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  1. Yep, I went from mid-40s to a solid 60 FPS since the last time I played and my hardware hasn't changed.
  2. Having a lot of fun with it but do have a suggestion. If I'm saying stupid things, please forgive me as I'm still diving into this. Also don't take this the wrong way; I understand making changes is easier said than done, that not everyone would even like my suggestions, and my feedback is virtually worthless. I actually thought of a few but only wanted to mention one of the more reasonable ones Each event having multiple selections rather than one per AND / OR: Basically "A, B, C, D" (or 1-10, whatever)= "OR" and you build a list, which replaces "AND". Whichever list is fulfilled first is what triggers this event. Also, it would be great if each section was blank and you could build it a custom list. Like this, if I want to select 3 Blue Events for example: Just though this might help to streamline the creation of mission logic by keeping more criteria visible at any one moment. Bear in mind that I only came up with these suggestions because I'm spending so much time enjoying your software and will continue to do so regardless. Cheers
  3. I believe I induced it by dividing units after already setting a trigger for that group. Seems like there are plenty of circumstances where a duplicate ID is not an issue until you make it one, which I did in this revision. I know now though, and having to be aware of it forces you to be more in tune with what you're doing. It reminds me of G-code. You have to build that mental map of your work or you will break something, and it only makes you better in the long run. The map and scenario editors are really well designed and are a pleasure to work with. I also learned that my graphics card (5600 XT) becomes completely unstable after certain crashes, even after reinstalling drivers. You have to update the drivers through device manager (don't know why I ever stopped doing this) and not AMD's installer. Cheers
  4. Thank you for pinning that topic, and also providing the tool in the editor. I was updating a scenario I made a couple of years ago when I experienced a hard reset while testing. This was after hours of adjustment and restarting during a marathon editing session over the weekend, so I didn't think too much of it, being my first ever crash in SB. It's been rock solid for years. But then it happened again exactly when rockets hit particular infantry. I recalled the post here and the tool so checked and it was a duplicate. I watched and the crash happened again when they took fire. That was the problem, so I fixed it. It didn't end there, however. I experienced 2 more resets in game as well as loss of video. Then it happened out of game 3 times, even after reboots. This was all within an hour of the initial one. Turns out the first or second reset had mangled my GPU drivers so I ran a clean install and everything's fine now. TL;DR: Thanks for keeping relevant info easily accessible. You likely saved me from weeks of confusion had I not realized the source of the initial crash. I learned my lesson regarding IDs and won't ever forget it. EDIT: Not sure if it's relevant info, but after the initial crash and until I fixed my drivers, the password box in the editor wasn't popping up automatically. I'd have to click a coalition to get the prompt. Now they are fixed, it pops up when I open the scenario again. Not sure how that is related but it definitely seems to be. Also, my crashes out of game all occurred within seconds or minutes of opening Chrome. I don't have any error logs, it was just instant reboot.
  5. OK, this is starting to come back to me a bit but I have forgotten most of the terminology and workings of the map packages. I had made my own .ter based on Hannover-Weserbergland height map but only have an old draft saved with about half of the elements missing. In other words, I have to make this scenario again as far as I know, which I am currently doing. So there will be a SB3 and SB4 version of this map which differ slightly in layout but operate the same manner. I've played through it 3 times and everything is working, just polishing it up now.
  6. Yes, of course. Regardless, it's not hard to spot pride in ones product.
  7. You don't get this level of free support from any other developer.
  8. It's a great scenario... my go-to when I need to kill some time every few weeks. Always keeps me on my toes.
  9. My first time completing one of the stock Hasty Defense scenarios with no losses. Lots of micro-management required, I have come to realize.
  10. Awesome, I have done astro for a few years too. I like Meade and f/5 is good and fast for exposures. I use Celestron. My current setup is an equatorial (CGEM 1100) Was at a lake in the forests of Nova Scotia a few years ago looking for wildlife when a Sea King dropped by to do exercises. They eventually noticed me and waved, then came over to my end so I could get better shots. Was great. Lots of low, fast passes, water landings, and a thumbs up as they left. This is the aircraft that prince William flew when he was here. Too bad I'll never randomly stumble across any armored vehicles.
  11. Definitely. Still having fun with SP though. I had a 3-server clan from 2008-2011 and sank way too many hours into gaming (have some great memories though) so switched to singleplayer in moderation. SB would definitely be more manageable in every aspect. Understood. I chose a versatile career that I enjoy and constantly take on side-projects. Life is always evolving. Photography (the whole experience, lots of hiking and camping) is the one thing I take personally. It's fundamentally about solitude, and making it a primary income would be too transformative. Completely doable (I did venture down that route and realized where it led) but not what I want in the slightest.
  12. It didn't break down once... not very realistic.
  13. Cheers! Pretty average Red Fox population for North America, I imagine. I've mostly been focusing on finding owls though so haven't seen one in about 2 years. I just watched a multiplayer match on YouTube... looks awesome. I need to get into MP when I have more time, it's bringing back good memories from my DOD:S days. The sim aspect brings another element I haven't experienced yet. Lifelong simmer, but only singleplayer.
