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  1. Also the ability to print the map out. I use my IPad as a map screen, small, but works.
  2. I can ask some of my Dragoon friends that were there, this was the regiment that I deployed under in 74, great unit. so long ago. It will take a bit of time. This may help.......https://www.facebook.com/groups/canadianarmytrophy/
  3. yes arma, as I'm told by those who use the game.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/425693074621816/videos/1234005213445053/?t=174
  5. Well, as this is a "wish" list, and, sometimes wishes do come true.....I like to see all vehicles have at least a F7 view, and the unbuttoned view at a minimum (vision ports). This would make a lot more playable AFV's with (dare I say it) very little effort (runs for cover). We have a lot of cool AFV's that we can't use....but would like too. As for the "specifically if your tank die", can that user just be transported to the map in the CO's veh? This way, the CO knows a player is without a veh, and the player has the map to follow the mission. Just a few thoughts on the issues, not criticism in any way.
  6. Don't think it can be disabled, V will set us straight. That being said, I also would like the F7 view option (on/off) . My thinking is...it's all one has a a TC in RL if the scenario call for it.
  7. We had the same thing happen here with our "we don't require " MBT's any more (pre Afgstan}. War gaming the MGS , which was to be bought to replace our Leo1's. They tried many times in simulation to make it work as a tank, making the enemy less realistic (armour value) to make the MGS win, they never got it to a reasonable tank/inf support AFV. In the end they had to come to the conclusion the MGS was NEVER going to fit our doctrine. Its a case of ..We will buy this AFV , and write a doctrine to fit it, rather than the other way around...Our doctrine requires a AFV with these requirements. So a little brew-up in a far away desert changed our Leo1's fate, and the Leo2 entered the great white north. https://ottawacitizen.com/news/national/defence-watch/the-myth-surrounding-canadian-leopard-tanks-in-afghanistan-driving-away-decommissioned-tanks-used-as-monuments-and-shipping-them-to-war-never-happened
  8. The TUA turret could be added, as a option to sooooo many AFV;s in the sim as the RWS has...just saying.:)
  9. TUA/TOW died from neglect between the Armour and Infantry Corps during Afghanistan, we still have the TUA turrets and ITAS systems stored in Montreal, but though there has been some discussions about the state of Anti-armour in the CA, TOW Ptls have been removed from the ORBAT also.
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