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  1. Yes, v.4.163 is available only as patch installer at present time. So you need to install v.4.162, which is available as a full installer, and then apply patch; in all other aspects description of installation process outlined in release notes is valid.
  2. Speaking of USB stick contents, the only thing which can be used is the maps installer. And, BTW, you need to install maps first; after this you can proceed with installation of v.4.162 and applying v.4.163 patch... Final touch will be installation of the Map Package Transfer Manager v31, which can be downloaded here: http://dl.steelbeasts.com/MapTransferMgr_V31_Setup.exe
  3. Thanks, this is known problem valid for any in-game MBT with gun-missile armament.
  4. Jartsev


    Quite clear that it is the bug.
  5. Jartsev


    Well, it's not about TOS, but about building. Happens if rocket(or any other HE projectile) hits balcony at certain angle, as far as I can see at this point.
  6. Please elaborate bit more... Right now UAV/UGV can be utilized by scout teams and CO/XO units only (this is intentional change which was introduced with first v.4.1 release, if I'm not mistaken).
  7. Right now in game it is possible edit map themes(also open theme files for editing) only if unpublished map package is loaded in the Map Editor; this is a known issue.
  8. 'SB Pro Map Package Transfer Manager v.31' is a replacement for 'SB Map Tools' only, e.g. before installing it, you need to uninstall 'Steel Beasts Map Tools v.16' which you have now. Do not uninstall 'Steel Beast Maps' and 'Steel Beasts Legacy Map Installer'!
  9. Jartsev

    T-72 vulnerability

    Truth is that driver's periscope is indeed a very weak spot on real vehicle, not counting practically unprotected turret ring. P.S. Also, it is important to understand that in real life any modern MBT(not just T-72) has such spots on it's frontal projection.
  10. Rendering of terrain in the map editor and in the mission editor(also during gameplay session) is indeed different due to certain technical reasons. And, speaking of buildings sinking in to the ground, as far as I can see at this point, this issue was addressed.
  11. This has nothing to do with 9M119. 1) (by design) Any in-game explosion, if ammo with new HE model implemented is concerned, occurs at approximately 0,4 meters above the ground. E.g. very same thing can be seen with TOW, MILAN, HEAT rounds for tank guns etc. 2) There is a known bug, when AI attempts to engage target almost entirely hidden behind terrain mask.
  12. This is perfectly normal This reflects, that you have a Codemeter stick with 'classic' license up and running, while virtual container for time-based licenses is empty, since you don't have any.
  13. First of all, there is absolutely no need to load scenario in mission editor for the map extraction. Open mission editor, but do not try to open any scenario there, then proceed directly to "File" menu and click there "Extract to map package"; dialog for scenario selection will pop-up- select required scenario there and extract map. If extracted map package have same name as embedded map, ypu will be able to play this sce without further editing(well, ideally it would be nice to check and fix double IDs, but password protection will not let you load sce in the mission editor). This is not technically possible because of amount of custom scenarios made by users
  14. ...and this is how it works in game now.
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