    As advertised. Thanks!
  14. YouTube success obviously relies on exposure and the size of your target audience (which is dependent on content) but the most crucial factor for longevity is probably personality. It's a high risk thing, and I think a lot of people who try it end up learning a lot about themselves... such as their inability to handle criticism or even positivity. Several YouTuber meltdowns come to mind, just from dealing with the community alone. I'm also a firm believer in not making the thing you truly love your primary income even if it's a success unless you can handle it changing, because it will. It adds many other factors (too obvious to state) and I can think of at least a dozen YouTubers I've been subscribed to who have suffered burnout from this over the years. For me, it is wildlife photography. Here's a tiny sample of my portfolio. It's what I spend the vast majority of my time doing. While I do sell prints regularly, I don't do social media or promote because it's not about money or other people, it's about me doing what I want. I've turned down several pay / exposure "opportunities" (I don't see them as such) and have never regretted it as I've seen where it leads. I much prefer slaving at something I enjoy (but don't love) then sprinting out that door to pursue the things I love on my own time, no strings attached. That said, I don't "love" playing games enough to be put off making money at it. I'd do it in a second! Watch this: "Hi guys! Today's video is sponsored by League of Legends... something something smash that like button and ring the notification bell! Something something (massive overreaction and digital camera shake) now watch me feign excitement for this game I'm tired of playing! I hate this and I hate you, but you keep giving me money!" I don't watch any SB content on YouTube but should have a look at what people are putting out there.
  15. SippyCup

    SB Gold Skin

    Hello... I made this some time ago for myself, figured I'd drop it here rather than leave it abandoned on a HDD. I'll be skinning for PE4 soon, likely a Leo. Cheers. M1.7z
  16. You're welcome / thanks. If I find the time I'll go through the tutorial and give it a shot.
  17. Yep, it happened to me. Not just with SB either... the perils of multitasking.
  18. Oh sorry, I'm not very active here. I'll go check, I haven't even converted it myself because I forgot virtually everything I learned with the editor. Will report back. I'm curious as to how it will play now, since there were a couple of triggers (such as the Blackhawk "landing" on the roof of the building) that were very hack-ish and will probably be broken now. *EDIT* Map is Hannover-Weserbergland
  19. I hope it's ok to bump an old-ish thread with another solution... OG Steel Beasts is too fun to just abandon. I have it installed alongside PE3 and 4 and you should too if you want. I used to be able to play just with DXWnd, but my latest system gave me the "rainbow" colors. This latest combination works on both of my Windows 10 systems so I figured I'd drop it here. I'm using DXWnd and dgVoodoo together. Here are my settings, mostly to taste, but the one crucial aspect is disabling the DirectX hooks in DXWnd. Bear in mind that once set up, you can play hassle-free with no extra fuckery. Make a custom shortcut with the proper icon, etc. Cheers
  20. Hey all, just wondering: When I lower my display resolution from native (in ver 4.167) my brightness increases significantly. My monitor uses the same profile for all resolutions so I'm not sure what it could be. I play in 1080p anyway so it isn't affecting me any... just noticed and wondered why, and if it's just me. Cheers
  21. Thread isn't that old and I found a solution, so I don't feel bad resurrecting it. I used the "Battle Pak" CD version. Doubt that it matters, but worth mentioning. Here's how I got it running on Windows 10 X64: Set "setup.exe" to Win XP SP2 compatibility mode, and run as admin. Install the game Don't set any compatibility settings with SBLoader.exe or tankSim.exe Download d3drm.dll and place it in the "release" folder (I had an error saying I needed it the first time I tried running the game. I assume it meant in System32, but I just fired it into the game directory) Download and install DXWnd DXWnd instructions: Edit > Add Browse to tankSim.exe and select it Run it from DXWnd Default settings work, but you can modify the properties to run fullscreen, windowed, and a few other things. That's it... Steel Beasts Legacy in Win 10. Wish I had figured this out during the Win 7 and 8 days. Ah well... makes it all the more fun to play it after so long. I play Pro PE, but Legacy is its own beast with its own feel. I'm sure we all have fond memories. Create a DXWnd shortcut, change the name to Steel Beasts, change the icon, and you're all neat and tidy. Attached is a screenshot of it running windowed.
  22. Remember getting my copy in the Battle Pak in 2001. Only got to play it a few times before moving out of my parents house. By the time I got my own PC, SB didn't like my display adapter and I got distracted with Falcon 4 Allied Force. Only just started playing SB a few months ago, on a VM. Was great to finally start completing scenarios! :biggrin: Got PE a few weeks later. 15 years is a long time for software developer. Congrats!
  23. Thanks for the welcome and guidance! There will be plenty of surprises, trust me. Spending most of my time chasing the almighty dollar, but finding time to play here and there. I'm definitely skimming the surface for the most part. Completed a few of the default missions with good results, but haven't gotten much proper training in. Just downloaded the Camp Hornfelt missions, and will make completing them my next priority.
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