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  1. v.4.1-4.2 had known issue with air defence systems failing to apply proper lead against UAVs. It was addressed in v4.3, and if you are using this version, then case requires some investigation, especially if network desynchronization is suspected. By the way, it would be good to know if there were any frame rate drops below 25fps, when issue with failure to hit target was observed.
  2. Looks like scaling issue. Please check in Windows Settings: -Accessibility> Text Size -System> Display> Scale If any of those settings(especially Text Size) have some abnormal values well above recommended defaults, then in theory you might get in to troubles with font size in SB.
  3. 'Embed map' feature was intended to simplify distribution of delta maps, since it was not possible to transfer those during network sessions. At this point to make it work you need to have base map installed. If you don't have base map installed, SB is not able to install embedded delta and will try to query it from server first, and thus will fail to download associated base map. We will try to address this issue.
  4. First of all, you may see somewhat similar behavior with other vehicles, because damage is based on probability, and lack of ammo or only small arms ammo in crew compartment greatly reduce chance of getting a killing shot. Also note that vehicle, which is reported as still alive on the map, actually may have very long list of crippling damages active, but you will never see that as a shooter or later in AAR.
  5. Thanks for report; fix will be available in the next patch
  6. well, there are bit more problems with 3UBR8 itself(and those issues are way more interesting, because they impact ammo feeding systems of some vehicles). But speaking of 2A42 it is worth to keep in mind, that particular gun can work fine with muzzle brake removed.
  7. Known issue, it is not about JIM-LR; map has wrong (or multiple) UTM zones, and unfortunately there no ready solution for PE at this point.
  8. Jartsev

    Sticky keys

    'Export' button in 'Controls' menu exports your current controls settings to .hkf file
  9. Jartsev

    Sticky keys

    And you have these problems with any random vehicle, or few specific models? I'm asking this this, because LRF of CV9035NL is defaulted to pulse mode now, and if you see it continously firing with this vehicle- that is a feature(while not documented). Then there is a Pizarro F2, and in its case it is normal that main gun in burst mode continues to fire specified number of rounds even after release of the trigger.
  10. Known problem, which will be addressed in the patch
  11. Looks like LRF was overheated and got shot down for cooling (it should resume working after some time). If you fired it only once, then it makes sense to check controls assignments-both in-game 'Controls' menu, and joystick/ mouse/keyboard specific 3rd party software(if you have such). Chances are, that there is some collision, which forces LRF to fire continuously and overheat. Other possibility- LRF range entry selection switch was set to 'Manual', but it should reset itself to 'Automatic' once LRF is fired
  12. This one is fixed, and fix hopefully would be available in next patch.
  13. Ok, thanks. I see the problem; bug #11324 now.
  14. Well, never delete installed software manually and do not tinker with registry, because in your situation it would not be possible to find ends and not to do more harm to your system. Basically you have two options: a) to restore/undelete files from Recycle Bin (if they were not purged) and to run uninstaller (\Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\unins000.exe) b) to download and try to use SB Pro PE 4.363 Full Installer. Then uninstall normally via Windows Settings>Apps to clean-up any possible left-over, and then to install from the scratch with bundle installer, or by downloading and installing optional components(maps, legacy maps, maps transfer tools) individually.
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