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  1. I would like to know the use of the 0.5 meter minimum for the LOS tool in planning. I personally dont find it useful as no vehicle exists in game with a height less than 2 feet unless its an R/C toy. Speaking of which, that would be awesome if a mod could exist for a R/C tank to be used on battery basis to cover a battlefield.
  2. Understood. Video removed from YT. Maybe you should have this as a caveat as you said.
  3. what I meant by laser warning system is a screen with a hull that has a clock face around it where if you are being lased from the right side the 1 to 5 o’clock segment would light up as a pie on that hull or even more precise forms.
  4. thanks guys. I am playing the Ft. Benning range mission. It is fantastic!!
  5. Cant wait to try it out!
  6. here is to finishing nine tanks without repeatedly dying on Tanks! again mission with comments. Still practicing. BTW this is my second victory in SB. Yet to try Camp Hornfelt, and Yet more tanks.
  7. that is quite interesting. I wonder what the rationale is besides being apparently a heavier round.
  8. ahh.. makes sense. So because the round is heavy then the outer straw lifts while the inner straw depresses to facilitate loading. That is genius! Can gunner override it so the barrel does not elevate? I feel like the round will overshoot when I see videos. Maybe the FCS accounts for a fraction of a second for the round to exit the tube? How heavier compared to the M1A1 round is the Leopard round?
  9. hmmm... so the chamber is already in up position when loaded? I wouldnt know as I never saw or been inside one.
  10. Alright. Alright. I will unmap the zoom from trackir SB profile. Thanks to all you guys with vivid imagination for Steve Austin, Cyborgs, Star Trek, and the holographic memory.
  11. I only wanted to know if its normal or an aberration. I am not into using exploits. And I dont believe it is one, simply because you dont want it modelled doesnt mean its unrealistic. Rightly the manual states that you should spot a column of tanks from 15 km but your monitor needs the brains to put it out so you can see it. In all other games that I played, there are people complaining about inability to spot units. Arma, DCS, etc... How is it unrealistic that you can zoom in and see units in plain sight but farther away. How can you make out their type? equipment? Is it not real in normal plainsight? Or you mean because the binoculars function should be the only way to spot and make out things as originally intended? like for example a guy flying over tanks and using gyrostabilised binos or targeting pods to spot features to confirm identity of said vehicles. In plain sight he sees them as blobs, without binoculars. Is that it?
  12. You are right, I don't like it. But also, realistically speaking, your eye can not see units on a computer screen from afar. Its clearly stated in the manual. Is it processing power involved to get a uniform zoom across the turret? You also mention trackir, so I could disable the zooming on trackir checkbox, but will that give me the needed function? Hang on you mean this was not supposed to be in your software? the zooming? I am surprised by this.
  13. Well I misread a thread as my complaint. My complaint is the tank commander unbuttoned position. without a binocular. eye view. why cant I zoom all around the turret with my eye only? If I have trackir which I do, I have to touch my physical monitor with my real head to zoom in without binoculars. Then from this kiss the monitor position, if I turn my head right or left the zoom level goes away as if I am back to the seat. A more pressing issue is, why is there no key command to this eye only in commander position in unbuttoned view from the top of turret zoom function? so two things guys: 1- from turret unbutton commander view why is my zoom limited to forward arc and not a 360° zoom with eye? 2- why no key command for this eye view zoom? I will post a video explaining. Rotareneg, you fly DCS. So when you zoom in cockpit with numpad * you can yaw your head with trackir to identify say a bandit far away to your back. the whole view is zoomed and you are not for example zoomed to the nose of your aircraft and when you want to view the wings or your tail or the ground, the zoom goes away.
  14. I read somewhere here that its for military contracts. If this is true then I dont like that an important and realistic feature like this be limited only to servicemen. Especially that Arma has full 360 zoom. Nils?
  15. There is a 70% chance I might show up. I will check my schedule. I'll chime in around 09:00 GMT on Teamspeak to confirm or just say hello. EDIT: Sorry guys but I wont be able to make it today. I'll see you next time.
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