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  1. hehe, yes, not that I was ever involved in such a thing.
  2. A bit of what is happening for those who have not seen a Sqn fire mission on a target. We practiced this a lot. 1- Troop leader id the trg 2-Calls out final range after firing to determine range 3- Rest of gunners applies range to sight picture 4-Sqn fire order sent 5-3 round gun fire is ordered 6-Firing now Used to support a Mech Inf assault, and targets out of sight (arty method). The Cougar AFV had a 22,000 m indirect capabilities
  3. With no rangefinders,lasers, just skill. Ah the memories of past ranges with the 76mm.
  4. Starting with the tutorials is best for most to bring you up to speed on AFV/tank control.:)
  5. Same here when on a route to Wp. If fidelity is needed, then F7 to take over non gunner assigned arc's, thous increasing my FOV. Mainly to stay alive...:)
  6. For those who can provide the data,photo's, etc.Don't become discourage with the comments here. some have asked, and received their map request. There is few of us are committed to help, ....that's is how all of this started ......with a simple map request. Can't speak for ESim, however if the trend, and with the info provided by Ssnake, I feel the new maps should continue into the future. The digital battlefield looks bright as I look back to the very start, to where we are now.
  7. Oops that should read ....place in place in your >scenarios< folder.
  8. So your issue is with accuracy, and time and not the editor?
  9. At the top of this page under downloads...enjoy HOME>SB WIKI...DOWNLOADS...ETC In the user manual under file path, place in correct as indicated to scenarios folder. Usually under my scenarios, or as you have directed the file path on your system. https://www.steelbeasts.com/files/file/2839-41-english-users-manual/ if problems occur, post here and we will guide you through the process.
  10. I may be reading this incorrect..that being said, you (as a rule) can not drive unbuttoned,AND, look through a small window at the same time. Or am I missing something here? If you are being distracted by the tube (gun) while driving, then driving is not your calling, In my day you became the loader, or a officer (pun). Thous, you rarely see officers driving, there is a reason for this, now you know, it's all about safety.......LOL...... Now , what is hampering your driving in regards to the gun moving (as it should) except in adm moves?
  11. "if we don't have the tools or some way to get our maps made made then we don't get any new maps made at all " I fail to see any logic in this statement. The community, you, and I have all received NEW maps, either by a upgrade, or by asking the map developers. We can end this thread, by simply asking for a map after providing some basic data, Now why this is not being done.......well.....there is the real Question...is it not?...:) And now....a meme to lighten the conversation.....(necessary similes).so there is no doubt this is meant as humor, not directed at any person, raccooon, or anyone offended by human body parts..:)
  12. 1-''but can I really ask for his time to import everything as I would have done myself ''....I have offered many times on this board, some have asked, and recieved their map. So yes. 2- ''There is always the trial and error factor to take into account, not to mention the time spent on pre and post-processing the data itself, when you can never be sure until you have actually done that it will work out.'' So, this is why I offer, my experience when actually done that it will work. Why would you want to add a feature that would take many hours to master, when a source(s) are readily available? 3- I always offer a detail level for the end user, be it a hight-map blank, to a full edited terrain. The call is yours, depending on the detail determines to time to complete. Now if you really want to work, a height-map can be developed, and you can fill your free time, and love of creating to finish the map, Bottom line-You have options right now.
  13. "since nobody does it for us".......No. We do ask for the data to work with, and return PM's and such, otherwise one would think -we-are not not really needed, and wasting our time, and effort. You can get the maps you want, however, there must be some work from the request to help the map builders. Is it to much to ask for a map request?..........:) The sequence to have a map built. 1. Determine the area needed. 2. Find the southwest corner of the map in lat/long. 3. Gather the Lidar/Dtem data for the area 4. If avail the shape files for roads/rivers,water, etc. 5. Obtain pics/google map views of said area. 6. Place in a package and request on this thread, or ask for area telling map builders you have the necessary data. 7. Establish comms between you and map builder throughout the process with feedback. 8. Most importantly, rodents must be sacrificed till project is complete to keep the GODS happy...this may ,or not work all the time,,it never hurts. Hope this clears up the process.............:)
  14. Can you post ammo type/range, AAR time pic showing the impact with the data, and a pic of how the AFV's are positioned, ie: side on/head on etc? From this we can see what is actually happening. Thank you
  15. Oooops, forgot the smiley, it was posted as a wit/jk/funny.....:) And the #45......now you can read my mind, such as it is.....JK, and a more quantifiable data is needed for sure . I will be happy with what ever methods comes about for the record,
  16. Walkman's wired to comms....ah those were the days my fren.
  17. We could read "hope of collecting more votes" in another way, but I degrees....LOL Not my AFV!
  18. The commander is the loader, so it would make since for him to change/load ammo types as needed, gunner must select correct ammo from switch panel, but has no real control what ammo type is feed into the breaches. In a Scorpion turret there is a ready rack just to CMDR's right on floor, main rounds are behind him, coax, well everywhere....The commander is a very busy crew member in this type of arrangement.....how would I know that???
  19. In the back part of the turret is the line charge/rocket equipment, as in this video....https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=M1150+Assault+Breacher+Vehicle-
  20. Seraphim00 Posted October 8, 2020 (edited) PM me with the data, and I'll take a look. Last person that I built the map for, has not got back to look at for over a month.
  21. DTEM or other such data is required.
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