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  1. With a open (spread-out) formation the troop will have a greater foot print on the ground. This will result in a larger area scanned by the troop. In turn this will give a better SA for the troop. Even more so when the Germans had three tanks in their troop, however I do believe they have gone to four now. I do prefer the open formation for the added SA it gives, when you know whats going on you can react faster and hopfully gain the upper hand.:cul:
  2. Welcome back Steve. Glad you had a good deployment.Waiting for our guys that were with you at the unit. Sry to hear you last a trooper, he will be remembered.
  3. Kept thinking , this would be cool in SB all the time in Ft Picket. On the bright side I did get load and disembark qual'fed on the MH-53,UH-60,SH-60 and the Med evac UH-60 as well as our beloved Seaking. Even got to repel out of the blackhawks, not bad for a old fart like myself eh!
  4. Hope u-all were very well behaved while I was gone....
  5. Well they will hit something in close quarters and bounce around. They may hit another AFV besides you, they may hit a pole, garbage can, sign etc. Nothing is fool proof. however is a step in the "light"direction. Nothing says "Get out of the way" like a cage around your veh though.
  6. The oft-quoted 5.3km hit by Challenger 1 is considered rather a good stroke of luck, and any 4.5km or so misses by Challenger are almost totally ignored: They're expected. Well its a rifled tube after all, and that gives it a bit more accuracy. From what I've read the rifled 120 on both Challengers are dam fine wpns. I would go head to head with any smooth bore given the same ammo, however that not possible. As for a stroke of luck, well with all the M1a1 running around in combat the last 10 years we have not seen such a long range kill for the smooth bore. Given that the numbers would favor the 120mm SB due to so many being in the right place at the right time, and given the American fetish of shooting things ( no offense) where is the smooth bores record? FCS can get the targets out to 4+ km, the rounds will travel that far (will the do damage or not is the question), and the gunners will probably get the retical on the target. My question still is can you still make a positive ID on the target? The optics are just now getting good enough, and some are only magnification of picels. Would you issue the fire command on so-so ID of the target?
  7. Good point 3Star. I would like to know what led to this doctrine.Was it gained from the purchase of the Leo2A5 from the Leo1's, or lesson learned data from (Afgan, Balkins) recent tank duty. We too have under gone such a leap forwards in MBT's and I haven't heard of any new engagement ranges that would come close to what your army is doing. At 4km I would think there would be very few MBT's that could detect you or even have the ability to hit/engage a Leo2. 3Star I personally would not call the arty, after all someone (you) has to adjust their fire after missing the target, and telling them YES I want you to fire on 1 tank.....lol
  8. There is no fun in CIMIC, just hard work.....past that beer plz...
  9. I'm not going to be able to do the 1st mission, I will be in Ft Picket enjoying warm wether, oops, fighting the bad guys, ya thats it....
  10. Also "rigth" is spelled right, if you want the meaning to be "correct", if not there is a posting in ground Zero.
  11. I agree that modern FCS and computers can find the targets and get the round on target. However my problem is with the id'ing of the targets. We have seen so many frats on friendlies in the past years from not only tanks but the US air force that any commander engaging targtes over 2000m without superior viewing equipment is going to engage a friendly. From what I've read and seen I can't see how any commander can positively ID the target at the above ranges. I for one do not engage anything I can't positively confirm that is a enemy, regardless of "we are on the front line, anything beyond is enemy". I would think its better to be sure at 4000m and beyond givin that they probably can't see or ID you.
  12. Well if it is a fact, you can post where this is and some sources then. From personal inexperiences seeing and ID'ing AFV's at 6000m is not possible. Again please post some sources.
  13. I would find it hard to see and id a target at 4000m, do Danes have some sort of "special" id powers. Are they not concerned about blue on blue? The armour on the LEO2A5 is about 680mm RHA (-/+) and the ammo can do 480-500mm at 4000m, so at 6000m it would be even less, and to hit a moving target, seems unlikely.
  14. It has been improved, so much so that my unit is using it to teach and pratice "call for fire" missions. Can't say enough good things about this feature.
  15. How about MBT's? For me I would like some 60-70's stuff. M60, Chieftan, Centurion, and the T-55,62. They would make some good missions. The AMX-30 is also in this time frame, how ever I dont think it got to fire many rounds in anger as the above. Ummmmm, The M-60 or the Cent'n would be tops on my list.
  16. Hey the Cougar wa a great AFV for what it was used for, tank trainer. It was fast, had a fair gun that taught basic gunnery, and was easy to maintain and operate. Up to the Afghan mission it saw more deployment service than our Leopards. We could teach tank tactics and gunnery as well as commander skills from a single tank to Sqn commander courses with it a low cost rather operation the Leo's. I miss my cougar, so much that I just bought a AEF 1/35 scale cougar to remember the good old days.
  17. I'd like to see them Bridging veh's, either truck or others. I know the UK has some cool units and the USSR had alot of bridging units. The ones that either drop them in the water or are veh's them that become a ferrying unit.I think we need them, and I think we need them now, LOL
  18. In the next patch/upgrade. Along with bright lights in the sky.
  19. Some more trucks would be good also. A coms truck, maybe linked to map updates, if the truck is KIA one would loose the updates and comms. Even better having this linked to TS for that option of being KIA and losing TS would be really cool. Truck to haul the shipping container and drop it off would be good also. Trucks to haul pers around with the load/unload option. Just more trucks would be good, we see that MAN version, however its not in the sim yet, riddle me that will ya !!
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