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  1. Be careful out there. May it pass quickly.
  2. If you are looking for more Greek Cammo skins try this site: http://web.mac.com/dtra/vhaf/Resources.html
  3. Still lurking in the shadows. Can't seem to get the gumption to attend those TGIF games
  4. This one always gives me a rush.
  5. After taking out the trucks, you have to jump into the gunners seat and select the main gun then jump into the TC position and take command of the the weapon. I usually only get ONE shot. After that the TC just yells "FIRE" at the disabled gunner.
  6. If I remember correctly the FOV in the TC position is much narrower than in real life. ESim allows the use of the F8 external view in game as a compromise for the limitations of FOV for the TC.
  7. All right I did the gunner - TC switch. Now I can complete the scenario with out any problems. My only suggestion, is to put that work around in the briefing so that the player doesn't get stuck at BP2.
  8. Daskal, your fix for the 1st BP worked. I'm able to continue on to BP2. Now I've run into another problem. After I destroy the two trucks with the .50cal and switch over to override the gunner to destroy the T-72, I cannot fire the main gun. After thinking about it for a sec I see why the gunner is disabled and not the gun (what would the TC shoot if the main gun is damaged). Anyway that T-72 is just sitting there and all I can do is shoot spitballs at him EDIT: I am able to continue if I go to the observer's position and let the AI do the shooting.
  9. It does not seem to work for me no matter what I do. The tank moves to the 1st BP, I complete the BP1 Task of destroying the two infantry squads. I jump into the TC Position and go to the TC Override, pan around and wait. I then go to the CWS position a do the same. I jumped back into the gunners position to see if the coax is disabled. It still works. The tank does not go to BP2 so I can complete the next task on the briefing list. It just stays at BP1. I'm pretty sure I killed all of the infantry that appear. I turned my ground clutter down to zero to see if there were any left, and there were none.
  10. OK, I tried this one. I can make it to the first BP (the tank automatically goes there) I'm able to kill the two squads of infantry from the gunner's position. But, after that nothing happens. I waited 10 minutes, nothing, I hit "C" to continue. I also went to the map screen and hit the triggers. Still nothing.
  11. If you are having trouble with the German internal panels on the Leo2 try using THIS skin.
  12. I haven't played it yet. But I plan to. I've read a couple of quick reviews so far: HERE and HERE. They seem to indicate the same impressions that you've come to. I don't pay much attention to the Fanboys that much. I did not expect it to be OFP2.
  13. For me about 5 years between SB1 and SB-Pro PE
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