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  1. Pretty much identical to visible light as far as our perception is concerned, just a bit farther down the electromagnetic spectrum; If it's too dark you use a flashlight, and that flashlight has a limited range and coverage. IR is so close to visible light that you can pretty much treat it identically. Same with UV... a lot of birds of prey can see invisible urine traces, which is how they locate prey like rodents. Kind of funny considering rodents have no bladder control. Nature is cruel!
  2. I've laid physical transparencies on my computer screen dozens of times over the years, even making grids. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  3. The loudest voices in society are very reactionary and selective with their outrage. As for the publisher's cookie-cutter virtue signaling, let's hope the 24 hours of extra clicks from outside of their customer base is worth it because someone else is going to make good money off this game. Especially now, after the added publicity. I may start a marketing agency that poses as a publisher and abandons games over outrage manifested from my own tweets.
  4. Looks to be in damn good shape for surplus hardware... awesome find.
  5. Man, that's awesome. If it's not too much of an inconvenience to upload it I'd enjoy seeing it as I've only ever tested it alone. No pressure though, I was happy just to see screenshots. It's been fun working on it again. Started over with the map (used a very early revision as a base point) and completely reworked the events to add more variation. It's also less held together by logic duct-tape now that I understand the system better and have the time to refine it. Screenshots to keep on-topic:
  6. Since my scenario is fairly limited in size, it was pretty easy. The hostages are civilians so they are acknowledged and interacted with, and there are a couple who may flee locations forcing you to be careful. I tried to keep good balances between immersion and clarity, and realism and entertainment. I just had a look and apparently a group played the old version almost 5 years ago. Nice to know: http://dogsofwarvu.com/forum/index.php/topic,4454.15.html The new version is a more forgiving in the points and mission end departments, offering multiple outcomes rather than just a straight "fail" up front. It is more difficult though. *EDIT* Just realized I've been a member for over 6 years and had only made 5 comments until last month. I can't tell if I'm low-maintenance or just a terrible community member.
  7. This is exactly what I was referring to. Great to know it's modeled (or just an inherent byproduct at any rate) because it's important. Are the resolutions of any of these systems classified, forcing you to guess?
  8. I was wondering this too, it doesn't appear to be from the only manufacturer I know.
  9. Didn't catch the part about the tank range, looking on my desktop now I see it's flat. But things like grass or slight rise in the foreground will do this in reality. The visual angle of a 2.5 meter tall tank 2.3 km away is only 0° 3' 0.74''. That tiny slice of vision can easily be diminished just from lowering your perspective, even just a couple of feet. Obviously this is common sense and I'm not trying to insult your intelligence, but long optics act like they exist in another dimension. They magnify not only the image, but our perception of the physics involved. Things that happen constantly that we don't notice because our eyes are stuck at such a short focal length.
  10. Yeah. It doesn't take too much movement to affect the viewing angle and it's especially noticeable with long focal lengths and objects at a relatively close horizon. I've experienced it while using my SCT for terrestrial viewing and its swing radius is only around 3 feet. Not that it couldn't still be a glitch as it does seem a bit exaggerated if that is modeled. I guess the lower resolution of the thermal sight could also add to it. Just a guess from someone who has never crewed a tank.
  11. Animation of a prototype targeting system that allows your optics to get shot out 14 times in a row.
  12. Are the thermal optics lower on the tank?
  13. Yeah, it would have been 4.0. I only game in the winter months because it's too dark to do anything else. The rest of the year gives me all sorts of time to forget everything, making sims less than likely to be picked up again immediately. Started off easy this season by completing 3 Longbow Gold campaigns in DOSBox... good times. Any news of major undertakings sounds good at my end!
  14. Yeah, I tried to get around the ghost town effect by going smaller-scale. Basically a worker village in a rural area and there's a hostage situation. It's mostly farmland with a small industrial / residential / commercial core. Checked all the boxes, I figured. It's a re-work of a scenario I made a couple of years ago and has a lot more depth now in many key ways, as well as a new layout. It's less of a realistic scenario and more like something from Ghost Recon, but not too ridiculous. I also went for a bit more of a cinematic approach to the design rather than being strictly tank-friendly so it can get a bit cramped but not ridiculously so. There are hints at intended routes and multiple outcomes to try and keep it balanced depending on the approach. Mostly testing that now. Was just aiming for fun really, and to practice with the editors. Planning on expanding it into more of a MP scenario after I finish this version. And naturally there's a rooftop extraction because it's fun: https://imgur.com/WvrZBd7
  15. Just a few screenshots from the map and scenario I'm working on... the terrain tools are awesome, thanks for all the hard work on that front, it's paying off big time. Having a ton of fun with it.
  16. Awesome! Unfortunately I picked up my SB copy in a bundle, so no box. I will remedy that eventually. I'd like to get my hands on maybe a dozen more and I'd consider it finished. Mostly games I already own but lost the boxes for years ago.
  17. SB's AARs helped me to process the horrors of war. Of course it's only common sense, but they serve as a reminder. You could turn SB into a survival horror sim pretty easily with a few crew animations and audio files... nasty.
  18. Big Box Collection, that is... what? I can't be the only one here who has at least a small collection. Mine is mostly flight sims but there are some tank titles... no 80s stuff, as I started PC gaming in the 90s. My first ever tank sim was iM1A2 Abrams and I still love it to this day (to the point that I created the Wikipedia article for it a few years ago) and I still fire it up every now and then, mostly to pretend I'm still young. It's probably the most playable out of the bunch here, even with its flaws. I think growing up with its solid right-click menu system is one of the reasons why I enjoy SB so much. Panzer Commander and Spearhead are still sealed: Next shelf down... iF-16 and iF/A-18E are still sealed. Random P4s laying around. Some Janes stuff: Feel free to post yours... I'd like to see some 80s stuff in particular.
  19. Every time I've ever recorded anything in my life, yes. You're in a different state of mind and conscious of thing like composition, timing, etc. It's distracting and only natural to play differently. I am not optimized for multithreading.
  20. I did consider that which is why I didn't mention any other wild ideas. I tentatively assumed (I have a PhD in tentative assumption) there are ways to expand on the editor without breaking it. Just from looking at existing features (drop-down menus, blank fields, even the mechanics of the scoring list) it seems that it would just be more options in the current system. More of a GUI thing than anything. I have every bit of confidence in their ability to do it, the real question is where it would lie on the list of priorities. I imagine at the bottom or not on it at all, and am comfy with that for my $120. Yeah, not ideal but if it was a necessary evil it was worth it in my opinion. I agree though, once is enough... but honestly, we're sim players. If we can't be bothered to figure out how to keep up with the basics that's our fault. I had briefly tried converting a map in the past but was in a rush and hadn't even figured out SB's file structure yet. This time around I took the time to look and it was painless.
  21. I play DCS a fair amount but have never bothered with the editor for some reason. Yeah, it's a bit limited. Of course you can get around it with other conditions (which is what I've been doing) but when you break the logic up like that it can easily lead to oversights. Change one thing and you have to remember everything else downstream... it's a lot to keep track of when it's spread out. Finally got everything ironed out in my current scenario though, as far as I can tell. Trying everything I can think of to break it, timing-wise. Had a few laughs along the way.
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