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  1. Oh ya we worshipped the heaters in the Bradleys in Graf and Hohenfels until it died of course.. then the track mechanic was your best friend :luxhello:
  2. Great thats what i was looking for thanks for the help
  3. I appreciate that.. but I still do not know where to place the sce data... For Instance I have in front of me here, ' Loc, English US, Scenarios, Single'... and I place it in there, (Hornfelt SCE data) when i open the offline under 'scenarios' it is not there.. Any advice anyone? cheers
  4. This might be a really noob question but how do i go about loading the camp hornfelt training missions into the game folders? I know its supposed to go into My Scenarios but I cant seem to find that under the location file... As Im an old hand at wargaming normally not a problem, but as im using win 10, something is not right here... Many thanks for the quick help
  5. I will definitly give that a go... Loved the Bradley, the only thing better than the heater on a cold night in Graf was feeling the Tow go off :gun: Anyways Im excited to be here, looking forward to a great time
  6. Hey there, Im a US Expat here in Berlin, Did 8 years with the American Army working the Avenger and stinger systems, 3 of those years as a dismount from a Bradley fighting vehicle.. good times, anyways hope to see everyone around Cheers!
  7. Hello Everyone, I just recieved the game, And so far im totally excited about how realistic it is.. Im actively working on the tutorials in the M1 and looking forward to eventually getting my feet wet with online play.. So nice to meet everyone and look forward to seeing you on the battlefield. oh yes and i chose the name because i was an Air Defender for many years... If it flies it dies Cheers, Steely Eyed Missle Man
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