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  1. By surfing the net, and I've told him before to STOP, and finish that Challenger!!!
  2. Due to most of the 1CAD going to the field this weekend to frezze their asses off the trg day has been pushed back till next saterday night. ouu -11 to 15 without the wind. Do i miss it......LOL Fort Picket here I come at 78 degs.......miss it nah!!!
  3. 1CAD. We are going to hold a mission this saterday (26th) night at 9:00 PM Atlantic time (2 hrs before TGIF time). Hope to see you all there. Trackpads you and any other Canuks are welcome to attend.
  4. Well the loader does more than just load the main gun, he also is a extra set of eyes for the crew, whether under armour or standing up. And I think this would be the most useful reason for mod'n this position. After all, where do we all go when there is only one MBT left in the mission, "the F8 View". Now with a loaders position we can now really help that lone tank and from a realistic position. I myself would like to see this position. There is however a lot of other positions I think would help us out in the sim. Like some of the "f7" positions of the BMP's, BTR's. Jag's. or even the gunners position for that cool AFV. some of the TOW gunner positions of the AFV carrying them would be a great add-on. Adding some more in veh positions I think would extend the life and playability of this fine sim.... more though,just how difficult is it? Ya I know it's on the list................
  5. I belive the M113 family has more track pads per side than the other, M548 for sure, broke many of them tracks. LOL
  6. In the time frame of this NATO had TIS in the Leo2's and M1's, so ya. Greater than 2km? well the ground really doesn't support many engagements at this range, after all its Germany, and the last campaign had some really good knife fights. LOL
  7. Power traverse is not ONLY used to track targets. The commander might want to bring the gunner onto a target area not within his view for the gunners sight, Say the gunners looking at his 11-1, and the commander sees something at his 7, well then we select the power traverse to move the turret to that azmuth for the gunner , then ,call out a fire command if needed. Doing this in manual mode would be verbal for the commander (gunner traverse left) or for the gunner cranking the handle till his arm felt like falling off. Yes power traverse is needed, don't know how the Brits could have lived without it, LOL
  8. Great vid, Dam goverments...
  9. lol, and they guy at the far end keeps on working, hehehehehe
  10. 12Alfa


    Keep your diapers dry guys! We have heard this old story before and many times. It's a "wait and Shoot" event.
  11. Ah are you sure. As a Scorpion turret commander (look to the left) which as you know is the same as the Scimitar does have power traverse for both the gnr and commander. its the elevation thats manual. But yes we need them asap!!:biggrin:
  12. I think that some of the other UK AFV's that are known, ferret, warrior,scorp/simitar,cheiftan, centurion would be a easer choice to put into the sim as they are pretty (open source) to gain the necessary info. The Challey 1,2 are about the same as the Merkava series as to gettin the required info to place into the sim at this time i would think. There are lots of other AFV in service UK and other nations that would add to the sim in a great way. I do agree that posting here as some do with a attitude is counter productive, and should not be tolerated. Just my 2 cents
  13. Should you not be working on the Challenger II as in the previous posts from KT and not surfing the net?
  14. From the movie "Stealth"
  15. As a rule the triggers are controlled by the CO A. If the CO leaves without notice, well then you got more than just uncontrolled units to deal with. :cul: All good points though. We could ask that when new players join for the 1st couple of missions we ask then to follow the above, if not we hunt them down and make rodent meat out of them to please the keepers of the "List".:sonic:
  16. New kids on the block, but very welcome, thanks. http://www.nato.int/multi/2007/071121b-afghan-stories/video/071121b-01.wmv
  17. Well there was some NCO's there for some control.....LOL:biggrin:
  18. WINGED WARRIOR is the best example of SB Pro now in use in the Canadian Forces. They (403) have a good setup and its all hard wired. I dropped in to the last one this fall and it was running smooth as always. The future seems good also for SB Pro as the armoured school is now looking at it for gunnery and tank trg via simulation with VBS assigned to recce trg. Did some demo's for them and made a few AAR's of a full recce sqn in the adv as well as some short demos for the various school cells. Have a few more projects in the works and will be shipping them off soon to the school. When I was there last drafted Brad (Ghost) in to the work party as well as Broadsides. Hoping SB will do better this year to spread in all of the army units that use simulation for training.
  19. Hi Ya Trout! Just hang in there for in a few months and a campain will be coming your way. You should read up on 1ST Clash for whats coming to a PC near you. Counterstroke will be as good if not better than 1st Clash, so hang on, and get to the range for some gunnery pratice.
  20. Do to the "Long night of the tanks" we will move our trg to after x-mas. I'll still be on as well as other i think for a pick up mission. Marry x-mas to all.:remybussi:
  21. Yes, as i ck the calender thingee at the bottom right:biggrin: CIMIC giving you a bad time are they? I though the AF loved flying us to warm locations where you might have a "sleep over":biggrin:
  22. I'd say none. Rather using the population to do the fighting towards their enemy, which as you know has a lasting effect:smilelove-1:, If we fight them and then win, however we would then leave and the enemy would just return:decu:.
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