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  1. I cant load a legacy scenario in mission editor to extract map package. I think a repository of the old maps with UID is needed. Here is the error I get


    When I select flat[published] it prompts me for blue password ūüėāūüėā


  2. On 9/28/2019 at 1:37 AM, Ssnake said:

    I can but recommend to run the Map Packages Installer first, and to install the map packages on the fastest drive that has more than 100 GBytes free space left. If you observe these simple criteria, it will most likely save you headaches later.

    Is there FTP address for the map chunks and installer? Torrent maybe?

  3. 54 minutes ago, Gibsonm said:


    Whatever you think.


    I'm sorry but we seem to be talking at cross purposes both here and in other threads.


    I mean its right there in black and white on the sales page, but if you have different idea, run with it, but I'm not following you - I'm going with what's on the web page.


    I'm sorry but you dont have to follow me because I am trying to help OPs across threads. All of my talk goes to OPs. Also we are supposed to benefit one another here, even if I am wrong and you correct me in the proper manner, I dont mind. 

  4. 16 minutes ago, Gibsonm said:


    Well I'm trying to avoid resorting to racist /nationalistic stereotypes.


    However (apologies up front as this is just meant for discussion).


    You are in a British Battlegroup and suddenly you hear audio content from one of your "British" call signs (sub units) that is a US Southern Drawl, the Swedish Chief from the Muppets, a heavy Russian accent or some other strong accent. How does that help your immersion in a "British" scenario?


    IMHO you need a British set of voices for a British scenario, a set of German voices for a German Scenario, a set of Country X voices for a Country X scenario, ...


    A single person, can't provide all of those unless they a very talented.


    So you need a team of people, each from one of the X nations in SB Pro Pe, ready to provide the audio content you need to suit your scenario.


    Is that clearer?


    oh yes its very clear to me that these nationalities dont have mixed races that also enroll in the same forces. am I correct? 

  5. 16 hours ago, CrackerJack said:

    I've had a time limited license on and off 2-3 years ago.  Coming back I'm considering getting the CodeMeter stick.  I've looked at the New Version Bundle and have a couple of questions:


    1 - The manual that's included does it cover all of the vehicles/units or is it the game engine manual only?


    2 - What is the purpose of the Map Stick?  Why not simply download this content?



    As I understand it is the bundled game manual. 


    my guess is,  about limiting bandwidth consumption as the maps are big (30Gb) and IIRC the maps will be released as a download ahead of the game release to save time setting up.

  6. 8 hours ago, Gibsonm said:

    As I understand it, he is offering to provide the voice, not recording others.


    Personally I think unless someone is fantastic with accents its application is limited.


    For example my Australian accent would never pass muster as a Russian / Finn / Swede, etc. Therefore with all due respect Lumi, I think I'd be only asking you for "Scandinavian" voice content.


    To achieve the range of accents required, you're going to need a pool of people.


    ¬†Far from limited. I think its great to add even to the general atmosphere of the mission. Maybe we should ask Barbara Streissand instead ūüėā

  7. On July 10, 2019 at 11:20 PM, Gibsonm said:


    I hope this process is covered in exhaustive detail in both the Release Notes and the Manual and at the "Map Conversion for Dummies" type level.


    I can see a lot of people wanting to convert / update the maps they've created / modified and if its not clearly articulated (screenshots highlighting steps, etc.) and "assumption free" from those who have been intimately involved (i.e. steps skipped due to familiarity with the process) then I can see a lot of angst, or a bunch of new posts in the "Map Request Thread" when people just ask someone else to do it.


  8. 4 hours ago, Lumituisku said:

     Interesting.  I don't know what that is but it sounds good. I have Audacity and in past I did some filtering there or something to get my test samples to sound bit more like radio messages. 


    I take it that you have know how on these matters?  Anything that will help me to create better results is welcome! 

    Maybe I went too far ahead of myself in the technical department but it is as @Mirzayev described. I'm no audio giggety expert but you could add the in/out after radio beep/whoosh from SRS into this and export to a recognisable format for sb and you're good to go. For voice, I'd be cautious around here because alot of the guys are active service military personnel, and afaik their voice must be obtained with a prior consent. I once had a cultural misunderstanding with @Gibsonm when I recorded his voice in a session and later displayed it on youtube. I was a bit fuzzy on the rules. Just saying obtain peoples permissions if you're recording them too in any session so you dont step on nobodys toes. I'd be happy to help if you require my voice audition samples, also as @Mirzayev suggested.

  9. 21 hours ago, Splash said:

    According to photographic evidence, I think the Boxer, at least, should have an emblem on the front. Since that texture is shared with the APC version of the vehicle, ESim could handle it with a decal, in the same way the Dingo is.


    easily done. I never did texturing myself in steel beasts, although I would like to. Yes, the forward aspect is important hence why I ask if TIS can spot and identify an emblem.. It would be a terrible day to the docs if they are fired upon.

  10. Does the medic cross/crescent/star of David shine through the TIS for combatant units? Why slanted vehicles do not paint a huge identifier because practically, if I am seeing an armored vehicle wading through casualties, without its proper markings, at my face, coming straight ahead, I can assume it is a transport/APC/IFV/AFV. Whereas if it had the identifier at least on the forward surface, it would not be engaged strictly.

  11. 3 hours ago, Arvigna said:

    i am not sure, have understood what you mean ( french) but you can use variable with jess

    J'ai un problem avec dwvac. Il doit parler un nombre des sentences pour comprends le software. La meme commande voudrait plus des phrases pour registr√©. Desole moi mon Francais est preparatoire ūüėāūüėā

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