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  1. Sorry, typo. Not "now" but big bold "NO"
  2. Yes, but this applies only to scenarios created originally in SB Pro. PE user creating scenario in SB Pro PE from the scratch cannot select map area larger than limits mentioned above.
  3. Yes, classroom version is not available to general public. Well, first of all, map editor of PE version allows user to create terrain maps as large as underlying height map is, but it doesn't have functionality to import DEM data to create new height map replicating on real-world location. Also there is no ability to import GIS data for the terrain map. But still you can create your own terrain maps based on existing height maps manually, or you can ask someone with access to Pro version to make them for you: And speaking of this: Play area larger than 21.97x21.97 km is Pro-specific feature.
  4. Well, probably there is a temporary issue with credit card verification server. Try to place an order again a bit later, please. P.S. Just made a try myself- seems to work now.
  5. Well, primary purpose of this system is a protection against mines and IEDs with magnetic target sensors. Hypothetically it also can mess-up fuzes of some top-attack munitions, but so far this isn't verified.
  6. No, user manual covers subjects like user interface, AI behavior, use of scenario and map editors etc. It is not focused on specific vehicles. Map stick, first of all, contains an installer for the map packages. Obviously download option will be provided too, but download size will be substantial(let's say well over 10GB total), so map stick is an alternative for those, who cannot download large amount of data for the some reason.
  7. Well, they say... But It is not Afganit, which is supposed to be rather conservative successor of Drozd-2. If APS relies on EFPs or MEFPs to defeat threat, then design of the launchers will be absolutely different.
  8. Obviously data published in open sources was used to some extent, but it is important to keep in mind, that it doesn't cover all aspects and there is a plenty doubtful stuff floats around. Luckily, T-14 and T-15 are not that new at component level as most people may think.
  9. That's right. In this aspect there is no change from 4.0
  10. Sorry, but "Upgrade bundle" includes license for the upgrade from v.4.0 to 4.1. If you skipped upgrade to v.4.0 in the past, then you need to pick "Upgrade license from version 2.6 or 3.0 ONLY"(US$ 59.00) which doesn't comes with goodies like a "Map stick" or a printed manual; another option to consider are time-based licenses.
  11. ...If they will not screw up again with production of blanks for barrels.
  12. Quite dated but nice-looking screenshot, but looks like it is a right time to publish it.
  13. First of all, T-14 is not in service, since it was not passed state acceptance trials yet and is not standardized. It is still an industrial test batch prototype, and size of the batch doesn't matter really(even if it equates to a few battalion kits). BTR-82A, contrary to this, passed state acceptance trials years ago(in 2010) and was formally standardized by russian MoD in 2013(deliveries of series production vehicles started one year earlier).
  14. Vehicle fighting positions(vehicle emplacements) and reference panels are not map-specific objects- you can to add them to any scenario with the Mission Editor
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