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  1. I cant load a legacy scenario in mission editor to extract map package. I think a repository of the old maps with UID is needed. Here is the error I get When I select flat[published] it prompts me for blue password πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. Is there FTP address for the map chunks and installer? Torrent maybe?
  3. I am not a huge fan of guns.
  4. makes me wonder how TC controls driver in terms of turns. Is it like driver turn a little, turn hard, hard left, left two two?
  5. I agree about accents. in any case if you need my accent sample do post the audition script.
  6. Then why can't different accents be part of the same force? Is it a hidden rule?
  7. I'm sorry but you dont have to follow me because I am trying to help OPs across threads. All of my talk goes to OPs. Also we are supposed to benefit one another here, even if I am wrong and you correct me in the proper manner, I dont mind.
  8. oh yes its very clear to me that these nationalities dont have mixed races that also enroll in the same forces. am I correct?
  9. bundled means bundled with the game installation files, the docs folder. the one you keep mentioning in all of your posts. its not bundled as in bundled with the shipment envelope.
  10. As I understand it is the bundled game manual. my guess is, about limiting bandwidth consumption as the maps are big (30Gb) and IIRC the maps will be released as a download ahead of the game release to save time setting up.
  11. Far from limited. I think its great to add even to the general atmosphere of the mission. Maybe we should ask Barbara Streissand instead πŸ˜‚
  12. Maybe I went too far ahead of myself in the technical department but it is as @Mirzayev described. I'm no audio giggety expert but you could add the in/out after radio beep/whoosh from SRS into this and export to a recognisable format for sb and you're good to go. For voice, I'd be cautious around here because alot of the guys are active service military personnel, and afaik their voice must be obtained with a prior consent. I once had a cultural misunderstanding with @Gibsonm when I recorded his voice in a session and later displayed it on youtube. I was a bit fuzzy on the rules. Just saying obtain peoples permissions if you're recording them too in any session so you dont step on nobodys toes. I'd be happy to help if you require my voice audition samples, also as @Mirzayev suggested.
  13. I think its a great idea. Removes that sterile feeling from the sim. I recommend you use DCS SRS mod (just the radio beep queue) and audacity low pass filter then high pass filter. I can help you with my voice and technical if needed.
  14. @matsimus hey man, it seems I missed a lot. you should feel good knowing that you are the one who introduced me to SB, along with @Rotareneg, and I am sure many others.
  15. Take all the time in the world you want. There is no rush.
  16. easily done. I never did texturing myself in steel beasts, although I would like to. Yes, the forward aspect is important hence why I ask if TIS can spot and identify an emblem.. It would be a terrible day to the docs if they are fired upon.
  17. Does the medic cross/crescent/star of David shine through the TIS for combatant units? Why slanted vehicles do not paint a huge identifier because practically, if I am seeing an armored vehicle wading through casualties, without its proper markings, at my face, coming straight ahead, I can assume it is a transport/APC/IFV/AFV. Whereas if it had the identifier at least on the forward surface, it would not be engaged strictly.
  18. J'ai un problem avec dwvac. Il doit parler un nombre des sentences pour comprends le software. La meme commande voudrait plus des phrases pour registrΓ©. Desole moi mon Francais est preparatoire πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  19. havent tried it myself but dwvac's main problem for me is the misinterpretation of commands. unless I have several phrases or words for one command, it gets weird (and funny too at times).
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