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  1. Well, AI detects targets, because aside of you and AI-controlled gunner, depending of vehicle type and model, there are also AI-controlled loader, AI-controlled driver and AI-controlled dismounts present. Then, if you are multi-crewing, then very likely in most cases there are still some positions left unmanned- usually loader and the driver(and in real life they would report whatever they are able to see). Then finally, since very beginning of SB, even if all available positions are manned by human users, then this still does not fully supress detection routines by AI (this one of the reasons why there is an optional 'Blind' status available).
  2. SHIFT alone in context of this particular feature does nothing- note message saying 'Lase to mark position' , which shows up if SHIFT is pressed.
  3. 1) Feature actually works, when it comes to its original purpose- spot reports for the user's party. This is very easy to see, if player's vehicle is set blind. 2) You need to press both SHIFT and CTRL (or whatever key or button is assigned to fire LRF). Easiest way to do that- bring target in to your binoculars view, so yellow crosshair will be on target. Then press and hold SHIFT( yellow will turn red), and while it still pressed, briefly tap CTRL. 3) This works in F8 and F7 eye and binocular views, but not in CWS, PANO or whatever sight view 4) This does not tell your AI GNR to look or shoot at target detected by you. So it cannot be used reliably for fire control, e.g. if gunner is attracted by something else, he will ignore this new target, until you directly designate target (by slewing turret/gun) or give order to traverse turret. Same applies to unit of several vehicles, but there is not so much options to actually control section/platoon fires in SB, especially in 3D views.
  4. Slave gun to PERI to designate target- arrow up hotkey KH HZF mode (KW on Leo 2A4)- Shift+Numpad * ...But it is strongly recommended to go through vehicle-specific tutorials in order to get familiar with controls and functions before playing actual missions.
  5. Ok, this one seems to be related to CV9030/9035 mostly.
  6. In real life there is no way for the loader to know, if gun, after chambering a fresh round, is actually ready to fire or not. E.g., as a rule of the thumb, he announces 'Up!"( or 'Ready!') when he cleared recoil path, disengaged safety and bustle door( if present) is closed; this has nothing to do with gun being back in coincidence with GPS LOS.
  7. There is a folder with broad selection of different documentation installed with Steel Beasts. It includes User Manual and a keyboard charts on several languages. To access this folder open 'Start' menu, then pick 'eSim Games and finally 'Documentation'. Or you can navigate to directory, where SB was installed (by default this is C:\Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE ) and pick Docs folder there.
  8. Yes, this might be treated as consistency problem. But at the same time, in order to optimize performance certain things, which are normally not so much visible, are not rendered in some views.
  9. We will try to investigate, but issue could be caused by network synchronization issues
  10. We have a tutorial video on the subject:
  11. Ok, fortunately I have some photos of exactly that T-72 in my stash, and looking on shot taken from the front, I'd agree that it is indeed KE: Also, you can see how penerator exited armor plate behind the hatch due to normalization, and went inside again through the turret ring. Now the tricky part. Current damage model does not simulate normalization of KE penetrators- this, actually, is a quite complex physical process and SB is not a CAD software. So as V. explained in his post on previous page, in game penetrator would simply continue through armor without attempting to deviate anywhere. We need to think how address particular issue, but this would require some time and may have rather far-reaching effects (since it would likely affect any vehicle in game to some degree).
  12. well, that was HEAT actually(there are tell-tale marks on driver's hatch cover) , and in real world it behaves very differently from KE penetrators.
  13. All group routes have 20kph default speed disregarding of tactics.
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