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  1. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    red t-shirt 1,2,6,8,3,5,9,0,etc.. blue t-shirt 4,2,1,7,8,0,6,4 etc... so yes you got it right..
  2. Traveling overwatch vs Bounding overwatch

    So we are talking about guard or defend tactics here as they are the ones with detected enemies. I am referring to detecting enemies by binos and right click in one direction while the gunner is facing another direction. If I spot a unit using only binos and right click, the gunner will slew the turret to my binos direction provided he has LOS (or not?) and start firing on his own under guard or defend tactics?
  3. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    +1. A unit number randomiser is much needed.
  4. Traveling overwatch vs Bounding overwatch

    You mean to say that once a tank is spotted in a scout route tactic, by my Mk I eyeball or binos, the turret will rotate and engage this target without any further intervention from me? No need to order gunner to traverse left or right? Or issue shoot at unit marker? What if gunner AI is scanning away from where I am looking? If hes scanning left to right and I spot a target to the beams away from his current scan zone?
  5. So in the Camp Hornfelt TACT 1 mission (Tactical movement), I am required to get as quickly as possible to objective Kermit. The map is mostly wooded area with few urban areas dispersed around and through of the direct route to objective. A lot of the time, I get engaged with a huge surprise from apparently mobile units, and even more lurking enemies well placed as a surprise element. There are hilly areas overlooking where I would be coming from that the enemy uses to gain an advantage. So per the mission advisory, I am required to use bounding overwatch when contact is expected, and traveling overwatch when contact is possible (less likely than expected). Due to the behavior of AI in marshes (wet grass), namely getting stuck in these marshes, breaking up unity, I can but take only the direct route to the objective. How should my scanning pattern be like, when I am moving on a lone road with nothing but trees to either side and open terrain ahead? To be explicit: How fast should left and right scans be? Do I just observe the AI gunner scan without palm switch ON? As in just F2 view without OVRD? OR Do I do the manual scan for the gunner until he beaks "Identified!"? PS. This may be divulging secret information to the public, which may or may not be affiliated with known or unknown disruptive terrorist organizations. Also, this may be divulging sensitive knowledge = without consent from serving officers.
  6. Smoke

    I agree with Ssnake. Missiles go ballsitic if not guided.
  7. TIS FoV in wide and narrow view

    Thanks Major!
  8. TIS FoV in wide and narrow view

    Ok I guess you want to say it is irrelevant.
  9. TIS FoV in wide and narrow view

    Thanks Nils, but I was asking about how wide can TIS view in angles, for the 3X magnification. You said 18° for the unity. So assuming that the answer was 18°, the range to get the angle is required and by simple maths you mean??
  10. TIS FoV in wide and narrow view

    What is the field of view of the Abrams TIS in degrees wide view? Narrow view?
  11. Smoke

    Thanks Mark.
  12. Smoke

    How do you set the smoke to regular or multi-spectral? I cant find the option in artillery request form.
  13. Some artillery fire questions

    well I am so sorry for trying to "ask" you for real life reasons to organise a friday meeting I thought you wanted to build momentum from the mail. anyways you dont have to write anything on your image just copy and paste my exact words, you have my permission. thanks Breakthrough for the illustrations. men 👌🏻
  14. We love videos

    So I managed to understand a little bit about how artillery works in this one. Also that HEAT trajectory allows somehow a more concealed firing because the gun is more elevated at the expense of penetrating because the barrel is not so obstructed.
  15. 'nother n00b thread

    PM me, fellow DCSer.