so then it’s okay.
  15. Ok. But just keep in mind keep the Sim like that doesn’t help to you guys and also will keep the Sim unknown for the whole game community. With a server MP will be More people, more fun, more teams. Anyway you should have a good reason doing so. at the same time I think this Sim have a lot of very good stuffs. I even don’t care much the graphics but anyway they also are important for realistic scenarios. Keep the good job as always.
  16. I don’t play counter strike. I play only hard core games. So change your older chip. Old fashion grandFa don’t set the future rules in any part of the earth, and in case that happen then something gonna end soon.
  17. One of the NO NO I find in the Sim is the must to concert a meet to make a Multiplayer play. I hate that. I hope they build a free open Multiplayer mode to play online anytime I want with players. Dont tell this is a different kind of game because for me that sound bs.
  18. Not sure what is the “real” policy of the developer in this matter. Every time I read in the forum some request like this the answer is they have not tech info about... I guess they have not neither accuracy info for AT-4s and AT-5s because I found them useless but IRL they seem useful to badly damage a tank
  19. I agree. To be fair this reaction must be random in favor the ATGM even when come front side.
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