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  1. How do you think they knocked out the merk's in the last operation a few years ago...spit-balls?:cul:
  2. My thoughts exactly. We (mankind) has been involved in this so called 4th Gen warfare for a long time. A few kids in collage have put a modern name to a age old problem, lets hope they walk the walk, from their talking the talk. We will defeat the terrorist, however it will require backbone.
  3. I was told that due to the height and temp of the country, and the needed added armour anything other than a few troops without their gear:( is a no go for weight. They are after all just a civi helo painted green, not what one would call a real mil helicopter.:biggrin: Lets just buy some Black hawks or more EH-101's and be done with it.:redface:
  4. Pull the plug!!!:cul: I'd be cappin its ass really quick. If asked what happened I would tell them I was cleaning my MG and it went off. It seems to work for everyone else theses days:cul:.
  5. Goods news. I'm back from the field, where I became a grunt. Its been a long time in that role and I know why I've been a mounted crewman all my time in. And Hey! no rain on 12Alfa for 2 weeks...
  6. Last ride in the CH 146 ( Apr/tuesday 22nd) the crew had a C-6 7.62 mg, so the minigun that would be fun:biggrin: is not what we use.:frown:
  7. Well its much faster to yell "gunner Traverse right...steady...ON!, Sabot tank ON, Fire" that trying to reach down and find that controller with a fine touch so as no to fling the turret is a girlie fashion in all directions. So yelling a fire command it a good experience gunner is in most cases a LOT FASTER. You can try this by placing your joystick on the floor under your pc table and sticking your face on the monitor, then move your tank into battle with a T-80 and try to engage it with the floor mounted joystick. Please report back with the results.:cul:
  8. After reading all of this I'd say "The Generals" are the place for him as well. LOL:biggrin:
  9. Yes, yes yes thats a good link, However they don't explain the TWO ropes. Now I know one goes up, and I'm thinking one goes down, but which are they? Is it the 1st that will bring the flag up? or the second rope?:confused: Why do they make this so hard!!!:biggrin:
  10. Yes sooo hard:sonic: 1. two ropes 2. two directions (up/down) Dam I may take a few day off myself to figure this one out Lets see, 1 rope goes:confused:............
  11. There is a 50/50 chance (WELL BETER THAN 50%) that I will be on EX in Scotland at this time. Waiting for more confirmations to come my way. Should know within the next month or so. This is going to work out well, a FTX, SB, and tank fest. I may never recover.....:debile2:
  12. Welcome back. :debile2: Armoured center still at Knox?:confused:
  13. I'll second that, had a fun time.:biggrin:
  14. Long night of the tanks is here by called "Long DAY of tanks" Long live FC!!!:biggrin: And I'm off this weekend woooo whooo
  15. I'll look at my maps this weekend seeing that the army has no plans for ne at this time.:eek2: That "NOW" really got me going............................:biggrin:LOL
  16. You could at mission start destroy (shoot) all but 1 inf then load him in. when you dismount after that only 1 will appear. not a great work around but do-able. p:frown:
  17. I have in the past used this method. In the editor place them as kia, then as the mission starts use the condition if -time = 1 sec repair Now the thing is I can't rember if this was in Pro or Pro Pe, give it a try and see what happends. When i get a chance I'll do the same also. I had a whole Sqn of Bushmasters done up this way.
  18. That would be "trip UP" as in Upper Canada. How long have you been navigating....LOL. JK'ing I do go to Kingston quite a bit, could make my west to Winsor if needed
  19. A 2S9 or a ZSU 23/4 however I do recognize the snow!!!
  20. During one of our missions we had to board the SeaKing on broken ground, it was chest+ high to me. Well with all the kit I need to carry and both wpns it was a bit of a struggle. LOL A big hand from inside grabbed me and up I went. The SeaHawk and Blackhawk are much better with the landing gear settling down when they touch down, and well the MH53 is just made for old farts like myself.
  21. Yes one of the 8 that they completely rebuilt, fly for 10 days without fallin from the sky.:biggrin: And those seat belts have to go:decu:.....it's 2008.
  22. Dough!! Note to crew, don't take pics in flying helo......
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