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  1. I knew they had the capability, but the timeframe? And that supply chain issues we are all living with, good thing you don't need plywood or eggs...:) Wait and see.
  2. Is the US building new tanks, my understanding that all "new" tanks are rebuilds as per General Dynamics Land Systems has secured a production contract from the U.S. Army to upgrade 100 Abrams main battle tanks into the new M1A2 SEP v.3 configuration. The Army had earlier accepted the first of about a half-dozen initial production versions of the modernized main battle tank late last year.
  3. Being hatefull gets one no where in life, we were having a conversation here, then this....why? Now this will be locked, or maybe this is the reason for your post (we are onto you)
  4. captured by the russians or sold on the black market, like other wpn systems showing uo in the mid east. Fuel would be a problem, I seem to recall a issue with energy in the EU, can't place my finger on why
  5. Wounder what happened to your def minister, and that gas pipeline (X2)your tax dollars paid for, yes alot of people are woundering these days it seems. I(psots)...?
  6. I also don't understand why the Ukrainians seem so fixated on the leo2s? One possible reason. Putin has stated they (Russia) wanted to de-militrize Ukraine, so maybe its the EU who is getting de-mililerized. Most if not all the EU's T-72's,BMP1/2 Arty vehs are now scrap on the battlefield thus the requirment for NATO AFV's. Leo 2 and Challengers might be on the same list. They have reduced the M-777,humers,mraps, Javlins,Nlaws,UK Mraps, PZ2000 just to name a few, and they are not done yet, Bradlys are now up next, as well as M109's. BO once stated" Russia has "esclation dominance", this has not changed.
  7. looks like the base is under the road, thous causing a "issue", I would move back a bit ton avoid this. This I think is a map object placment issue and not a routing issue. I have maps with this object issue before, and fixed.
  8. I'll take a look at this request after the holidays and let you know.
  9. Yes true, two different methods of getting a AFV/wpn platform into sevice. Long testing peroid, vs, short/ just good enough method due to other factors. I guess in time, decades from now we shall see what has worked out best for the end user, and tax payers with these two, but not limitded to systems. In the times we live in presently ($$$$) , I'm leaning after seeing my, and other nations staying with the norm , the short production for testing that lasts a decade or longer, with time to work out issues may work out best. I think that this issues was the same for WWII and other conflicts due to time restrants for large production runs. We are not in that constrant now , or are we?
  10. As I understand the T-14 from Russian writings it is undergoing state trials, with some in the SMO. Given the small number of trial T-14's we will find out if it goes the same route as outher protypes ADATS,Puma etc. There may be a production run afterall, or a production start and issues found. Testing the T-14 in the SMO (if true) is a hard core testing method, OR, the gold star in AFV testing , opinions may vary I belive the German IRIS-T has had a same fate, right from testing, and low production to the SMO? It's a crazy world we live in.
  11. The Piranha family of AFV's can be used for the Striker, Not a great deal of difference in them, close in use,mobility, etc.
  12. Reversing direction, but it's muddy, Mobilized and T-14 _Armata_.mp4 dismounts doing better
  13. So "true", I hear they lost 20% (-/+) of their country, and 50% of their elec grid,
  14. " exhausted its supply of high-precision missiles" Thats why the amount, and effects is growing, every report states "Their running out of missles", Yet the next attack has more. "After mass mobilization" BS recent mobiblezation of reserves is between 1.5 -1.7 %, 370k of total (25million) with much more avaib. Pure BS We can see the numbers increasing, only a idiot would think this is serious reporting. Next we shall read they are using washing machine parts for hyper weponds....:) all this from: "said one of the sources of the newspaper. The reason, according to him"
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