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  1. Ours fired their first rounds in anger last week, what motar?:biggrin:
  2. Very nice, however does it give you a 120mm. Calling my C6 a 120mm on my G-wagon does not make it a Leopard 2 A6M.:remybussi:jk;ing
  3. NP:eek2: Next trg session will be this up- comming saterday the 13th. It will be our 3rd so far. Same time, around 21:00 hrs on TS.Hope to see all Canadains there.
  4. Saterday, its sunday down here. I always thought Burton was in another time zone, heheheh I'll be on anyways, 9erRed might be also, we can do a mission.
  5. This saterday 6th Oct
  6. Hi all: The start time has been pushed back to 9:00 (NB time) due to my fall crawl jeep rally. I'll be back by this time, 7 would have been hard to make. Hope to see the Div members then. 12Alfa
  7. We just lost another reservist this week. He was a Taurus ARV (recovery veh) when helping to fix a Leo2's track came under motar attack, others were hurt as well. Another armoured crewman lost in battle. We are up to 77 now.:decu:
  8. And Now w/ 100% less "Americans": While I'm in favor of this:wink2: , I did not think we would have no angry replys. LOL
  9. I SAID OLDTIMERS, dont turn this into another angry man's thread!!:biggrin:
  10. Oldtimers, I suffer from it to....I think
  11. Sharper than Sherm?:debile2:
  12. Back from my last course. 7 days of 10 hr powerpoint lectures. Needless to say I have a few less brain cells that work now.:men_ani:
  13. Canada is there with 2000+ troops and a Sqn of Leo1's (uparmoured) Brits also. We have lost some troops, and could use some help in the south. Europe! are you hearing this?:confused: Hello is anybody home?
  14. Drivers yes. Trgs could be left on range to add to the confusion, we could go either way on this. The CAT was both static and battle runs for each team. Im gettin a team together in Jan to start the planing and a couple of run throughs. We in the 1ST CAD have done a drill that is very close to the CAT so we have some ground work done allready. As for the map I would like to start in Germany and follow on with different units hosting their ranges, if this ok by all. More in Jan. Happy seasons wishes to all/
  15. 12Alfa

    CFB Gagetown

    Version 1.0


    Gagetown trg area
  16. I forsee the biggest help will be needed in the targets and the scoring. And of course the umpires. We could let the ai run the targets and script the scoring, however to be fair I think this should be done by us the players. By players I meen the range staff, not the troop/ptl on the firing line. The serials would be set, and marked on time and ammo used.We would need the staff to hold the same serial for each team, say one serial every weekend. At he end of all the serials we would post the serials scores and the overall score. I have the rule book that was used to hold the real event, and none of the rules seem that hard to reproduce in SB Pro Pe. Most of the rules can be used, a few being very hard to put into the sim and could be left out. There is the matter of challenging the serial as in real life, this would be baised on a few factors and the umpires. The challenging is pretty stright forward and would be stated a the start. I'll give it a look see, and come up with the minium staff required. Then we can take a look at the procedures that would work for the sim and do a test run. Give me a few weeks after 1st Clash to start on yet another SB project.
  17. I have been thinking about this for about 5 years now. I have all the data, rule book and of course the map.:luxhello: It might be a good time now that we have the Leo1's to get a team together to start some planing for such a event to be held yearly with each nation sending a team(s). Just not the french!!!:cul: (JK):remybussi: Lets think about this, and those who are willing to join in a developing team give me a shout.(e-mail) This to be done right will take some time and people.:Crash: PS this is not going to be held tomarrow, its gona take a while............
  18. Yes, about 70% done. I guess-ta-mate about 2 months from now. Of course all of these must first go to eSim.
  19. Not without a ground guide, army regs!!
  20. Gagetown height and terrian files will be here very soon, Wainwright is 90% done. The terrian files are not on the CD, the height files i think are. The finished files will be ready for download from a site not yet decided upon, but yes all Canadain trg areas are either finished or they will be soon. Updates for theses maps will be also coming as I fine tune the ter files as per users requests. I had a HD melt down and lost all, well 90% of my data, but have done a 7/24 job last 3 weeks to get them ready again. Dam Bill Gates.....
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