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  1. I am inclined to agree with your explanation. I have to conduct more tests. I suppose a valley or a ravine is the best place to be under current conditions. I do not want to manually order left and right turret, but to pop a tactic, move the arc into a pizza slice, with a clear ball inside, and the gunner will stay on that slice.
  2. well I was referring to loss of the DRIVER. so the hull won't move at all. I am a sitting duck. I try all the tactics to point the turret (the engine is running but the driver is dead so hull is dead) in the direction I want and have a clear LOS to two dead kills but gunner did not move the turret. I guess the tactics demand a working hull (aka tracks, driver, wheels, engine, idler, sprocket, coolant) to apply?
  3. I am not sure if this is real life and I may get egged here, but I noticed that the gunner will NOT stay under ANY tactic in the assigned pie if the hull is not oriented towards the slice. Is this a normal behaviour? Any workaround? Sometimes, you can't move and you still want to point him somewhere to look. Also, apparently there is a cool down for his scan. Most of the time he will scan a small sector then when I bark to him traverse left, then face turret he will do a full arc sweep then over minutes he will idle the scan to a smaller sector. He will also raise the gun tube so my TIS view will be skewed above ground. I hope I am not reciting previously discovered bugs here.
  4. It would be awesome if the T-14 Armata becomes a fully developed vehicle. Till then, I have to sharpen up my gunnery skills for these "Grazing" shots
  5. I know its supposed to be part of the route but a tank that stops just to face a direction while traveling is wasting time and blocking other tanks. I guess it could be added to the wish list if its feasible and realistic? or option to say select an element and order them to point turret left or right wrt hull on a route. The formations tackled part of it but is it realistic for a platoon commander to order his section to point all turrets in the formation to a specified direction?
  6. So I am trying to understand the logic behind how a platoon of tanks (three) traveling on a route will point their turrets differently. What are the primary considerations when say lead tank points its turret left and the second points its turret right? And can this be adjusted for AI units while en-route? I'd like to have lead pointing right not left. I tried setting waypoints on road with hold tactics and then running a new route on top of them but the tanks continue as if there are no waypoint tactics assigned to that route (even though the route is on top of said tactics but rather not attached).
  7. will there be new hit effects on turrets? treads? tracks? gun warping? I'd love to have one effect improved - the cook off. I love watching the ammo cook off effect and I just wish there was a way to know where to hit a tank just for this, instead of the grey cloud that just poofs above the turret...
  8. thanks Nils, guys. Well I suppose that being on a crest of a ridge and only TC is spotted (maybe the hatch to his back) or maybe his head alone, that pretty much prevents AI from spotting a 2.5 meter high vehicle.
  9. Nils, you could go for Aerosoft. I did some reviews for them with Angelique Van Campen back in early 201X for FSX), and I bought from them many flight sim related products both for XP10 and FSX and they accept major cards. No problem buying from them. Also, SagePay, or Xsolla (I believe Xsolla is in the states though).
  10. Nils, by memory usage you mean RAM or HDD usage? I have 24 Gigs of RAM (DDR3) and I want to ask if its possible to move steel beasts to the SSD and will it matter with heavy missions in terms of stutter? I have GTX 1060 6Gb.
  11. Thanks guys. In the NDoulou video the vehicle mounted top attack system is tracking the tank with three V cursors. Is this the choking mechanism as described with stadia rangefinders? Or are these configurable to size like javelin cursors?
  12. Hello Nils, everybody.. Well I just have one time based license that came with the stick but never used it. From this thread, I gather that I should be able to use that license to try 4.1? Also, I must ask about a very important feature or how it works - the after action report. Yes, I would like to know how does AI detect me when I am covered by bushes (bearing in mind that cover is not always concealment). There are two tabs, one for reported enemy, the other for actual enemy. What are the basis of detection? Do tanks AI radio eachother my position once I am detected? Am I right in assuming that it does? "This is 1-1, contact tank east 0754 6789". Does the same apply to AI?
  13. I know but what about the execution phase. Let me check maybe something is off with my mission.
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