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  1. I use a mouse and Joystick for all positions except the gunner controls. This device has ,the general hand placement, and angle to most tank FCS. The device is rigged for laze and fire straight from box. Has 15 inputs, so room to grow. That's where I am at now, testing.


    As for the $$, well my flying setup cost more, as well as other hobbies...(must keep telling myself this)...:)

    and cost less than a sheet of plywood...

  2. Have you looked at the AAR after mission?


    In the replay you will find out where you are going wrong with you plan, and take steps to correct this action. 

    This Sim is rather complex as with modern armoured warfare.

    Thus the years training we do in real life to complete missions. Hang in there.

    If you want I can host a session and go over a few tips and see what you are doing wrong  if anything.

    I'm sure others can help also online.


    Online sessions are where most players see how the Sim works, and the added value of players there to assist you with questions in real time.

  3. What unit, tank, Mech,  Inf, Arty?


    Unit TO&E has changed. as I'm sure your aware of due to the recent deployments to their border and the lessons learned. Some elements, and structure has remained, others have changed to meet their operational needs


    Are you looking for reg units, volunteers, private?


    Are you looking for the TO&E of a ptl? Coy?, and in what function (TANK/INF/MECH. ARTY)......?


    Normally one would ask at the platoon level of a arm of a army....ie: ptl of a tank unit, then scale this up to Coy level and so on.


    With this info we can provide a detailed unit TO&E for equipment and personnel.


    Or are you just looking for everything?



    Latest tank battalion org has 10  upgraded  t-72AMT Updates are night vision devices with third-generation electron-optical converters, the 1K13 night sight with the possibility of firing a guided missile "Kombat". Improved gun stabilization system. Aselsan digital radios and a digital satellite navigation system are installed. Substantially improved chassis, which improved the smooth running.


  4. 5 minutes ago, 12Alfa said:

    Also, you can order your gunner to Traverse to the left/right (fast), then as the gun/tube approaches the target area, order the gunner to "Steady" (slow) till the barrel/tube is aligned in azimuth to said target, then order On.


    He should respond by saying Target, and you may respond with  Fire.


    If he says not seen, order to Fire, and adjust on the rounds impact, either left/right, or, add/drop as required.

    This is just one drill, there is other drills, you and your gunner can practice to see what works for you.


    if using a AI gunner , just move the barrel in the direction (shift right/left arrow) and the gunner will engage if the AI see's the target as noted by others.

    Last resort: take over the gunners controls and engage yourself.




  5. On 4/28/2021 at 5:21 PM, Iarmor said:


    Scale markings of Shot tank's range drum, 1979

    Left to right: armor piercing L-28, HESH (also for WP), HEAT, anti personnel (Flechette), coax 7.62 mm, improved armor piercing L-52.

    Upper left: smoke (HC?); upper right: NATO mils.



    That's what the M60A3 had. The M60A1 and its predecessors (and the Israeli Centurion) had an earlier version of the NATO Standard Sight:




    Would you share some documentation/ information on this "NATO Standard Sight".

    In my many years using Nato sights, I have never seen , or heard of this nomenclature regarding such equipment.

    Nor, can I find anything on the web.


    I believe (correct, or not) this is a myth, as NATO had many MBTS with different sights offered.


    Thanks in advance.




    Disclaimer: Don't read into to this question for some hidden meaning..:)

  6. Just now, Ssnake said:

    In the Leopardo 2E, while looking through the vision blocks you can designate a direction (Arrow Up, I think), and the periscope will automatically traverse to that direction. Then you can inspect what you just detected, and if necessary override the gunner. It's not exactly a link between binoculars and fire control system, but probably what comes closest to it in real life which is also simulated in Steel Beasts.

    The Centurion has a similar Bino setup, if I'm reading this correct.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Bloke said:

    Interesting replies, many thanks.


    I was basically wondering if a TC on an M1A2 had something like a pair of goggles connected to the tank's electronics, so that an override would point the barrel exactly where the TC is looking. Maybe that's something for future generations of tanks - the technology is certainly there. Or maybe the idea of sticking your head outside of a tank is outdated given the amount of data from all the sensors. Then again, maybe the entire concept of having any humans inside the tank at all won't last long...

    On most turrets there are aiming points. Being the edge of a piece of equipment or actual aiming marks that the Cmdr can use.

    For the CRV's it was the right side of the Cmdr's sight hood.

    I am told that the M1A2 the front of the Cmdr is really hard to see over, and around. Making the use of bino's forward useless.

    Others can confirm this.

  8. This "skill" was lost I think when AFV started to obtain the "hunter killer" system (hardware/software). 


    CRV turrets , and the crews that operated them trained on commander/gunner target identification.


    It went for our training,

    Cmdr see's Trg, calls ,


    Gnr, tank 2000m, "traverse" right/left - as the turret is moving (fast), Cmdr calls Gnr "slow", and Gnr slows the turret.


    Near Trg Cmdr calls "Steady", telling the Gnr that the Trg is coming into his view. Gnr see's Trg, calls "Target", Cmdr call Fire order. 


    The Cmdr has power traverse to guide Gnr to local direction, then the above method is employed.


    Other armies use a similar skill set, small changes to orders, method, but in the end both sights (Cmdr/Gnr) are aligned, and Trg is Id'd, and hopefully engaged.


    There are other methods that can be employed as well, all taught and practiced by crews in gunnery/Cmdr training.


    This skill becomes useful in SB when the Gnr sight is damaged, or the Gnr does not see the Trg for some unknown reason, :)


    It is said that the Turret fairy  can use such a method, as of yet no fairy's have come forward to confirm.



    *DISCLAIMER* This post is meant as instructional with added humor. No disrespect to Cmdr.Gnr, or any Turret fairy is implied, or suggested.

  9. 8 hours ago, Gibsonm said:


    Even further if you accidentally use the Smk range drum for a HE shoot. ;)

    hehe, yes, not that I was ever involved in such a thing. :)


  10. A bit of what is happening for those who have not seen a Sqn fire mission on a target. We practiced this a lot.

    1- Troop leader id the trg

    2-Calls out final range after firing to determine range

    3- Rest of gunners applies range to sight picture

    4-Sqn fire order sent

    5-3 round gun fire is ordered

    6-Firing now 


    Used to support a Mech Inf assault, and targets out of sight (arty method).

    The Cougar AFV had a 22,000 m indirect capabilities




    For those who can provide the data,photo's, etc.Don't become discourage with the comments here.

    some have asked, and received their map request.


    There is few of us are committed to help, ....that's is how all of this started :)......with a simple map request.


    Can't speak for ESim, however if the trend, and with the info provided by Ssnake, I feel the new maps should continue into the future.


    The digital battlefield looks bright as I look back to the very start, to where we are now.



  12. 11 hours ago, 12Alfa said:

    At the top of this page under downloads...enjoy




    In the user manual under file path, place in correct as indicated to scenarios folder. Usually under my scenarios, or as you have directed the file path on your system.




     if problems occur, post here and we will guide you through the process.


    Oops that should read ....place in place in your >scenarios< folder.

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