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  1. I dont know the term is it trench? DFP? and what can be used to dig it? And how to do it? Thanks
  2. ah thanks! now I can study the terrain and plan it out thanks to you! ?
  3. Hi, I am trying to remember where the m1a1 minefield instant action mission takes place (at what map exactly or terrain). Thanks.
  4. I have CH and TMWH. I use TMWH simply because I like the immersion. You can use a mouse or even a trackball too!
  5. well I am sorry I should have been clearer. I am training on M1A1 tank. Your explanation of laser getting more larger with distance makes sense. So what can I do to improve acuity (sharpness) at range? Also, I would like to know if using "Enter" to manually input range works in M1A1 or do I need to enter a specific FCS (fire control system) to enable it. Many thanks
  6. So in the manner of gunnery, I know from reading that the reticle should cover most of the tank or PC but sometimes, the reading is changing the gun elevation abruptly, as when targeting the main gun by the dot, the reading somehow is excess. This is very true for long range targeting but for medium to short range, and receding ones, this is of no consequence. My question is: do I need to use the palm switch after last "target" call? Do I need to look up and zeroize the LRF prior to engaging the next one? Or should I shift to GAS for these long range shots? Its like the hull-turret line laser going though and giving longer range than it really is. Am I making sense? Then comes the manner of consistency: Should I lase and lase again to be sure the difference is like 10 meters between LRFR1-LRFR2? (laser rangefinder reading one minus two)? Finally, should I use the dash marks on either side to ensure the target with known length or presenting horizontal dimension is within a range band? For example, a T-72 occupying 3/4 of the dash marks on either side of reticle should not be lesser in range than a previously engaged T-72 occupying 1.5 the dash mark at closer range band? Thanks
  7. thank you so much. If it is not much trouble, can you answer the rest of my questions? I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks again.
  8. so it is what the center icon would see? You got me even more confused.
  9. Hi, I am hardcore simulator guy coming from flight and submarine simulators. Nice to see a full tank simulator like SB Pro. I would like to know what does the LOS tool do in the sense of placing a left click on any part of the map. I know that grey areas or lines indicate zero visibility, pink areas indicate average vehicle visibility, and white areas or lines indicate turret only visibility. So if I click anywhere on the map, the center of that circle is the unit in question of the enemy? Like if I know that the enemy is coming from a bridge head coords 123456 so if I place a LOS object in that position, does that indicate what they see or what I would see from my owned vehicle? Also, the height adjustment slider is a bit confusing. So if at ground zero (mission start) I am at 34 meters high ground, and I set the slider to 34 meters, then click anywhere away from my vehicle, is this the LOS to be seen if the ground is flat or is that higher than the ground? (34+34 = 68 meters) LOS? Also, if as a commander I do not spot the tank (am I limited because the gunner arc of scanning is somewhere else?), and the gunner spots it but spots other vehicles (Personnel Carriers), how to prioritize tanks as a target? Can I dig a hole under me so only my turret is visible? I tried firing on the ground under me (grass) but the round ricocheted. Does the same happen to tanks with armor at angle? And does this mean my shot should be 90 degrees to the intended hit point? The debrief file shows where the target was hit but does not specify the part hit (for example left aft fuel tank). Is this intentional or am I looking at the wrong AAR? If my unit is tactic/nothing, how to bring up the arc of observation with the dot and what does that dot indicate? Does it indicate the range my gunner will observe? What if my target is on a clear LOS but beyond observe range dot? Does the gunner report him? Scouting question: In instant action/M1A1 I am surrounded by minefield. I set a series of Scout waypoints then begin the game, does my tank spot the mine? I know MICLC should be used but if the mines are hidden and a scouting plan is used, the tank will spot the hidden mines? Lastly, any commands to align the turret with hull? not my view (I know it is Up arrow), but the hull itself. Thanks in advance.
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