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  1. https://southfront.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/1903Mriinka.mp4?_=1
  2. 12Alfa

    We love photos

    If this were a diesel powerplant I would agree with that, however There are very few pictures of any Mil type helo that this (black exhaust from a gas turbine ) to be found. As a rule such powerplants don't show this effect, and if any certainly not the amount in the above vid. I'm calling BS on "black exhaust from the engine" as a certainly.
  3. I think your correct. I would give a (old timers) use of said -string-. A final reminder that when you exit the wpn system to do a certain procedure, ie: turn off powerplant place safety pin back to "safe" on ejector seat, bring you per wpn....well I could forget a lot of things....:) youall get my point?
  4. 1st one does not eject, 2nd one does, but not enough time to open chute. UA attacking Ru convoy. Failed to see anti-air wpns imbedded in convoy, su 25.mp4
  5. My mistake. Thought you were having issues with being a target, carry on
  6. Ka-52 helicopters strike at units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the forests near Gostomel and on the eastern bank of the Irpen River near Kiev. ka 52.mp4
  7. There are many issues with AFV not preforming 100%, so the Question becomes... do you have the same "Being a sitting target " when - engine damage, loader injured, commander injured, fuel leak eventually stops the AFV, main sight damaged, stuck in river, ect.? No, we all live with these issues, wishing for a instant fix to carry on due to a injured crewmember is opening a can of worms IMO. Now having spare parts, repair teams, and extra pers in the maint vehs is a reasonable option that I feel someday we will get to fill out the resupply/repair option. I will also point out to the new players here, that we started with 2 tanks, and sprites as men running around not so many years ago. We have come a long way thanks to the ESim team. Anywho, just my 2cents, and my standard disclaimer. remain calm ,the show is not over yet on this subject.
  8. Removing incapable driver from drivers compartment, 2-3 crew members, 5-50 min, so AFV is out of action most likely. To have a option to replace dr with other crew member, and operate said AFV less 1 member,......ah, no thanks.
  9. One of many tasks for a MBT. In SB online, building are fair game (no pun ) I, my self have abused such objects. As I become older I find no joy in anti-object destruction now. #Free Objects #Objects matter #Objects Unite Jk:)
  10. Question is- Why was Russian tanks UP? Tryi
  11. 12Alfa

    We love photos

    Yes, what you say is generally correct, but if you were to fake such a event, would you not try to make it look real? We don't know the source, the wpn, and the location to confirm event . And no audio seems odd for such a high qual vid. Just one of many posted without any confirmation evidence. I shall remain undecided till more info comes known.
  12. 12Alfa


    In a turret down, or a hull down position, if positioned well (training) the AFV need not face forward, IF you want to retreat quickly. True the obstacle protecting you and your AFV requires standoff, but there are times where while in a Sight/Turret/Hull down one could back into that area. And does not the T tanks fire over the rear deck? Reversing slowly to fire, and max forward speed to next position is possible using this method if you gain the first shot, or not seen yet. From a battle position where your defending to the death it requires all armour facing the threat. Food for thought?
  13. 12Alfa

    We love photos

    Seen frame by frame, inconclusive.
  14. 12Alfa

    We love photos

    Well that's possible, video is everywhere, I for one see cell evidence as creditable over network sources. Question to me is, where there is 30M plus cellphones operating in country (not all lost connectivity) there are very few, this fact makes has me searching for confirmation on said vid, and others. Time well shad some light on this dark event.
  15. 12Alfa

    We love photos

    There was no stripes on the above vid. As to shooting down of their own....:(
  16. 12Alfa

    We love photos

    Strange paint job?...Front attack on a Stinger that employs two-color rosette scanning seeker with infrared (IR) / ultraviolet (UV) detectors to acquire the targets. Heat is back from front where the missle is tracking. And the production of the vid. either a drone, or fake till anyone can find a Mi 24 with that paint scheme. Ghost of Kiev????? Just not convinced at this point....:)
  17. I would think the tank commanders are instructing their gunners on no White ID markings, rather on red side banners, but I may be incorrect.
  18. No, they have no white "ID" painted on them, from stripes,-Z,O, and the ever popular V.
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