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  1. Yes. I thought the USMC deployed to establish a bridgehead, for follow on forces (army), or similar tactics. This has been their history, except for a few times when the army was a bit tied down fighting, and unable to take over.  But yes, wait and see. 

  2. Well, if you require your force to deploy quickly, dropping a 70+ tank that get there by ship is a move in the right direction. I think a "watch and shoot" sop is best, lets see how this proceeds down the road., And the "road", has turns, and bumps on  it .:)


  3. On 2/2/2020 at 10:41 AM, Michael Ramsey said:

    I turned my A3 in for an M1IP in the mid eighties. Around 2001 I had to dispatch my 2 M88's for range detail pulling 60's out storage down range 85 at Ft Dix.  My Recovery teamed called me about an A3 with my name on the TC hatch.  I drove out to Range 85 and met up with the 88's.  After cutting the locks on the loaders handle I looked inside. Her LRF and M21 and TTS were gone but everything else was there,  We hooked a slave cable, drained the water separators.  Primed the fuel lines and after only fifteen minutes we attempted a hot start.  Pure thick grey smoke poured out of the grilles, good sign she was getting fuel as the exhaust covers rattled she started getting compression and then it happened,  she rattled to life!  All those years sitting down range.  She now sits in front of my American Legion Post.



    Preserving our history is important to  tankers.

  4. On 1/26/2020 at 5:17 AM, Gladiator(911) said:


    Day 2 - counterattack 


    Grantiger Löwe ( grumpy lion ) is an exercise in germany in the area of Bergen-Hohne. You can even find videos about this exercise on YouTube.

    The BLUE party is here on the left side and RED on the right side. On the 1st day, the RED party was in the offense with a mixed Mech Inf Btn (BMP3 & T90). BLUE delayed succesfully and lost only a few vehicles. RED lost around 60% of his tanks and is now in the defense.

    On the 2nd day (now), BLUE will start the counterattack. The target is to destroy the left red tanks in this area or force them to avoid to the north east close to MUNSTER.

    The Brig.Commander of BLUE plans his main efford ("LAWINE"-"ERDRUTSCH") of the counterattack in the centre of the combat sector with 2 Gren. Companies. A side attack ("VULKAN"-"FEUERBALL") from the south will be done by OUR mixed tank company and will support the companies of the main attack. We will follow the ride side of the combat sector until our final battle position 10.

    Two reconnaissance sections (AI) (Fennek) will scout the area before the counterattack will start.

    One tank company is the Btn Reserve and follow the attack in a distance of 2-3km


    Our mixed tank company has:


    CO - Leopard 2A6

    KEO(Xo) - Leopard 2A6


    ALFA - 3x Leopard 2A6 (lost 1 tank on the day before)

    BRAVO - 4x Leopard 2A6

    CHARLIE - 4x Marder 1A3 ( with 2 MILAN 3ER* Trps)


    1x ARV , 1x Medic


    We also have engineers and ammo trucks with us (AI) they will following us. It's also possible to call them and get used by players.

    1x Mine-clearance tank (Wisent AEV) , 1x Bridge layer (BIBER) , 1 Engineer Section (2x TPz FUCHS)


    Our planned battle positions are "2","4-right","6-right","10"


    For this scenarion we need minimum 8 players. That means: minimum 2 players per platoon! The more players we get the better.

    This scenario takes minimum 90min. It's ending automatic, when the OBJECT has been taken.










    I'd like to play this scenario in FEBRUARY or MARCH. You can still choose a date for. As long it's on a saturday and 8PM german time

    So, enough time to think about it, for making a plan and to get enough players for the 3 platoons.


    When we know the date, I will send DUKE the mission for translating it.


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