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  1. will there be new hit effects on turrets? treads? tracks? gun warping? I'd love to have one effect improved - the cook off. I love watching the ammo cook off effect and I just wish there was a way to know where to hit a tank just for this, instead of the grey cloud that just poofs above the turret...
  2. thanks Nils, guys. Well I suppose that being on a crest of a ridge and only TC is spotted (maybe the hatch to his back) or maybe his head alone, that pretty much prevents AI from spotting a 2.5 meter high vehicle.
  3. Nils, you could go for Aerosoft. I did some reviews for them with Angelique Van Campen back in early 201X for FSX), and I bought from them many flight sim related products both for XP10 and FSX and they accept major cards. No problem buying from them. Also, SagePay, or Xsolla (I believe Xsolla is in the states though).
  4. Nils, by memory usage you mean RAM or HDD usage? I have 24 Gigs of RAM (DDR3) and I want to ask if its possible to move steel beasts to the SSD and will it matter with heavy missions in terms of stutter? I have GTX 1060 6Gb.
  5. Thanks guys. In the NDoulou video the vehicle mounted top attack system is tracking the tank with three V cursors. Is this the choking mechanism as described with stadia rangefinders? Or are these configurable to size like javelin cursors?
  6. Hello Nils, everybody.. Well I just have one time based license that came with the stick but never used it. From this thread, I gather that I should be able to use that license to try 4.1? Also, I must ask about a very important feature or how it works - the after action report. Yes, I would like to know how does AI detect me when I am covered by bushes (bearing in mind that cover is not always concealment). There are two tabs, one for reported enemy, the other for actual enemy. What are the basis of detection? Do tanks AI radio eachother my position once I am detected? Am I right in assuming that it does? "This is 1-1, contact tank east 0754 6789". Does the same apply to AI?
  7. I know but what about the execution phase. Let me check maybe something is off with my mission.
  8. ok. How can I make a non existing unit that spawns inside a specific region embark on route? for example an airdropped BRDM that will supposedly land inside region A. region A has a route starting waypoint. the route is scout tactics. the unit spawns in the execution phase and it does not move.
  9. I'd like to know if certain element of the interface (vehicle clock icon, mini compass) can be modded. I also recall that some vehicles show the engine block as yellow on that vehicle clock. why so? as to the 3D interface, there seems to be no description of how to use the (Shoot at unit..) command. Do I need to identify a target with holding down Lshift+RMB so it pops on the map? The * is red when Shift is keyed but sometimes turns green. Why so? lastly, afaiu, the routes are embarked on if they are conditioned. meaning embark if or retreat if conditions are specified? if they are not specified, the route taken is dictated by the three tactics (implicit tactics) mentioned in the book? can you order a unit to point the turret to a specific direction while traveling on a conditioned route? in the planning phase? veilen danke
  10. wow that is deep. I guess in CITV you can check if the electrical trigger is working in manual mode?
  11. This kind of reminds me with bulletproof cock from supertroopers
  12. I assume that is the red twist lever by the GAS?
  13. The C button works for single routes. Multiple routes need selection from map but if possible also from the interface outside the map, assuming the TC/gunner knows where they want to go.
  14. +1 on all the above. I also would like to order Proceed to from the 3D view or the TC/Gunner views and not only from the map as you may know where each route takes you, especially with EPLRS installed in the A2. Btw, love your Jägdgeschwader 52 logo. Il-2 fanboy!
  15. if possible to make unbuttoned view then F5 map view stick to unbuttoned view without going back down the hatch then climbing back up. Option for stay high in turret for TC unless under fire or contact is made.
  16. T-34 (non playable) Horch staff car (fully modeled, playable) T-80U (playable)
  17. An audio option for disabling unit radio reports would be welcome.
  18. HAT SWITCH --> FACE FORWARD/LEFT/RT/REAR of turret (also works as external camera control) -Cursor up down left right Trigger --> Fire - spacebar Pickle red --> Lase -Ctrl Paddle--> Override gunner control(Palm switch toggle) -P Castle AFT/FWD --> index SABOT /HEAT, RT/LT --> switch TIS/DAY, Toggle magnification. - Insert/Delete/Num+/N The rest are on keyboard WASD for movement, QZ for climbing or descending the hatch. It would help if you use a second controller with alot more buttons.
  19. this appears to be a well researched scenario. Many thanks. Will make it interesting.
  20. Ahoy! fellow DCSer. Splash PM.
  21. pleased to meet you. I highly recommend BG ANZAC group. They run on Thursday mornings and have helpful material and instruction as well as interesting missions. They are very organized too. I don't suppose you fly DCS? If you do, PM me.
  22. You are right in explaining this and I apologise if I derailed OPs thread but I like realism and in all my other sims (A3, DCS, DW SH3, etc..) I use the highest realism possible. Exiting the room.
  23. OK so for this entire discussion I prefer realistic. If its not a feature of modeled tanks I dont want it. Others might but why not be optional. A checkbox optional.
  24. DCS is not a military training tool? Google DCS A-10C and you'll find plenty of AFROTC classrooms with folks wearing forest camo, lots of joysticks and their interface. You have been misinformed. DCS has contracts with armies just like eSim has contracts with GOs. Since this PE is targeted at the niche and not the GO people, these requests are in order even if the entire sim is funded by the military. With that said the addition of these missing armchair general feats should be added as an option. In DCS for example the community, largely guys like me have trouble with slewing maverick realistically as a limitation of hardware. ED responded with an optional unrealistic slewing mode. I use it, it works. But ED did respond.
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