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  1. The info is reported by other outlets, your attempt to taint this info is a fail. I spent 10+ years in the Information warfare community. Unless you can provide any info to counter these sources info I would, as many, disregard any non-sourced comments. Calling info compirationist is weak without evidence, many students have failed the course due to this very "term" I would also note that "compirationist." term caused many to view any user as lacking in creditability. The events took place with eyewitness and vid/photo evidence from both sides Choose your words carefully, the evidence points to a different conclusion.
  2. Not me.....https://www.europereloaded.com/french-involvement-in-ukraines-azov-battalion-and-macrons-call-to-putin/ https://qactus.fr/2022/04/04/ukraine-info-passee-sous-silence-et-pour-cause-un-helicoptere-avec-des-officiers-du-renseignement-francais-de-la-dgse-abattu-en-ukraine/
  3. 1-Possible fake, tow afv to said road, target (many craters in field) then drone vid (no pers required) 2- Mud, they get stuck, leave them there, move on foot, UA forces find and arty (no pers required) 3- Bait for UA arty, incoming on firing unit (no pers required) 4- Known RU rte, set up ambush when the units get stuck. (no pers required) No pers is odd.
  4. Old T-72 taking hits, and still fighting, this just does not fit the "exploding tank " narrative. They do explode, just not as often as some would hope. Phase two started a few days ago, same method, massive Kailbr LBCM strikes. 1TD staged, and UA being fixed, watch for huge pincher movement. Any movement being destroyed to reinforce from north. https://rumble.com/vziom1-rt-follows-russian-tank-crew-at-it-battle-against-asov-battalion-in-mariupo.html
  5. has convincingly displayed the superiority of an anti-platform-centric method of warfare Pure speculation at this point. We don't know the numbers, some would take social media, state news, and fairy dust as pure data after a month fighting, this is the world we live in. Take the news (as we know it) and extrapolate one sides superiority and call it a day. It is possible that the Z forces could be destroying un-Z forces at a greater rate, how would we know, fact is we don't, this needs to play out and then sober thought to know who did what. And now we see unused ATGMs being left behind, if so (the above) why leave behind to the enemy, just doesn't add up. If the wrecks compound in Kandahar was a indication of how the war was going, one could say, we are loosing a lot of vehicles, and therefore loosing to the superiority of an anti-platform-centric method of warfare, and we all know how that turned out. Simply put one side has the bulk of vids, the other not so much. Thinking at this point that its due to "convincingly displayed the superiority" is bit to soon I would think.
  6. https://youtu.be/Eg1Uf3e4tt4
  7. This has been reported to be a 3 echelon operation. Those who study these sort of operational movements now are looking towards the 2nd in the staging areas. Given that we see now, how the 1st ech had done in terms of Obj's that have been secure , the 2nd will be a interesting event, and I think under a much shorter timeline than the 1st. This is due to most resistance to forward movement destroyed/removed. We I think are all waiting for the 3rd as it will be the beginning of the end, and that will be a good day in this terrible show for both sides. Aid is flowing in , and it people have been set free, this a indication of pre-planning for a end state. One side has been going through material at a rate that can't be refilled in time, the other has been using 1/3 of its supplies, with much untouched, and still held in their vast supply chain.. Tanks still rule, the debate is old, memories are short. APS will lead the change as the MBT will remain (maybe not as we see them now) top dog on the block. As for "not sending their best". You fight ,as we saw in Georgia, with the units one has within the geographical area first, and move outwards from there. Sending your best from the other side of the continent, is not practical, or needed. There is more to this "event", some have no idea what's really going on, and has gone on, playing out right now.... Hint...Sir (insert EU country) , how would like to pay for that energy Rubles, Bitcoin, or...................Gold? I am neither pro U or R, but Awake!......and with bino's intact.
  8. Question would be, if you know that the target protection is weak (T55) would you order Sabot? It would be in the crews best interest to use 120mm HESH, and keep the Sabot for the T-72 they would encounter. There is a thing as proper ammo /target procedure. And in most, if not all times (as longest tank kill) Hesh will do the job.
  9. Its firing at 3, but is engage from 10 after many rounds This target fixation by commander?
  10. Going to take a wild guess now: Doing Inf type of things, while not being seen by the enemy:) Units loc have been reported by both sides. Most video evidence is from drones, and as you know would make seeing grunts rather difficult:( Tanks dont hold ground, or in this case Built-up areas, that be a Inf task, so look at the area they control. A certain coastal city comes to mind to keep them busy, and this would require large numbers. If I were to guess, they are either tasked, or in/moving to their staging area to be tasked.
  11. Odd, there are many vids of MRR's in action. If one looks you can see the Org Charts with operational units listed, hint-MMR out number tank units at 3 -1. Battalion Tactic Groups (BTG) and Company Tactic Groups (CTG) of the Southern Military District deployed 19th Motorized Brigade 18th Guards Independent Motor-Rifle Brigade 136th Motorized Brigade 17th Guards Independent Motor-Rifle Brigade 18th Guards Independent Motor-Rifle Brigade 19th Motorized Rifle Brigade to name a few in 3 such Battalion Tactic Groups (BTG).
  12. 12Alfa

