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  1. As of this time, we are still go for gunnery Sunday night 19:00 Atlantic time (TGIG-5hrs). Open to all.
  2. Was my question meant to vet/challenge, did not format in that way see ()? You seem to be mad, or having a hard time, maybe its me. Very combative. If one can't handle simple quires, then the the hard stuff won't go well. I think I see why one would stay inside, and best not to join us . Just my observation, nothing personal mind ya. So you do play, thanks for the answer.
  3. Your welcome to join us on Firing Pad 4 this coming weekend for some gunnery, both commander and gunner interaction training. So far the weather is looking good.:)
  4. mpdugas , if I may ask (with no hidden meanings or otherwise) Do you use the Sim? I don't think I have ever seen you online, or on TS. I've been here from the start, although I'm having a hard time to remember seeing your Name.
  5. Pushing to the right, members have life issues this weekend. NEXT PROPOSED DATE June 3rd. Updates to follow. Raining in Gagetown this weekend anywho, no ones likes G'Town on firing point #4 in the rain...:)
  6. We should have timings later this week, few pp need to report in.
  7. Gun Camp moved to Sunday night, pers busy during the week, no issues. See ya there
  8. 12Alfa

    Warrior 1.1

    Good info, tanks. Might I send a copy of the BATUS map for your inspection? Will release soon, want to make sure it fits the bill.
  9. 12Alfa

    Warrior 1.1

    Will test on the BATUS map when uploaded.
  10. Anyone catch name tag?
  11. Thinking of running a CAT in September. Is their interest? Can you assemble a team? PM me and we shall talk till then about the idea, planing, event. If there is interest we shall move to a planning team to launch annual CAT. https://www.facebook.com/pascal.mathieu1/videos/10215046446341408/
  12. Would be cost effective for the forces. But if I think of past history , cost effective is not a hallmark of any nations forces, there is $$$ to be made.:)
  13. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2018/05/14/its-official-air-force-switching-armys-ocp-uniform.html#
  14. We can adjust forward or backwards a day, no issues on my end.
  15. Forgot to post the plan for Gun Camp 2018. Different MBT platforms will be used with commander, and Gunner for the static serials next week. Leo2 and M1A1 will be the tanks on the range. The Second week we will go to full crews for battle runs down range while engaging Targets. Third week we shall move to Fire Tm battle runs, followed the last week with Troop Battle Runs. Next week range is in CFB Gagetown Combat Training Center NB Canada, next will be at , Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre (CMTC) , CFB Wainwright, Alberta Canada. Last two will be at British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS) Canadian Forces Base Suffield Alberta, Canada This is a open event to all.
  16. This coming Wed 16th (TGIF-2hrs) night we shall hold our annual Gun Camp. Gunnery will be the main focus both static and movers.. Who needs some gunnery skills improved?
  17. Been wanting the Jag playable for years, we have the TOW playable, so I'm disappointed to say the least. Not sure if I told V.
  18. If you look here, they do, It'd important to give first hand info on un-clas info, and not what may or nor not make into production AFV's to evaluate such equipment. And we do value their insight as active users of said equipment.
  19. It may be wise to have a actual operator to post on this, and the operation (Assassin7,or another US crewman), speculation is not all that helpful.
  20. 12Alfa

    New Computer

    Starting from Icon, or in release folder?
  21. 12Alfa

    New Computer

    Any error logs?
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