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  1. Well , for myself , I would like to see a non-TES (Theater Entry Standard) version. may be more 'do-able' than the interior. but yes, someday a inside CR2 would be excellent.
  2. I can join you for some missions, some say I'm a rookie....LOL
  3. More than 3.5k servicemen and 900 pieces of equipment from the Leningrad Oblast's 138th and 25th Motorized Rifle Brigades are set to conduct a force-on-force exercise. The video shows a large number of T-72B3 tanks, MT-LB, 2S3 Akatsiya, and BM-21 Grad. https://tvzvezda.ru/news/forces/content/202081813-2AlG1.html?utm_source=tvzvezda&utm_medium=longpage&utm_campaign=longpage&utm_term=v1
  4. Welcome back, hope to see you on the battlefield soon.
  5. Looks like the impact was at the CCTV , and , the roof.................
  6. This will be in the de-breifing AAR ....LOL.... happy crew did ok considering being shot. Training is dangerous , first aid SOP's went well, as it should. https://defence-blog.com/news/army/u-s-army-abrams-shot-another-tank-during-training-exercise.html
  7. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2020/07/21/marine-corps-begins-shutdown-of-all-tank-battalions.html
  8. Welcome back, Thank you for your service patriot.
  9. Great memories for us, the good, and the bad.
  10. Big fan of boiling vessels, great idea for the crew, spent most of my last years in armoured AFV's with such a device, loved it.
  11. Another use of "light source" IR/II in the troop context ,is, the tank that just turned on their "hey, I'm over here (light)" the crew would have to re-position right after they switch off , as so not to be a target. Using the light source on/ off search tactic is a dance within the troop and requires positions to be scouted before this process to begin to avoid getting bogged down, running over own troops, driving into rivers -in the dark. Granted the crew may have a tank with crew night viewing devices to make this possible, others depending on time-frame would not.
  12. Don't do it!...It's a TRAP!!!!!...:)
  13. Same for my elf, time line is priority.
  14. 2012_Gun_camp,_Leopard_2A4M_tanks,_Lord_Strathcona_Horse_(Royal_Canadians)_pt_1,_Wainwright,_Ab-720p.mp4 2012_Gun_camp,_Leopard_2A4M_tanks,_Lord_Strathcona_Horse_(Royal_Canadians)_pt_2,_Wainwright,_Ab-720p_(1).mp4
  15. 12Alfa

    We love photos

    15 April 1945 – WW2 – Sherman tanks of the Canadian, Governor General's Horse Guards Armoured Regiment during the Liberation of Arnhem
  16. https://www.janes.com/article/95321/ffg-wins-upgrade-work-for-german-wiesel-1-weapon-carriers?utm_campaign=CL_Jane's+360-April-7-2020__e-production_E-60221_KP_0407_0610&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua
  17. https://militaryleak.com/2020/03/23/m1150-the-shredder-assault-breacher-vehicle-abv/
  18. Yes. I thought the USMC deployed to establish a bridgehead, for follow on forces (army), or similar tactics. This has been their history, except for a few times when the army was a bit tied down fighting, and unable to take over. But yes, wait and see.
  19. Well, if you require your force to deploy quickly, dropping a 70+ tank that get there by ship is a move in the right direction. I think a "watch and shoot" sop is best, lets see how this proceeds down the road., And the "road", has turns, and bumps on it .:)
  20. https://www.marinecorpstimes.com/news/your-marine-corps/2020/03/23/the-corps-is-axing-all-of-its-tank-battalions-and-cutting-grunt-units/?utm_campaign=Socialflow+MAR&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social
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