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  1. 54 minutes ago, Nike-Ajax said:

    Its NOT just his position. At all.

    Rather its YOUR position that they are good as is.

    TGIF is not the only venue or place where people play.

    There is room for improvement.

    Its NOT just his position. At all. ok , lets check the posts about this issue.........ummmmmm.....yep same people.

    Rather its YOUR position that they are good as is..........never posted that,  I stated that there are work arounds, and its a sim...your reaching .


    TGIF is not the only venue or place where people play....No shit!


    There is room for improvement...as many posts have  pointed out.



    I suspect that this issue (and I may be incorrect here) that it's more about "hit score" that traverse speed on a known fire control system, with limited traverse speed.


    My 2cents has been spent, feel free to carry on.....:)

  2. No one is saying this is realistic, this is a simulation....which seems to be lost on some, again.


    It is YOUR position that this is a "bad system", you view only, and after the reason why we have such from ESim.


    Simple dont use them, let the rest of us use them as in TGIF. We don't hear players saying they don't want to use them in the planing phase, thous, many find them useful and effective, and this with their manual traverse.


    We, some of us have waited a long time for these AFV's to be in the sim and are grateful for the team's work in obtaining the time, effort, and resources to place said AFV's in the list of available AFV's


    Let the search for other methods play out.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Grenny said:

    Downside is that you'd need  small increments of one crank to fine lay the gun....my main beef with the arrow cranking is, that it is not fine enough to lay the gun propperly ...yet to slow when needing to fast traverse


    IRL the grears are set to achieve smaller then 0,5mill accuracy. But that would mean +6400 taps on the arrow key to go one time around...

    Driver prepare to advance hard left for gunner, gunner take over...., or Gunner trg left prepare for 2000 taps.........your call.


    Like I have said, veh position is important, tapping the keyboard....not so much.


    The Scimitar/Scorpion is easily solved with the option of powered traverse, let's not over think this issue.


    We have been here before on this issue, we have been using these AFV's for some time now. We can, and will adapt to each and every type of fire control system, thats just who we are. This is not WOT.

  4. 1 minute ago, Grenny said:

    So because the Infantyr model is even worse, the hand crank implementation is ok??

    Nah, both should get a rework eventually...

    Hey, it's not me saying .. very hard to use.

    I have no issues with hand cranking........:)

  5. 2 minutes ago, Hedgehog said:

    I'd like to see cases / stubs being flung out the loader's hatch when you reload.

    (Along with my idea of the ready rack variable reload timing.)



    I like to see my loader feed the gun and not throw casings out of the hatch, that's why spent casing bins were invented........JK'ing


    Maybe a action when the :Reload" command in activated, so we can see the loader working (throwing out casings) , and not making coffee.......boiling vessel?.....

  6. AFV's with manual traverse are I would say are the best the sim can do without having such equipment on your desktop (Dark). Is it perfect, no, is it a pain in the ass, sure. Having served in such AFV;s we found many tricks to make this system of traverse work, and without dare I say without issues.


    Crews found that having their AFV in the proper bearing towards the target, through proper driver commands. Directing the driver to point the gun also works.


    Only with a hand crank device will this get any better for the operator of such manual traverse. Maybe a steering wheel would work?


    I don't have a issue with them in the sim, and a great deal of TGIF missions use them with players openly taking such AFV's to command.


    Trust me, as a operator/instr of the Scorpion turret with power traverse system I feel your pain, but I like many adapt and over come such issues, the benefits out weight any traverse issues of these AFV's. 


    Just my 2 cents, after taxes......:)


  7. 2 hours ago, BadgerDog said:

    I'm a little confused about one thing, but I'm old .. so forgive me... 😁


    When I select uninstall, I'm not going to lose all the custom missions, operations and maps I currently under 4.167 ... correct?

    You should not, to be safe copy them to a folder elsewhere till you confirm the install is complete....as a rule backup everything you need , just to be safe.:)

    safety first, not really...coffee first, then safety")


  8. You may want to create a ref for your fire mission, a box, a rep point, AB-xxx /with time so you can keep track of where missions are located.

    When in large arty missions, one can loose track pretty easily if a method of the fire missions locations are not referenced some how.

    Placing box/ref off map, then drag to loc is when  called is one such method to save time during the hectic mission time.

  9. https://www.armyrecognition.com/defense_news_december_2020_global_security_army_industry/canadian_army_unveils_its_new_8x8_armoured_combat_support_vehicle.html





    The Canadian Armoured Combat Support Vehicle (ACSV) are based on the LAV 6.0 platform and will integrate with and support the existing LAV 6.0 platform currently in use by the CAF. This will provide a number of advantages including reduced training and sustainment costs, as well as the availability of common spare parts to fix vehicles quickly during operations. General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada and Kongsberg have signed a contract for delivery of the Protector Remote Weapon Stations (RWS) to the Canadian Army valued 500 MNOK. The PROTECTOR RWS will be integrated on Canada’s fleet of Armored Combat Support Vehicles.

    The LAV 6.0 (LAV III Upgrade Project UP) will allow for significant improvements in survivability, mobility and lethality. Survivability enhancements include switching to a Double-V Hull offering inherent and weight efficient protection from mine and IED threats as well as energy-attenuating seats at all crew locations. A more powerful 450hp engine is included as well as upgrades to the drivetrain and suspension. Turret sights will be upgraded to extend their range and gun control electronics are being improved to reduce crew workload. The fully upgraded vehicle weighs 55,000lbs (25,000kg) or better than the original high-mobility 38,000lb APC vehicle that the upgrade is based on.

  10. Part 2 , The new ground effects are a welcome development to the Sim.


    To players trying to spot their movement, it has given the observation of helo's near the ground, either landing, or moving at ground level a new tool.


    No more flying around troops for a drop off without some terrain masking to be not spotted by the enemy...possible game changer.




  11. 1 hour ago, dejawolf said:

    yeah, my main point is that shell-casings are hotspots that can give away your position in thermal. especially when they are shot up through the roof, and over treetops and buildings. as an enemy vehicle, you could simply aim below where the shellcasings are,

    and kill the vehicle. so it's a design flaw that's not properly represented in SB. 

    Yes one could fire below the casings...except in the rare times , those casing held a projectile now moving at a rather high speed towards you. In this case, it's most likely your last view :)

  12. 1 hour ago, dejawolf said:

    not to mention working blowoff panels, and shell ejection. paticularly for the CV9040 this is an issue, since it throws it's white-hot shells high into the air. 

    Well the just went through a rapid temp change to higher temperatures , just seconds ago, seems reasonable they be a bit hot. I still have the marks on my fingers from cleaning the empty shell casing bin right below the breach....:)...a bit too soon.

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