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  1. Looks like you were trying to control drone from drone's F8 view, available only in mission editor while testing a scenario. To control drone you need to be in parent squad F8 or F7 view, and while in that view- go to F2 (sort of focus eye view on drone thing) or F3 (drone payload) view.
  2. Thanks, looks like a small issue with animation
  3. Please contact sales, or Ssnake directly via e-mail. We are all out of office, let's say, so addressing your issue might take some time. P.S. I'd like to remind all users, that posting CMDust logs etc in public domain may reveal some your sensitive private data- these materials need to be handed over by mail only
  4. Thanks for heads-up, that is very disappointing thing easy to reproduce .
  5. If you are calling arty from map view while in a test mode, you are essentially using instructor's functionality. E.g. fire mission would be executed immediately and disregarding of ammo availability. If you need to use arty in normal way without turning off test mode, please use 'Support' drop-down menu.
  6. We are aware of the issue, there is no need to bump it repeatedly.
  7. Sorry, but I'm unable to reproduce with wind speed set to 0 and gun dispersion disabled. And 4 mils point of impact deviation implies either wind or dispersion effects(lead scale marks have estimated 5 mils separation). Also note that sight does not compensate for parallax and drift.
  8. ...also it is very important to understand difference between 1st and 2nd generation cameras. As a rule of the thumb image rendered by 1st gen TIS consists of about 100-260 lines (take 127x150 pixels photo, resize it to 1280x1080 pixels and see what is going to happen), depending of detector assembly design(number of elements) and scan pattern, while 2nd generation devices provide HD image resolution(because detectors contain more sensing elements). Plus some second generation cameras have advanced image processing and rendering capabilities, let's say somewhat resembling antialiasing.
  9. In order to give any answer we need reproduce problem at least
  10. They do not have vehicle-specific load-out defined, yes. But unfortunately I cannot say why it is done exactly this way.
  11. Note that Ural in game is in fact a generic surrogate for a broad number of similarly looking vehicles used by different nations, not only particular soviet/russian truck.
  12. First of all, I'd suggest not trying to do any kinds of 'tricks' to avoid restrictions imposed by sanctions. Please contact sales regarding refund.
  13. But your IP is not. If refund wasn't received, please contact sales via e-mail.
  14. There no more sales to Russia and Belorussia due to sanctions.
  15. They could use ATGMs, but chances are not great because of following factors: -Weapon selection priorities by AI against helicopter target: 1) Guns 2) Rockets 3) ATGMs -Limited number of possible attack runs against each individual target- 1 to 3 depending of route tactics.
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