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  1. Possibility, however, In reality b4 the mission green button is activated the CO knows his intent, he would during the planning stage (pre green button) from his sub commanders have a opportunity to confirm their part, and ask pertaining questions. The CO can do this (due to the sent trace/pln file), where team could load said plan, we are not talking new guys here, most if not all would understand the plan/briefing from the CO in little time. This may, for a large plan require just as long as the CO would take if following method now, log on, start scn, and hear the Intent/rec trace for all by the CO work. Sending the info b4 hand, would free up the CO, as to him starting from scratch. One could see in the sent pln method, the CO only confirming the intent from sub units, and, if he is a well trained CO ( and we have few) ask how they plan to carryout their sub unit part ( conformation ), at that point he ok's their plan, or makes needed clarity. Launch. To sum up- Prior to mission time/date team rec's plan, receive, read. sub units plan their given tasks, develop question back to CO and, how they will carryout Enter mission, short planning stage, green button pressed As I posted b4, some trg'ng is required, and as b4 troops will learn the method, and very quickly find this as normal when operating in a plan based operation much like RL, we all had to start somewhere, look at us now Most armies use this TTp's, quick, provides feedback. In my army, the trace is given to a runner, that returns to troops C/S while the Tp leaders is getting his orders from Sqn CO. While this is taking place the troop in copying the runners trace to each c/s, so...concurrent activity When the Tp Ldrs returns from Sqn briefing, the troop has the trace, and by the markings can see the overall plan (not 1st rodeo), load required ammo type, the Tp Ldr has only fill in the details, timings, OOM, comms, etc. When I left the armored trade, and moved into Info warfare we getting pretty printouts (you know the type, place a book of 300 pages, on 1 page in .0001 font), with all the info detailed, most found this time consuming, however all details, trace, ect was on one sheet of paper, and that still had to be briefed by someone. To misplace said paper resulted in "Clown World" for all to see, much like loosing your map itself. Mission starts, CO confirms sub unit CO's plan, rec's question. Launch. Hic-ups can be worked out, method can be fined tuned. Some will not like this method, the reasons will differ. Example: Members' may enjoy a 1 hour planning stage from a famous KY speaker, I myself enjoy this audio, and the talk back and forth, shit happens. Enjoy the poll, and the interest to simulate RL. Thank you. Disclaimer: JK'ing RS
  2. Will the 120 ammo be produce there, or will purchase from USA? Thinking supply chain issues.
  3. Providing, via various means, one could as in RL issue a trace prior, then ( as in the old days) issue orders in ref: to said trace over comms in real time (TS) to others. example: All call signs, as per trace we will assemble, and atk north from Ref point DOG, to be rdy to ATK at 13:00 hrs, all c/s confirm, over Players having been sent "trace", would place in scn, and understand , and see where DOG was, and confirm with ACK, those who are unsure at this time ask if req. Simple, but some trg'ing is needed, but this is no where as difficult as learning in game gunnery, much less time to acquire this TRACE skills. After all.....this is a simulator Mr Hog, Hedge, your onto something..................... Disclaimer: No hedgehogs were harmed in this post, some butthurt has been reported, we are confirming, and will report the results as soon as possible..
  4. Well ok, Myself , if creating a mission, it's little no effort for 3 sides, with 1 unit After all its the mission editor 1. create 3 sides 2. send graphics to all 3. remove from red. no one said there was going to be math This workaround has bee there for a while and has been used, thats why it most likely not a top priory DISCLAIMER: my opinion, no knowledge of what E-Sims is doing, or going to do as for the wish list, or even if possible.
  5. Method #2 You need to add all units required (reinforcements) into the scenario / mission using the mission editor. 1. select said unit/options/user/player if... 2.set by trigger save mission 3. run said mission 4. (reinforcements) will appear, but non-playable 5. (reinforcements).....will become playable when trigger is selected from trigger selection having (reinforcements) arrive can be also done by conditions set by, entering a area, same but only assigned unit, unit % is down , ect
  6. Ok, I think I see what you are asking for. The ability to print while the session (single /multiplayer) in real time. It will require 2 sessions running. In mission editor: 1-creat 3 sides (red/blue/green) 2-in mission editor place party with a unit (green) 3-place graphics, copy to all sides 4-select eny side , remove graphics 5- save 6- start mission, select (green) on 2nd session I see that green has graphics from (blue), red does not
  7. -ability to print the displayed map while excluding unit icons- Well I just did -while excluding unit icons- Check - just want the base graphics.- done so, you dont want to print a displayed Map , and with graphics?
  8. This is how I do a print map. Map editor, select map, export to bmp, edit, print Does this help? or am I reading this incorrect?
  9. The force is Strong with this one! /\
  10. You are correct, map requests have been fulfilled. Why The person (request) followed the format providing the required data was provided to map builders. If a request is made, and no data is provided, the request does not advance to the building stage. I myself have done a few as requested, but, they followed the requirements. Asking for a map loc, without any data is not advancing past the request. If you, or anyone can provide some data to said loc I will (as in the past) entertain this map project, as I and other have stated in this thread .....a few times. My last request that had high level LIDAR data, has still not surfaced in the community, that has me rethink my efforts/time. How ever, the work continues, much like Z tanks.
  11. They will ,both Leo's and Mardar's will end up in less than a week as the S-300 did. I would recommend selling them and buying warm clothing for the upcoming winter. (about 40%) of the EU's energy comes from where? 1St Guards are waiting, they made it to certain capitals with much more before them in the recent history, it is possible to repeat this again as the Armour numbers are far less. They are destroying the EU's 2nd largest army (with the help of the NATO) , it's time to cut , and run, rebuild the Wests armies back to past numbers in AFV's. Russia has been producing (arms/wpns)for the west invasion from the collapse of the cold war, we in the west have depleted to a dangerous level in a month. In Canada we have no anti armour now, and are in range of hypersonic wpns , which there is no defense. And there is no land bridge to send in the Truckers convoy (Honk-honk), we are screwed. The Romanic belief that we could stop the Russians if they decide to move west is dead, anything we do now will not produce a desired outcome . We have young men who don't know which washrooms to use, safe spaces, and warning on Tide Pods not to eat, our currency's are failing while the Rube has gained on a new banking system. Sending any material support now is hurting our countries more than the Z country, .....it is time to wake up. It's spring, The bear is awake Stop poking it Hold your love ones close Maple trees are running Children are wound up on maple candy Our so called leaders are on.............................? We are in the Clown world
  12. Z Force T-72B WRECKS EVERYTHING IN ITS PATH https://www.bitchute.com/video/5LSvxBt6IfGQ/
  13. Looks like a MTLB, not a BMP.
  14. Totally agree, I rate the Sun equal to CNN. But that's just me
  15. Would they have the same effect as those S-300 from Slovakia, that were turned into scrap by Caliber strike last night? Update: Last sys destroyed, not current one..
  16. T-72 REACTIVE ARMOR SEEMS TO SHRUG OFF UKRAINIAN STUGNA-P ATGM STRIKE https://www.bitchute.com/video/3inVCkaUII2a/
  18. River crossing, they paid a heavy price for this location, but, in the end the Russian machine was just slowed down, and now pouring across.
  19. T-72s and BTR-82s https://www.bitchute.com/video/6XsAIl2L0c58/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/hryBpxC8jTK6/
  20. https://www.bitchute.com/video/jKRkPejWbdT2/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/IvL0VRPwAw9c/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/6x7TVAhynfzq/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/ybiAnsaN9T5g/
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