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  1. Military echelon with MLRS was filmed in Chita https://russia.liveuamap.com/en/2022/13-january-military-echelon-with-mlrs-was-filmed-in-chita
  2. Please report in, seen bad weather hit your area. Hope your safe.
  3. I think someone has been asking for the ATGM (TOW) version for a few years, V might remember who......:)
  4. I use a mouse and Joystick for all positions except the gunner controls. This device has ,the general hand placement, and angle to most tank FCS. The device is rigged for laze and fire straight from box. Has 15 inputs, so room to grow. That's where I am at now, testing. As for the $$, well my flying setup cost more, as well as other hobbies...(must keep telling myself this)...:) and cost less than a sheet of plywood...
  5. I recently this year, have bought this device....I'm very happy with the performance, and price. https://www.amazon.com/Thunderstick-GRS-Flight-Yoke/dp/B08L7TVCM2
  6. https://www.strategypage.com/htmw/htarm/20180222.aspx
  7. Have you looked at the AAR after mission? In the replay you will find out where you are going wrong with you plan, and take steps to correct this action. This Sim is rather complex as with modern armoured warfare. Thus the years training we do in real life to complete missions. Hang in there. If you want I can host a session and go over a few tips and see what you are doing wrong if anything. I'm sure others can help also online. Online sessions are where most players see how the Sim works, and the added value of players there to assist you with questions in real time.
  8. What unit, tank, Mech, Inf, Arty? Unit TO&E has changed. as I'm sure your aware of due to the recent deployments to their border and the lessons learned. Some elements, and structure has remained, others have changed to meet their operational needs Are you looking for reg units, volunteers, private? Are you looking for the TO&E of a ptl? Coy?, and in what function (TANK/INF/MECH. ARTY)......? Normally one would ask at the platoon level of a arm of a army....ie: ptl of a tank unit, then scale this up to Coy level and so on. With this info we can provide a detailed unit TO&E for equipment and personnel. Or are you just looking for everything? Latest tank battalion org has 10 upgraded t-72AMT Updates are night vision devices with third-generation electron-optical converters, the 1K13 night sight with the possibility of firing a guided missile "Kombat". Improved gun stabilization system. Aselsan digital radios and a digital satellite navigation system are installed. Substantially improved chassis, which improved the smooth running.
  9. https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/ukraine/sv-orbat.htm
  10. Would you share some documentation/ information on this "NATO Standard Sight". In my many years using Nato sights, I have never seen , or heard of this nomenclature regarding such equipment. Nor, can I find anything on the web. I believe (correct, or not) this is a myth, as NATO had many MBTS with different sights offered. Thanks in advance. Disclaimer: Don't read into to this question for some hidden meaning..:)
  11. What is thought to be the last surviving Centurion tank from the Korean War made it to B.C. from NS in time for Remembrance Day 2019
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