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  1. It would be dependent on your mission. Command will assign more or less depending on the threat they feel you will encounter from Intel. In a enviroment without heavy armour,most likely orders will state ATGM's will be at a minimum, if tanks are known to be in the AO, they will assign the supply to have the nessary wpn systems, (and reloads) given to your mission profile. That is how most orders work, in concert with the supply chain, all planed out days in advance for your tasking. Hope this helps.
  2. Try local disk, program data, eSims Games, Steel Beasts.
  3. I think we are talking two systems here, one Lazar, the other RADAR.Most modern AFV have LWS The other, active protection (anti-projectile) has Radar IE RWS
  4. I of course was referring to the UK , when looking on a map, left of the English channel,and the continental drift theory,with north at the top I will make further posts a bit clearer, my apology if this was taken out of context. Hunting for rodents now to sacrifice......:)
  5. Well, and Im not being political, the UK in my view has drifted to the left, so far left, I may not return.
  6. https://www.shephardmedia.com/news/landwarfareintl/eurosatory-2018-franco-german-industry-unveils-new/
  7. I am more and more inclining on the conclusion AFTER the tarp is off, call me crazy!
  8. Velcro is your friend
  9. Yes, had to reschedule due to members busy with life,travel, etc. This time of the year is problematic. Summer break is needed I think. I'll keep ya all in the loop here. Sry for the confusion.
  10. Rgr your last. Will post if more join, other wise we push for another time slot. stay tuned. sat night , as it looks now we will not reach minimum players. I will move tor the right, stay tuned.
  11. 12Alfa

    We love photos

    Never forget. D-Day, June 6, 1944. 🇨🇦
  12. Gun Camp this Sunday June 10th. Who avaib? Need commanders and of course gunners.
  13. I for one would enjoy the playable Jag, or the Wiesel TOW. I may have mentioned this before
  14. As of this time, we are still go for gunnery Sunday night 19:00 Atlantic time (TGIG-5hrs). Open to all.
  15. Was my question meant to vet/challenge, did not format in that way see ()? You seem to be mad, or having a hard time, maybe its me. Very combative. If one can't handle simple quires, then the the hard stuff won't go well. I think I see why one would stay inside, and best not to join us . Just my observation, nothing personal mind ya. So you do play, thanks for the answer.
  16. Your welcome to join us on Firing Pad 4 this coming weekend for some gunnery, both commander and gunner interaction training. So far the weather is looking good.:)
  17. mpdugas , if I may ask (with no hidden meanings or otherwise) Do you use the Sim? I don't think I have ever seen you online, or on TS. I've been here from the start, although I'm having a hard time to remember seeing your Name.
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