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  1. As I understand their use, long road marches, and the fact that most if not all SB missions can operate on a full tank its a feature purely for visuals.


    That being said , I'm ready for the experience :)


    Just more places that will result in fireball, and who doesn't not enjoy fireballs ?


  2. 1 hour ago, mpow66m said:

    Russias biggest problems are...

    1-the command structure of their Mil.Polar opposite of the west,no NCO corp with authority

    2 Conscripts who are poorly trained and treated like garbage

    3 Armour is outdated


    1. Sn NCO do have authority. This was a priory of Mr. P when he first became prime minister, then later as president. There are many papers, books etc, on what happened to Russian forces on this last 2 decades. To the changes, some good, some not. NCO are not a issue. 


    2. Maybe in the early years, not trained to western standards to be sure, although I haven't seen any data on large issues in their training schools as of late. There are a number of western armies that are not 100%. The forces have a bad rep there, not well paid, but a huge pool to draw from.


    3. ISSIS, doesn't thinks so, and I think in a conflict where both sides have the same it is not a issue, crew performance is the deciding factor given all things equal.


    My view on this is the west (NATO) has not fought a equal, they are now witnessing it in real time. The west has misunderstood the Z force, and are behind in certain fields (Hypersonic wpns), EW, Drone warfare.


    This is not the Z force of the Warsaw Pack, this has changed for some time, refined in Syria.


    The west has drawn down after the fall of the wall, reduced def budgets, men, equipment, and last more importantly the will to know, then fight the real enemy.


    Where does the EU get their energy?

    Who just shut down a pipeline to the EU?

    Will it get cold this coming winter in the EU?


    See where this is going?


    The west will sign a peace deal, abet higher prices, it will take decades to recover from this.


    How is the Ruble doing?


    Follow the $$$$



    Time will tell, Enjoy the show.

  3. On 3/12/2022 at 11:07 AM, mpow66m said:

    I agree theres no way Putin or his Generals could have thought they could conquer Ukrainia in 2-3 days.They ll surround their Objs and shell them into oblivion to get them to surrender,but that ll never work.The RU have lost 11 high level Officers on the front lines where they should never be.....you can only come to one conclusion from that...they are going up there to get get troops motivated and fix the massive mess both logistical and strategical.I just watched a video of an RU Officer talking with another about shooting soldiers who did not want to fight.Id say it was legit based on the emotion behind it,the sounded depressed, beaten and exhausted.I think what we are seeing now is the death throes of the USSR and its remains.


    This would be my: only come to one conclusion may be-


    There are papers, past conflicts, ect, to suggest they are commanding their B T G, which are led by "high level Officers",


    may be the cause, where we in the west have kept our officers where? Sqn CO, Inf CO? Recce Sqn CO?


    Thinking they are maneuvering like the1970-2000's would be incorrect, consider what happened a few short years ago in Syria.

    Many will be surprised :) on this outcome, some...not so much.

    Actions not words, led to knowledge

  4. 1 hour ago, will14 said:

    i missed were russia said they would win in 3 days...

    I may have missed that quote, can you send a link?

  5. 2 hours ago, Damian90 said:


    Our excercises are mostly done at several training areas like Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area, Nowa Dęba Training Area etc.


    Photos I posted are from Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area which is the largest Training Center in Poland.



    Tanks :)


  6. 23 hours ago, Ssnake said:

    A shallow, grave, as it turned out yesterday. 50 of these AAA tanks ("from industry stocks") will be delivered to Ukraine "soon". Some refurbishment and training probably required. How well they can work without being embedded into an integrated air defense control network remains to be seen, of course.


    I have read the training required for this system would take about a year, this level of knowledge, and practice is not over night, Also the same is required for the troops to maintained/fix of said system. And where do the go for range work for confirmation work for both the commander's/gunners? 


    Does this system have, dare I say  it "simulators" :)  in Germany for them?

  7. I see your new to this thing called the internet. Let me explain for you,,,,,,,,,,slowly.


    There are , rare to be sure, when the user has no control what this (internet) does to posts, pictures, and posted links do. Said users thinks they post, and the internet can/does 1-the opposite, or 2.nothing at all.


    You may find this tip going forward helpful. Or not. :)


    I posted the link so, that others would be directed to more details to "requesting maps, and what is required", nothing more.

    If humans read it differently, I have no control of the reading or critical thinking skills.

    I would enjoy, as others, if you could give some advice on this map request.





    Disclaimer: Some will find this tip useful, some my take offence . No pre-judgement was inferred by myself.

  8. Thank you E-Sim team!

    Over the years (to many to count) you have been rock solid with quality and commitment to us, your customers and, fans.




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