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  1. Not to make a discussion of this as this is not the place .... maybe delete it later (this) But yes this could be a Kanium or other group multiplayer thread for beginners and those who never knew or bothered to learn. This is a great sim but where it is at it's best and really meant for is multiplayer. As once a noob (no comment needed to be added here ) multiplayer can be intimidating at the beginning. I didn't know where to post this btw
  2. Suggestion for a video Multiplayer setup teamspeak channels and chris's map pack installation
  3. but of course , join up on teamspeak an hour ahead so you can learn how to set up channels . You won't need it but eventually you will. New players are always welcome. Besides , you have to start somewhere check the links for the time the game starts. It will tell you what it is from your time zone edit to add. There is a link to a discord channel , join that and someone (major Duck ) will help you set up and install the map pack and hopefully you have the current version and such.
  4. Is this for an emotional topic about our joystick? 😮
  5. that seems like an endless circle ...you could be pissed off if get pissed on
  6. you could kill two birds with one stone and piss in your eye
  7. Is that why your reputation is at 15 ? 😮
  8. I feel like singing Duck should get a badge for least likely to get ask to sing Karaoke
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