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  1. In this vid we can see how a small white object stands out, and why we cover our licence plates while operational.View the map attached to the sight head, maple leaf, and the plates. Also lights on dosent help.This is training, abit wrong training, but still training. As I have posted, we do stupid thing during training, combat has a way of teaching, some learn the hard way. Train as you fight, a saying I lived by in my later years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PBtM-v4GWY
  2. Of course it's your head, (and map) fell free to use them as required. me. I'm here due to not exposing my head (as it is) having my head under armour while reading said map in a war zone. A map can be seen from thermals (you know this). Having sat for many hrs as duty offices looking with a "eye in the sky" has given me and others a better understanding of what can be seen. Another point we should consider-If we use the PID to fire/not fire, this use to confirm a wpn, shows the level of detail one has on the target. So we have the detail for a AK with folding stock, but some would put forth the idea we cant see a map on top of a AFV....to me this this does support the idea that a map (with straight edges) can't be seen from above by helo's and drones, in my experience , not current , tells a different set of facts. Again, your head..please keep it safe,
  3. Did this myself for many years in training. Time and place for it, down range is not one of them.....they look cold!
  4. Alllways operated with my map folded as you say, attached to the inside of the hatch ring facing me, my head was out, shoulders at ring level.Easy to glance down to map on inside ring to confirm my pos, and the terrain. When operating the Cougar it was attached to cmders sight head (same as your Leo2 head), facing me and not the enemy.In theater I was using Blue Force Tracker in cab (MaxPro/Mrap), map in pants pocket that I seldom used, but was on top of the route if I needed to confirm as the BFT went down. GPS was used in dismounted ops with map, mostly GPS (civi) all wp per loaded from night before of of PC/Sat map. During Trg we do stupid things, we learn when being out of hatch in a non-trg enviroment rather quickly IED blast near will strip all loose items from ones AFV in a second, I've seen ammo boxes,binos,gear, and yes maps. flying around. Ever loose a map on the move, and find out a position later? I lost a map on the move on crse, never again, if not on me, its inside secured to veh. But we each train and operate to ones experience, and what works for the person. I can, and have seen some different methods over the years from many armies.
  5. Now, picture if you will.A person with a map (white) in the turret roof. My point seems lost. On our basic map training (think map 101) one of the rules is when reading a map (dismounted) place it on the ground, then unfold, as not to give your pos away.This applies to the AFV comdr, as he is above the ground and more visible with binos or the Mk1 eyeball. Bottom line, we just don't do it, or teach it to our young troops. Feel free to if one feels it's a good idea. It becomes more of a (here I am) if covered with shiny plastic to mark on. Detection:...Movement,shadows,colour (ie white on background), shine,straight lines, etc... I'm pretty sure most armies teach these basic skills.
  6. Think white square on green/cam AFV, it does stand out.
  7. No, never. Its a rather big Target from above .Also a map folded to a area one is operating then works better to zero in on where you are, and the ground quickly. Only place I used one (board) was in the CP.
  8. https://screenshots.firefox.com/7dVNNfAXf4yiZexi/positive-id.digitalpraxis.com Was a AFV Rec instr for most of my time in the unit
  9. Not now due to my age, but when I was younger.....:)
  10. https://www.military.com/dodbuzz/2018/07/13/its-official-austin-home-new-army-futures-command.html
  11. https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-5332349,00.html
  12. https://www.orbat85.nl/reference/unit-organisation-and-equipment.html
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    Could we get this mod plz.....:)
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    We do not use the M16, we have another version of the AR longer barrel, heaver, etc. We did use the FN, was my first service wpn, loved it.
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