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  1. More Centurions as crewable..:) we seem to have all the Leopard varients under sun.really?
  2. Not that "fictional / movie scenario stuff that is reckless and dangerous IRL"...is not fun on a friday night TGIF https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Megaforce
  3. When as a crew we had a coolent leak (indicated by engine temp/visual) the AFV is shut down, period. There is "no randomization of how much".This is done to prevent more leakage/damage. Your wish if this is, the case is wrong. Same goes fuel leaks, this damage is very dangerous to the crew, the AFV is shut down till it is fixed. We can drive while this is indicated in the sim true, in battle one would do certain things to stay alive,the sim teaches the consequences of such decisions, mostly the AFV becomes noneffective shortly....as it should. You can move to a safe place and shut down to repair most issues given the mission times,this may or not meet these times. But you can do as you wish already
  4. I see them on BATUS...:), and Challenger 2 main battle tanks of the King's Royal Hussars during Exercise Furious Axe in Latvia and NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup in Estonia, HOHENFELS, Germany - A British Army Challenger II tank from the 3rd Battalion, Mercian Regiment, scans for targets during exercise Saber Junction, on Hohenfels Training Area, Oct. 28
  5. I don't want a change, only to be in the que for TGIF. Thanks for the mission
  6. We played a scripted mission a few weeks ago, so, not unheard of. Think most enjoyed the change.
  7. V...could this be a tgif in our future soon?
  8. Well , for myself , I would like to see a non-TES (Theater Entry Standard) version. may be more 'do-able' than the interior. but yes, someday a inside CR2 would be excellent.
  9. I can join you for some missions, some say I'm a rookie....LOL
  10. More than 3.5k servicemen and 900 pieces of equipment from the Leningrad Oblast's 138th and 25th Motorized Rifle Brigades are set to conduct a force-on-force exercise. The video shows a large number of T-72B3 tanks, MT-LB, 2S3 Akatsiya, and BM-21 Grad. https://tvzvezda.ru/news/forces/content/202081813-2AlG1.html?utm_source=tvzvezda&utm_medium=longpage&utm_campaign=longpage&utm_term=v1
  11. Welcome back, hope to see you on the battlefield soon.
  12. Looks like the impact was at the CCTV , and , the roof.................
  13. This will be in the de-breifing AAR ....LOL.... happy crew did ok considering being shot. Training is dangerous , first aid SOP's went well, as it should. https://defence-blog.com/news/army/u-s-army-abrams-shot-another-tank-during-training-exercise.html
  14. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2020/07/21/marine-corps-begins-shutdown-of-all-tank-battalions.html
  15. Welcome back, Thank you for your service patriot.
  16. Great memories for us, the good, and the bad.
  17. Big fan of boiling vessels, great idea for the crew, spent most of my last years in armoured AFV's with such a device, loved it.
  18. Another use of "light source" IR/II in the troop context ,is, the tank that just turned on their "hey, I'm over here (light)" the crew would have to re-position right after they switch off , as so not to be a target. Using the light source on/ off search tactic is a dance within the troop and requires positions to be scouted before this process to begin to avoid getting bogged down, running over own troops, driving into rivers -in the dark. Granted the crew may have a tank with crew night viewing devices to make this possible, others depending on time-frame would not. I would think in the sim this will be difficult to make work as in real life without a human in the AFV supervising this Light on, light off, reposition, repeat sequence. After all...we still drive into rivers/ buildings, with light,...... oh the fun in the dark...LOL
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