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  1. Question on Russian (Soviet) engineers

    There is no soviet recovery vehicles or linear charge launchers in game right now, so you need to use western vehicles as a substitutes for scenario making.
  2. Very quick reloading by T-90S m.2005

    Well, some quick tests are showing, that problem really exist, so I filed a bug report on this matter.
  3. claymore mine not functioning (4.023)

    Hmmm... In-game Claymore is a command detonated mine and requires presence of friendly unit within a couple dozens of meters from it's position; this range is denoted with gray circle around Claymore map symbol... So if this requirement is not met, Claymore will never explode. I attached a small scenario to demonstrate this- Claymore will be activated by trigger 1, note that blue infantry unit is within control range. Claymore_4.023.sce
  4. Mounted troops don't dismount if vehicle is immobilized

    Interesting... But let`s not hijack the thread. Can you upload your scenario to support forum?
  5. Mounted troops don't dismount if vehicle is immobilized

    Well, if this happens after penetrating impact, then things are bit complicated... We will check this out
  6. BMP-2 turret speed in TC's sight?

    Ok... Here is an explanation why EL/AZ rates are higher if user occupies gunner`s position. Beginning from v.4.023 default stabilizer setting for gunner`s position is "Semiauto" mode for some reason, e.g. in this mode elevation and traverse rates are highest. Now, if user crawls to TC`s spot and enables override, stabilizer will reset itself to "Auto" mode, which have lower aiming rates but provides(in real life) higher quality of stabilization. Just my 2 cents.
  7. About that deleted thread

    Speaking of disputed presentation compiled by former FMV official(file was posted on his website originally, but later was replaced with reduced version without much juicy details), it is acknowledged as legit and unclassified by Krigsarkivet(e.g. swedish military archive). But source documents utilized for creation of presentation are still restricted and cannot be released. Just my 2 cents.
  8. T55 commanders sight. TKN-1

    If I`m not mistaken it is "Танковый перископ командира, укороченный"- e.g. "Tank periscope, commander`s, shortened."
  9. T55 commanders sight. TKN-1

    -Thats right. And it was never replaced with something newer(e.g. TKN-3) before collapse of the Soviet Union. -TPKU- have only magnifying optics, but it`s predecessor TPK-1 have unity window. People usually do not see much difference between those 2 devices.
  10. Gunner controllers

    Gunner`s control handles replicas are "specialised equipment for military training" per Wassenaar agreements. This basically means no export or import without end-user certificate and proper licenses in North America and EU.
  11. Standard Load for ATGM teams and Rifle PLt´s ?

    This depends of particular unit`s TOE, IMHO. And in defensive scenarios ammo can be stockpiled on position, so it`s actual number can exceed unit`s ability to haul it by hand in single time
  12. Standard Load for ATGM teams and Rifle PLt´s ?

    ATGM carried load depends of particular weapon system and size of the crew/team. For example AT-7 2-man team carries 4 missiles(1 by gunner and another 3 by his assistant), while AT-4 2-man team can carry only 2 9M111-series missiles which are carried by gunner's assistant(3-man AT-4 team will carry 4 missiles)... And when it comes to larger and heavier ATGMs like TOW or AT-5 average team can carry only one missile over relatively short distance. Speaking of ammo load for RPGs its again depends of weapon. Basic carried load for RPG-7 is 5 rounds(2 in gunner`s pack and another 3 in assistant`s pack) while Carl Gustav crew can carry 2-4 rounds(which are packed in rather bulky 2-round containers). Just my 2 cents...
  13. History of US Tanks.

    Hmm, point taken... Probably inner plates are spaced few millimeters a part from upper glacis, so ultrasonic thickness gauge(most of inexpensive models) will very likely screw-up and not measure 'em.
  14. History of US Tanks.

    Nope Its measured(yeah, it was really measured on actual vehicle) all the same uniform less than 2-inch thickness across entire surface, consistent with values on well-known sketch of CATTB hull . What you see on photos above are welded-in support rims, which as always are giving impression of thick plate.