    We love photos

    You give a defined situation , this helps to look at our (my) training. Generally, in this situation tanks are in support, thus in theory, you have additional SA from the grunts, more grunts, larger SA area. Your there to place openings in "objects" , and remove "objects" for the grunts , from orders, rock drills, wargaming pre mission etc. There are SOP's written, and modified for such a defined situation. This was my training with combined arms. I would be down in my optics, scanning my arcs, not looking (unprotected) outside. I had better optics inside, especially in low light. With the hatch configuration/design of the tanks we have now, the overhead improved protection no need I think for being totally buttoned down. Never found my self in a mission as lead the movement into a urban environment. This may have changed from my time though. In RL counter insurgency I had optics that allowed me to remain buttoned down when in any built up area, and the wind in my face in open desert. And I do miss this It all depends on , as eloquently said, the air's metallicity.
  13. https://southfront.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/1903Mriinka.mp4?_=1
  14. 12Alfa

    We love photos

    If this were a diesel powerplant I would agree with that, however There are very few pictures of any Mil type helo that this (black exhaust from a gas turbine ) to be found. As a rule such powerplants don't show this effect, and if any certainly not the amount in the above vid. I'm calling BS on "black exhaust from the engine" as a certainly.
  15. I think your correct. I would give a (old timers) use of said -string-. A final reminder that when you exit the wpn system to do a certain procedure, ie: turn off powerplant place safety pin back to "safe" on ejector seat, bring you per wpn....well I could forget a lot of things....:) youall get my point?
  16. 1st one does not eject, 2nd one does, but not enough time to open chute. UA attacking Ru convoy. Failed to see anti-air wpns imbedded in convoy, su 25.mp4
  17. My mistake. Thought you were having issues with being a target, carry on
  18. Ka-52 helicopters strike at units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the forests near Gostomel and on the eastern bank of the Irpen River near Kiev. ka 52.mp4
  19. There are many issues with AFV not preforming 100%, so the Question becomes... do you have the same "Being a sitting target " when - engine damage, loader injured, commander injured, fuel leak eventually stops the AFV, main sight damaged, stuck in river, ect.? No, we all live with these issues, wishing for a instant fix to carry on due to a injured crewmember is opening a can of worms IMO. Now having spare parts, repair teams, and extra pers in the maint vehs is a reasonable option that I feel someday we will get to fill out the resupply/repair option. I will also point out to the new players here, that we started with 2 tanks, and sprites as men running around not so many years ago. We have come a long way thanks to the ESim team. Anywho, just my 2cents, and my standard disclaimer. remain calm ,the show is not over yet on this subject.
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