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  1. Hey all, just wondering: When I lower my display resolution from native (in ver 4.167) my brightness increases significantly. My monitor uses the same profile for all resolutions so I'm not sure what it could be. I play in 1080p anyway so it isn't affecting me any... just noticed and wondered why, and if it's just me. Cheers
  2. Thread isn't that old and I found a solution, so I don't feel bad resurrecting it. I used the "Battle Pak" CD version. Doubt that it matters, but worth mentioning. Here's how I got it running on Windows 10 X64: Set "setup.exe" to Win XP SP2 compatibility mode, and run as admin. Install the game Don't set any compatibility settings with SBLoader.exe or tankSim.exe Download d3drm.dll and place it in the "release" folder (I had an error saying I needed it the first time I tried running the game. I assume it meant in System32, but I just fired it into the game directory) Download and install DXWnd DXWnd instructions: Edit > Add Browse to tankSim.exe and select it Run it from DXWnd Default settings work, but you can modify the properties to run fullscreen, windowed, and a few other things. That's it... Steel Beasts Legacy in Win 10. Wish I had figured this out during the Win 7 and 8 days. Ah well... makes it all the more fun to play it after so long. I play Pro PE, but Legacy is its own beast with its own feel. I'm sure we all have fond memories. Create a DXWnd shortcut, change the name to Steel Beasts, change the icon, and you're all neat and tidy. Attached is a screenshot of it running windowed.
  3. Remember getting my copy in the Battle Pak in 2001. Only got to play it a few times before moving out of my parents house. By the time I got my own PC, SB didn't like my display adapter and I got distracted with Falcon 4 Allied Force. Only just started playing SB a few months ago, on a VM. Was great to finally start completing scenarios! :biggrin: Got PE a few weeks later. 15 years is a long time for software developer. Congrats!
  4. Thanks for the welcome and guidance! There will be plenty of surprises, trust me. Spending most of my time chasing the almighty dollar, but finding time to play here and there. I'm definitely skimming the surface for the most part. Completed a few of the default missions with good results, but haven't gotten much proper training in. Just downloaded the Camp Hornfelt missions, and will make completing them my next priority.
  5. Hi, all. Owned SB for about 6 months, but just just joined the forum. Seems like a nice place you have here. Uploaded a single player scenario (Battle of Donesk) if you want to check it out. Feel free to leave feedback. It would be appreciated, as I'm still messing with the editors. I've also played it through so many times during testing, I've lost all perspective as far as coherence and difficulty go. Anyway, I'm gonna have a look around... been a long time coming! :drink:
  6. Version 1.0


    2018 Russia has elected a radical new populist leader, whose first major order of business was to end an internationally unpopular war. Not everyone is happy... A small Ukrainian worker town has been taken over by rogue Russian troops and Ukrainian separatist guerrillas. Hostages have been taken, and the clock is ticking. Liberate the town of Donesk.
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