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  1. Or have two Pc's running and a stick to move the mission between machines. This was the method I used when at the Sim center. Both work great.
  2. 12Alfa


    I was forced on by my daughter,,,, i fell so ashamed:(
  3. Also, there is the gunnery course needed to make it to the range. This is a lot of studying in our army, lots of factors to learn and know by heart. The shootin of the gun is really the easiest part, the BS that goes long with it is the hardest part to endure. Firring the big gun is lots of fum and if you play SB is really quite easy to hit a target:):)
  4. Well when we had open house at my Regt some 12-15 year olds would do really good.If fact during one of the gunnery courses . I droped in after hours with some kids on the a simulator and the students (on a gunnery course) took to training the kids. After being told what they were doing wrong and told how to correct their mistakes the kids did well. I think the younger you are to this kind of training the better one does. I can't think of how as a old fart now how I would do on a gunnery course. Now this simulator you know was for the 76mm with no lazer or lead, we call it basis gunnery. Some of the targets were movers as well. The students were having a good ol time with the kids, and well the instructors were impressed that all the lessons taught to the students were being said as per manual to the kids. Nendto and playstation has served our youth well I think.
  5. Lets's start with NATO in Counter Stroke!! Then a fellow named Bin......:biggrin:
  6. 4 get them Dam brits, I want one!!!!:cul:
  7. tanks can engage each other past 6km in some cases. WTF!!!!! :confused:
  8. I'M goin 2 b late,got a beer and lobster event to attend. And i can't miss either due to being free!! Thinking of playing "Rock lobster" in the cd on the way there and back lol
  9. We use the L7 in our C1's, having a turret with the same tube just make good sence in the supply of ammo and training of future gunners, and commanders. I was rather pleased to see the C2 and my old AFV the Cougar there last summer. Great place for all of old tankers, like Mecca ,really just for tankers, we all should make the trip once in a life time
  10. I had no problem firing UK wpns, climimg into a S Tank, Challey 1&2 etc........:biggrin:
  11. 12Alfa

    Army of one

    Ummmm, don't seem to concerned about the tank, however the HASMAT training seems to be getting a good workout. Never mind the tank!!!:decu: Save the environment!:biggrin: You there,,,, bring me a rag, and some HASMAT barrels, and be smart about it!!:mad:
  12. Well as I'm learning, the grunts are not that stupid:debile2:. They have learned (the hard way:decu:) that it's not a smart thing to hang out past the center of the MBT when it's firing the big gun. So I think after a few times they will learn not to hang out near the tiles.:biggrin:
  13. Ok guys,, enough fun here , lets roll north!!:cul:
  14. Oooh Yaa!!! Helpin me out by skylining...
  15. Another:biggrin: One of my 3 Troops catches the Commie's broadside, thanks!!
  16. NATO's D Sqn's battle at about 10 sec into mission.
  17. Runnin the latest on friday nights, .......and why aren't we seeing you there?:confused::cul:
  18. However flooding the area that one would be attacking with hand held lasers could send the enemy in a turret free for all. If it turned in the direction of each beam directed to wards it, the crew might get a bit seasick rather quickly. Or the crews might not like the moving turret and disregard the device.:confused: No I think that the good points are outweighed by the fielding of cheap hand held lasers out there, that if fighting a enemy with detectors would be a first assault prior to the real attack. I personal would have them, however not have the turret slaved to the receiver. Hey thats just me, living on the edge..............................again:biggrin:
  19. Elf has returned to fairyland and not around,Sherman has gone south and is MIA, Bluewings is off the island of the UK and last I heard was going to the bottom of the planet (something about a new idea for sheep....WOOL!!) The rest of us have been waiting for a new target to show, welcome back and thanks.:biggrin:
  20. Yes welcome back. What was your original callsign/name?
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