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  1. dont have virusprotection yet and i have tried to turn firewall off but no luck..i tried al compatible ways
  2. ive bought 4.0 install no probs, codemeter no probs but when i start game it does nothing... ive tried reinstall , admin start i even reinstalled my pc...ive got Windows 8.1what to do???
  3. when i download part 1 of steel beast 4.0 my computer says it can damage my pc and then quit the download.....? what to dooooo??
  4. Great idea, i Will do that?
  5. My skins always apear wrong on tanks..hoe do i fix this?
  6. billyboy

    Mods install

    OK.. My bad... I read al forums and now its clear...only sometimes skins are wrong presented on the tanks But its fine..
  7. billyboy

    Mods install

    nice.. skins work now!! me so happy!!. anyone knows were to place the dust mod, and the high rez grass mod, or the high rez leo 2a5 interior ? many thanks already!
  8. billyboy

    Mods install

    I place them in documents/eSimsgames/steelbeast/mods/textures and then winter or woodland enz... do you know were I need to place them? also were I can place the high rez leo 2a5 interior ??
  9. billyboy

    Mods install

    It seems that placing my skins in my mod folder wont activate the skins.. Were to place them? And high rez interieur mod i also dont know were to install.. Anyone want to help me please?
  10. billyboy

    Audio issue

    IVe reinstalled the game and now it works... The files were missing... Weird but it works now...Thanks for the feedback!! Love the game!! Now i go practice
  11. billyboy

    Audio issue

    Leo 2a5 but Every vehicle.. Gunner and commander Pos Dutch but englsh wont work too Multi or single mission dontmatter both dont work I dont have sound card but there is one in my motherbord and i got headset with build in soundcard.my headset is astro a50
  12. billyboy

    Audio issue

    Hey there, i have bought this sim last week and everything works but the audio voices in game dont.. Like when commander indentify target he saying nothing.. And when reloading nothing you can hear the sound of reloading but no voices... How can i fix that!?
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