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  1. -Part about turret being visible is #7331 -Part about TNPA-65 in GNR's hatch is #7329 -This one is a #7328. Note, that here a 2 catches. 1) To fully utilize FOV of TNPO-168 you need lean closer to it, so, in fact camera position on T-72M and T-72B1 is more correct to replicate driver's posture 2) Small TNPA-65 vision blocks in the driver's hatch IRL are intended mostly as a back-up in case if primary TNPO-168 device is damaged, so normally you would not use 'em while driving(well, procedures may differ between militaries). This one is a #7332
  2. Part about Leo 2A4 peri is a #7303... ... and part about Lemur's 50x scope is a #7304
  3. Part about improved image quality with TIM turned off is a #7302.
  4. Ok. Current behavior of the PERI in KW mode appears to be correct, and you need to use EMES image feed to aim in this mode.
  5. Well, this is how it works in SB since mid-2000s. Supposed to simulate feed from television camera in place of optical extension. Yes, this appears to be a bug.
  6. Well, lowered shield prevents traverse of the PERI head, so you will not be able to traverse the turret in KH mode since GPS LOS is slaved to PERI LOS. But speaking of KW, there may be a sort of issue, since you cannot control PERI LOS in this mode disregarding of the shield's position- someone more qualified needs to check and make his judgement EDIT: PERI behavior in KW mode is an entry #7301.
  7. No, currently there is no such option if you are purchasing from the web shop of the eSim Games; only credit card payments are accepted. For european customers there is an option to purchase a classic license from OkaySoft.de exists, and OkaySoft accepts PayPal payments, but they are selling only a "–°lassic" licenses(e.g. time-based and upgrade licenses are not available from them)
  8. ...and it's filed as #7298 .
  9. Ok, all this turns in to entries #7278, #7279 and #7280 and will be investigated.
  10. Ok, first of all- is this happens in each and every scenario, which you are trying to play, or there is a certain specific scenario? And if there is such problematic scenario, can you upload it, so we can check what is going on there?
  11. Ok, this one is #7176.
  12. No, you cannot remove individual speech files from the sim. But you can try to add empty or silent substitutes to the mods folder (My Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\sounds\voices\_language_selection_)
  13. Hard to suggest anything useful because nothing fresh leaked so far. Anyway russian brigades were based on legacy regimental kits of equipment, so old data still valid to some degree(especially for company level)
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