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  1. Welcome back. :debile2: Armoured center still at Knox?:confused:
  2. I'll second that, had a fun time.:biggrin:
  3. Long night of the tanks is here by called "Long DAY of tanks" Long live FC!!!:biggrin: And I'm off this weekend woooo whooo
  4. I'll look at my maps this weekend seeing that the army has no plans for ne at this time.:eek2: That "NOW" really got me going............................:biggrin:LOL
  5. You could at mission start destroy (shoot) all but 1 inf then load him in. when you dismount after that only 1 will appear. not a great work around but do-able. p:frown:
  6. I have in the past used this method. In the editor place them as kia, then as the mission starts use the condition if -time = 1 sec repair Now the thing is I can't rember if this was in Pro or Pro Pe, give it a try and see what happends. When i get a chance I'll do the same also. I had a whole Sqn of Bushmasters done up this way.
  7. That would be "trip UP" as in Upper Canada. How long have you been navigating....LOL. JK'ing I do go to Kingston quite a bit, could make my west to Winsor if needed
  8. A 2S9 or a ZSU 23/4 however I do recognize the snow!!!
  9. During one of our missions we had to board the SeaKing on broken ground, it was chest+ high to me. Well with all the kit I need to carry and both wpns it was a bit of a struggle. LOL A big hand from inside grabbed me and up I went. The SeaHawk and Blackhawk are much better with the landing gear settling down when they touch down, and well the MH53 is just made for old farts like myself.
  10. Yes one of the 8 that they completely rebuilt, fly for 10 days without fallin from the sky.:biggrin: And those seat belts have to go:decu:.....it's 2008.
  11. Dough!! Note to crew, don't take pics in flying helo......
  12. still a good discussion, with many valued points.
  13. Well yes, however given that a mission my be in "quick time" we would be forced to clear it our selves. The Gap drill is a proven method that if done right does provide a great deal of security. If I were in a gap with a ATGM and was to engage any AFV's passing I would think my survival would not be all that great with 2 of the 4 tanks in a supporting position and the other 2 moving at high speed past with there tubes bearing down in my direction with the crews expecting fire from my direction and the possibility of smk being used.
  14. My point exactly, we are taught from the start that a object is seen by-moving,shine,silhouette,shape, ect. Seeing anything while bouncing over ground at 30 km+ while reading a map, talking on the radio, crew, watching the rest of the troop to keep formation is a bit of a overload for the commander.:biggrin:
  15. Hey!! I resemble That!!:decu:
  16. Lets try to keep kewl here shall we?:confused: In the original post you stated that you could not understand why the open formation. I and other have posted our views and past experience on the subject. It seems to me (and I my have this wrong) that you can't see what we are saying based on real world experience of others nations SOP's for their tank formations that have been used for years. I fail to see how one could not come to the conclusion of mutual support from the others in his troop/ptl is vital for his survival, and this is best done from the halt for the reasons we have given. However its you tank and you may operate it in any fashion that you want. We can only lead a horse to water, making it drink is another mater.
  17. Ok This much clearer now.:shocked::biggrin:
  18. Crew commander apprehension prior to moving to next fire position- 1-Where is my next position 2-How do I get there (route) 3-Where is the enemy likely to be I guess you have to be looking at your map and think like the enemy before moving to your next position.........
  19. No, it's not, it's actually moving with a much higher degree of mutual support. Achieving a flanking/semi-flanking position which is completely covered from the front isn't hard to do at all, especially in euro terrain, and this is the MO of most AT-teams I've spoken with. You seem to be missing the point of the fireteam that is supporting the moving firetean. They (as I have posted) are protecting/covering/watching/engaging the team that is on the move. How is this 50%? One team firing from a stopped position, and the other team firing from the move is in my books 100%, with 50% being harder to hit as its moving. This means that your plt will face the enemy with 2 tanks, while the 2 covering tanks won't be able to bear AT ALL. The two covering tanks are to cover (thats why we call them covering tanks) , the moving team will not move out of their coverage, therefore the stopped team CAN be able to bear fire on the enemy. It has been my experience that its much easer to see movement while stopped than moving, thous the stopped team will generally see the enemy first. And from what I've read about history of tank warfare past and modern this is the case. Bounding overwatch makes sense when your plt is equipped with tanks that needs to stop before firing. Not so with modern, gyrostabilised turrets. If this were the case most armies would not teach it{Bounding overwatch}, however I do believe that most armies still do and it is for a reason. In the end it how each country does its fighting, and what value it places on conserving its forces and the troops. We will use overwatch in most cases to preserve our combat strength,
  20. In your pic all the troop in in line. This is only happening when the first fire team is stopped and the second is either passing (leapfrog) or is taking a fire position for the stopped fire team to move off (cat). The team that is stopped is covering the other team while they move, and have told the team moving what they can see, and more important what the can support to (ground) prior to them moving. So if the team moving comes under fire as per your pic the stopped team can return fire, or they will see the enemy move from a turret down to a hull down in order to engage. The enemy must be: 1-able to hit a moving target in broken ground 2- move from a turret down to a hull down undetected. rember the stopped fire team is looking in the direction of the enemy and will notice any movement or black smoke from a tank or a ATGM launch. Moving in troops (non-bounding) is moving without mutual protection, its your life and your team mates, and your choice. Me I'd like to have a beer after with my guys and not see them dead. Our training areas have both European and desert areas, they have different ground features and we are able to adadapt to both, the brits come here also to train for IRAQ.
  21. Dough!! Time to loose that 8track them:frown:, and stop living in the 80's.:biggrin:
  22. If all tanks are looking at the same thing we would call that "tunnel vision" and that won't do. Every bound is followed by a situation rep, in which all info is pass along, thous giving the troop a good SA of what the lead Fire team sees . Each c/s has a arc of responsibility with in the troop and scans that arc and reports,each c/s keeps the tank on the left/right in sight, its a team effort in SA and protection. This of course is in a line formation moving in bounds. Generally moving in line without bounds is not safe and is for low threat situations or having another troop to the left and right and bounding by troop.
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