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  1. Kanium TS is updated and works with the latest version, if anyone needs somewhere to communicate for a session :-)
  2. I mean this in the nicest of ways mate: Go outside, get some fresh air. You are more wound up than a clock-spring dealing with its first erection.
  3. Is it not a bit much expecting any given person to ask your permission, in order that they be able to record Kanium SB sessions? Is it not easier for you to assume that there is always a chance that people will record? If you really insist, is it not better that you arrange for your own request to the participants of any given mission and hope they agree to it? Would it really make any difference if we, Kanium, added a "NOTICE: This session may or may not be recorded" to every single mission? Or would this result in your absence and therefor render the notice ineffective/pointless? Understand what I mean: You are, in the grand scheme of things, an anomaly in the community insofar as needing these special conditions in order to play and this is not a criticism, as I hope you will agree, it is simply an observable fact; thus it seems to me that the only proper thing to do is for you to make the effort, as opposed to everyone else. - Hatt, Co-founder of Kanium
  4. There's very little about Kanium that I am not in some way responsible for, but short answer: Yes sir. Cuddle? :3
  5. The Kanium Discord is publicly open to anyone, without the need to join Kanium, or do anything for Kanium or owe us anything. Just come and hang out with other people that like SB. If you need help setting up Discord so that it leaves you alone until you open it, I can help you. If you need help understanding Discord, I can help you, if you need anything at all in the context of Discord I will happily volunteer to help you. www.kanium.eu <-- Our frontpage with an invitation button on it that doesn't even require that you install Discord in order for you to join in. As for our "juggernaut", thank you. It sounds like a compliment. We are not actively trying to be in anyone's way, we just want to have fun and offer people to join us. - DrHat, Co-founder of Kanium
  6. Just ask the forum to reset your password http://www.kanium.eu/phpBB3/ucp.php?mode=sendpassword
  7. I checked the logs and there are no errors with our registration process. Please check your junk mail and also make sure you are checking the right email ( sarm_123@hotmail.es ) If that still doesn't work, tell me and I'll see what I can do.
  8. Everybody has access to the Kanium site, all you have to do is register in order to make a post. The only reason for that, is because otherwise the site would be spammed by bots.
  9. Hmm. As I said, I hadn't realised this was important to you.
  10. I hadn't realised this was important to you, apologies. That would make it potentially inaccurate, but not contextually irrelevant. He, Nike, was thanking the primary organisers of Kanium for their efforts and the resulting growth of those efforts, in a thread about Kanium. This seems, at least to me, appropriate.
  11. This is rather contextually irrelevant, wouldn't you agree?
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