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  1. Revive Dongle?

    Whats the SOP to send back a stick, get another when this one will not work anymore (loose)?
  2. 1 CAD Trg

    This Wed night, at 8pm Atlantic. ( 3 hrs - TGIF time ) We will hold a event to play test a mission. This event is open to all.... Reporting in.....
  3. Video Thread

  4. Lav25 for 52nd Alfa Coy

  5. We love photos

    Trident Juncture 2018 Vandpassage With Leopard 2 Today, the danish kampvognseskadron over Rena the river, with both tanks and bjærgningsvognen. The aim is to test vandpassage and dybdevadning with heavy vehicles under realistic conditions. It's hard to practice it in other than artificial plant at home, but here in Norway, there are natural vadesteder in some of the rivers. Before the panzers prepare and reconstitute the crew tanks. This includes control of the packaging and the hydraulic system. All tanks came over. #NATO #Tridentjuncture2018 #Hæren
  6. Video Thread

  7. BATUS

    I can send copy for those who want them (2).
  8. We love photos

    Saif Sareea 3 exercise. October 2018, OMAN
  9. We love photos

    Inf doing Inf things.....
  10. Video Thread

  11. Video Thread

  12. US MRE, German EPA, French and British Combat rations

    I have worked with many different nations armies, and found that the main difference is the selection of menu's. Most armies now have generally the boil in the bag type rations, not so 20-30 years ago. I also found that we trade our rations when working together for the fun of eating other's rats, and to mix it up our menus. Never did like any food in a army green can, or bag, just something about that form of packaging that did not sit well with me.