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  1. Won´t be able to make it tonight. Take me away from the manning list. Sorry guys
  2. I managed to convert the skins. Now it is just the decals that i have to convert.....
  3. I was a bit unprecise. 😊The shot is playable, the centurion is not. I have found centurion skin that i want to use with the shot... IL?
  4. Is there a easy way to convert skins for centurion to shot kal? Noticed that the template was the same, maybe it is just to rename?
  5. Still working on my scenario. Some further questions: Which version of Leopard 1 were used in PzAufklBat (roughly 1989)? Which version of Luchs were used? How was the 5. Company used (Fuchscompany)? One source indicates that it was used to reinforce the other coys.... Regards Sunken
  6. Another question on roughly the same topic: Where did the forward observers belong, the maneuver units or the artillery units? FO callsigns? What vehicles was used as FO vehicles?
  7. Thanks! What is the source since it is copyrighted steelbeast?
  8. Great! Another question, it´s off this topic but... The Stabs- und Versorgungskompanie of a Panzeraufklärungs battalion (Heeresstruktur 4) what did it contain? The obvious parts is the command post, but what else?
  9. I am working on a 1980 scenario involving Bundeswehr units. If i understand this correct: At battalion level (Battalion radio net) callsigns consisting of words are used. At company level alphabetic/numeric callsigns is used. So calling someone on battalion radio: "Gartenerde" this is "Stiefbruder......" At the company, commander calling his platoonleader: ALPHA this is "Stiefbruder"..... (or is he using another callsign on this net?) And between platoon leader and his tanks: ALPHA2 this is ALPHA So to the question: Have i understood this correctly?
    Found this scenario entertaining and fun. The time to complete the mission is suitable to quick singelplayer event. As for the opposition: Think it is suitable for the mission, maybe a bit more focus on artillery assets on the red side. @Felix: My opinion; In singleplayer mission you have to play by the "rules" of the mission-maker, By acting in an unrelistic or overclever way like pushing hard and fast on the edge of the map can ruin a good scenario real fast.
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