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  1. this appears to be a well researched scenario. Many thanks. Will make it interesting.
  2. Ahoy! fellow DCSer. Splash PM.
  3. pleased to meet you. I highly recommend BG ANZAC group. They run on Thursday mornings and have helpful material and instruction as well as interesting missions. They are very organized too. I don't suppose you fly DCS? If you do, PM me.
  4. You are right in explaining this and I apologise if I derailed OPs thread but I like realism and in all my other sims (A3, DCS, DW SH3, etc..) I use the highest realism possible. Exiting the room.
  5. OK so for this entire discussion I prefer realistic. If its not a feature of modeled tanks I dont want it. Others might but why not be optional. A checkbox optional.
  6. DCS is not a military training tool? Google DCS A-10C and you'll find plenty of AFROTC classrooms with folks wearing forest camo, lots of joysticks and their interface. You have been misinformed. DCS has contracts with armies just like eSim has contracts with GOs. Since this PE is targeted at the niche and not the GO people, these requests are in order even if the entire sim is funded by the military. With that said the addition of these missing armchair general feats should be added as an option. In DCS for example the community, largely guys like me have trouble with slewing maverick realistically as a limitation of hardware. ED responded with an optional unrealistic slewing mode. I use it, it works. But ED did respond.
  7. I do have combined arms and afaik they did model the tanks from scratch. I am not saying it is the armor simulation proper, but I am saying that there should be an option for non military users to be able to toggle cruise control if they so wish to sort of 'cheat' or play unrealistically (which you still haven't answered if a tank has cruise control in real life, without going into detail, a simple yes or no would suffice). And if it is there, it should be optional to all people. In DCS, we have compute firing solution, platform shake. These are options. the keyword is options.
  8. In all truth, DCS does not model armor correctly. Sometimes uses hit point system. Is it a classified thing to know that a tank driver has the option or the main package ability to use a cruise control horn?
  9. Believe it or not in DCS there is a cruise control setting to cap the speed. In a primarily flight simulation..
  10. That is quite an interesting piece there. I have to try it myself!
  11. red t-shirt 1,2,6,8,3,5,9,0,etc.. blue t-shirt 4,2,1,7,8,0,6,4 etc... so yes you got it right..
  12. So we are talking about guard or defend tactics here as they are the ones with detected enemies. I am referring to detecting enemies by binos and right click in one direction while the gunner is facing another direction. If I spot a unit using only binos and right click, the gunner will slew the turret to my binos direction provided he has LOS (or not?) and start firing on his own under guard or defend tactics?
  13. +1. A unit number randomiser is much needed.
  14. You mean to say that once a tank is spotted in a scout route tactic, by my Mk I eyeball or binos, the turret will rotate and engage this target without any further intervention from me? No need to order gunner to traverse left or right? Or issue shoot at unit marker? What if gunner AI is scanning away from where I am looking? If hes scanning left to right and I spot a target to the beams away from his current scan zone?
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