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    I will add comment for the video situation where one has a "Ouch" while operating AFV's in the future if acceptable.
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  3. You mean "Trust the SCIENCE" OK
  4. Wait for it, Z forces now the end of the defensive lines of trenches and bunkers, where mobile maneuver formations can come into play. I read that the Dombas area is similar to the Rein area in Germany, small towns and lots of industry. The ground past their defense lines is our vision of Kurst, open and perfect for mass formations moving together with helos. The next few weeks will show us our classic Opfor/Soviet armor doctrine possibly. The fat lady has not sang yet, but, she has just stepped on stage...:) The dogs of war (1st Guards) will be released, and hopefully will stop at the border this time.
  5. " your ai commander wont remember what ammo to reload next " Most likely is the AI is trying following the action of a cmdr in Real world training (being a sim), as with most actions with the Ai. Normally the cmdr issues a fire order, that includes the ammo type, then the gnr engages, and will not change the ordered ammo type, till cmdr issues a new fire order, or, issues a new ammo type for the gnr. so proper ammo get reloaded The Ai as I understand it, the Ai will pick the proper ammo, for the range, type of target, is this broken? Do you you think the AI should not follow proper fire commands used by certainly the UK army, and most western armies? Your fighting a Ai that: simulation of real word systems , used to train troops in proper use of their systems, you may have misread this in the manual. If I'm reading this statements incorrectly, my humble apologizes.
  6. What is the issue with loading the 30mm, I have never had a problem, nor has it been reported as a issue, we have been using it for a time e now, seems to work like the real wpn with in Sb limitations?
  7. Thanks for the clarification, and, the great work on this area.
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  10. I did before posting. On 3 tests (small sample I know) got only comms damage on 2, expected due to being exposed antenna. AI worked as posted. Options in the arty menu will increase likelihood of said destruction, top cover/in open/pattern, ect. Options are within the users control to avoid a arty destroying your units when at the halt. 1. Don't stop in open ground if arty strike is possible 2. Don't adopt a linear formation so arty can use a linear strike pattern on you 3. Dispersion, wide is good, dividing Tp/Ptl into to 2 fire teams and increase width within is better 4.Have a escape route plotted, at top speed if using the Ai to control your unit, best to comd in lead unit as it increases reaction time 5. Employ a formation that will minimize tanks moving into formation quickly without them trying to sort them selves out , in short be prepared with proper escape formation 6. Employ cover and concealment where possible. Now with UAV's this has increased the threat of being seen. 7. Remain buttoned up, in you tank, rdy to react to threat, in this case incoming sounds and impacts. 8. Practice this drill, in time your survivability will increase. 9. Know reaction time of arty, move before that time is reached when at the halt. Posting this due to new people, and non mil personnel that may not know this. Moving on to other issues, enjoy the update, have fun, be kind
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    Map download fail

    Another possibility- There was a outage recently. https://downdetector.com/status/google/map/
  12. no, however I must disengage my gunner handles, do you have any other device connected?
  13. Have a X52, no issues with latest version.
  14. Replay and enter Ptl Ldrs tank, can you react quicker than the Ai? and what's the damage to the Ptl?
  15. Replay and enter Ptl Ldrs tank, can you react quicker than the Ai? and what's the damage to the Ptl?
  16. To be frank (not the name , to be clear for you), creating a test with the AI (after the programmer's posting on how it works) , and assuring me ( which I disregard ) a test that has no human players to determine if a Plt of tanks , and static tanks I might add, would give the result you are posting here will suffer same damage. I'm saying human players can/should/will take quick action on hearing/seeing arty on their location. What is known (as per the programmers post), Human players can give a different result, and can move at top speed upon hearing, or the first indication of arty on their position if they, and many do know how SB arty works.. You may create a hundred tests with the AI, its misleading when humans are able, and can differ the outcome. I suggested for a test with human players, you then assured me "it's the same", which means nothing, I have seen humans differ your "test" results, my statement ,again means nothing.......................thus the test with humans . If your not capable/willing to conduct a reasonable test with humans and post to compare the results in damage, then, disregard devoting brain power trying to decipher an unclear and strangely worded . question. Testing results comes from actions, not words from me, or you, and I know you know that. The AI is good, but humans can react faster. With all due respect.
  17. It seems that way maybe sleep on it, ................waiting on others to report results at the moment.
  18. Taking your assuring in to account- " report back in the context (you know -it's everything ) of SB", (you may of miss that detail), np on my end, I'll wait.
  19. So true. I had the option to send old PC's to landfill or wherever, or save and run fav old programs that, it seems way back when worked so well, I never regret that decision to this day
  20. I assume without human player rdy to react, very poor example, the AI is .........................dare I say it.......Artificial (how they react has been posted). Try with human players waiting for arty on their position, then report back in the context (you know -it's everything ) of SB 18 tubes 40 rds is a bit much some would think, but its free, and no counterbattery , so have had it..... in fact we all can try this and report back how well a human players do. Now that could be a reasonable test, not that the above was not.....................
  21. Many don't see the vids as anything but entertainment, concluding anything else is hope-um. Example: side A is winning, from a burnt-out tank with fresh Z paint. I place "A column of armor marching slowly in file down a road with close dispersion" in this category. We shall see what effect arty had when this is done to confirm what is posted here............again Meh.
  22. Only the 1st round is a surprise, if the engine is running. Many vids of pers hearing incoming rounds, and diving for cover. Which leads many to believe , you can actually hear arty about to land, strange I know, but we live in strange times don't we. And yes -equipment that permit accurate first round FFE-, and there is no counter arty radar/unit equipment that permits accurate counter fire. Some would suggest that the enemy is not waiting for arty units to fire to locate them I hear counter battery fire is a "thing" recently in wheat fields .
  23. Yes no ISS, but I believe the MIR was there in the 80's for those who were star gazing while on radio watch with TIS, not that I did this on any ex in Germany
  24. If you can guarantee a target will be within an HE beaten zone at the time of impact, a probability of effect can be calculated and expected up to and including destruction Most, if not all Mech armies have SOP's to ensure they move after first impact, thus making HE beating zones ineffective to alert mobile units, and given the weight to HP (speed) now to move quickly out of said beating zone. In my time (centurion was a rank), during training, and qualifications we had personnel who would throw devices simulating a arty strike, and the unit had a time assigned to leave the area, this was in the 30 sec (cold start, crews mounted) for the standard, along with dispersion within the unit, it was not 50m at any time while in ops in open terrain. If running, less than 10 sec, as we are aware of the threat, and trained to carry out our Arty strike SOP. Arty (non LDM) is best employed in MHO on trenches, inf in open, and on foot where escaping the zone cannot be done quickly. We are seeing this being played out in eastern EU. As for SB, well, reducing the strike to 50x50m will increase ones chance for destruction on a non-mobile target.
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