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  1. About the same app system here, will add this. tanks!
  2. 12Alfa

    New AVE's

  3. Preserving our history is important to tankers.
  4. 12Alfa

    We love photos

    Not your usual M113. Drivers position in M113A2 vs M113A3 TLAV. Quite an upgrade!
  5. Crest clearing drill will do that also, all gunners/CC/Drivers are trained in this method as part of their gunnery course The 1CAD had a few trg sessions on this very drill a while ago, practice,practice,practice., ......ah those were the days.............
  6. https://www.janes.com/article/93632/russia-s-2s35-koalitsiya-sv-sph-completes-preliminary-trials?socialmedia=facebook&fbclid=IwAR08mwIiC6OBaHBhQkYQFwguU0gX8zxDH3tXJhHDHf9sbQAyFEqdGO8lxbE
  7. 12Alfa

    We love photos

    "Erprobungsträger mit 3-Achs Stabilisiertem Turm" (trial vehicle with 3-axis stabilized tower) Developed during the MBT70/KPz70 program, this is essentially a modified Leopard 1 with new features, including the stabilized turret and a 1000HP engine. Armed with a 105mm main gun, a coaxle 30mm cannon and a RWS, the Erprobungsträger Mit 3-Achs Stabilisiertem Turm was unique. The crew aside from the driver was located in the turret with the ammo in the left hemeshpere of the turret
  8. 12Alfa

    We love photos

    Vergoldeter Leopard (gilded Leopard) program.
  9. This... "There is no way in SB to control units above company level from outside of the map " true, however,real time commanding you can't also. Its done in most armies in a TOC, the command center/veh....by more than 1 person. ..on a map. This being a SIM, it is working as planed. Thank you ESIM.:)
  10. My condolences. I'm deeply sadden, and shocked. We almost met in 2016 when at the same camp ground. I will regret not getting to know him better for a very long time. LOT is forever changed..(: RIP Patriot.
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