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  1. When it comes to woods, trees at their edges are scaled down and sunk into ground intentionally, but, guess, this is not quite right for some types of trees and needs some investigation. But at this point, if woodland tile was utilized to replicate group if individual trees, it could be better to replace it with individual trees...
  2. Yes, Shift+Q and Shift+Z only erect and stow BAA respectively. To fully extend or lower mast you need to use Alt+Q and Al+Z(and to manipulate mast it is easier to use clickable buttons on SBP, BTW) 1) AI crew would never erect, elevate, lower or stow BAA on its own if there is a human user in F8 view; this is an intent 2) AI crew, if human user is not present, would always erect BAA from stowed position on routes with Scout tactics, if route speed setting is 'Slow' or 6-20kph 3) From memory, on battle positions, if human user is not present, AI crew may tak
  3. This is not a bug, but also not a feature either... Keys from "1" to "0" are hardcoded for manually typing-in range value, even if this particular function may be not necessary available on certain vehicles or individual crew positions, plus, with 'Shift' key as modifier same keys are serving to toggle triggers on and off. If you are assigning something else to those keys, conflict occurs; this would happen with any vehicle in game. So if idea was to replicate controls setup from some tank MMO game, then this is not quite possible... If goal was different, then please try to use nump
  4. And one more thing- artwork for T-90SA in game is probably almost a decade old(it was introduced to SB Pro PE in v3.0); this applies to both external and armor models, and because of age armor model may be less detailed and not able to support some newer features. Other than that, performance of armor model is consistent with older version of Steel Beasts- for example 4.0.
  5. Ok, those are bugs 9538 and 9539 now. Please note, that in SB E-Stop button is intended to toggle silent observation on and off, when vehicle is stationary, but we need to make it more robust.
  6. Ok, thanks we will take care of this
  7. Ok... And do you run SB in full screen or windowed mode? What are resolution settings?
  8. 1) This legacy map is included in to Legacy Maps Installer. But please not, that those maps require conversion to 4.1/4.2 standard; for conversion details please check this thread: 2) There is a new "Kouvostoliitto Finland 50x50km" map depicting same area available. It is installed by SB Pro PE Maps Installer, which installs other 4.1/4.2 "canned" maps... May be it is worth to try it, but since height map has a substantially greater resolution, some things in your scenarios may stop working as intended, so some caution is needed(at least after replacing the map do not save modi
  9. This, actually is not new, and worked that way since very beginning or at least v.3.0...
  10. Wow, this a whole new twist in the story, and it doesn't sound good. Thank you for heads-up, will investigate.
  11. Well, it wasn't our intent to let dozer-equipped vehicles to mark cleared path(since, technically, those markings are for lanes through minefields, and there are no such lanes created by dozing atm), but probably we need to revisit the subject, weight-out possible options and, possibly, make some refinements. You know, there are some pros and cons, plus it is possible now to mark breach site by manually placed panels.
  12. Thanks, was able to reproduce. This is definitely a bug, which needs to be addressed. Basically AI TC indexes a battlesight range somehow, while it shouldn't
  13. Sorry, but those AARs do not show any bugs. 1) Note that all KE or HEAT impacts inflicted certain damage(AAR does not show detailed list of damage and some 'Light damage' entries could be actually not so light). 2) Note that most vehicles impacted by KE or HEAT died after receiving 2 or 3 shots 3) Engine on path of threat munition may greatly reduce damage received(by the price of mobility kill) 4) Add-on armor(which is essentially bulging plates/chobham) in case of Warrior reduces damage inflicted by HEAT(especially if projectile has very moderate rated RHA penetration
  14. 1) During the first ~5-9 seconds of execution phase SB settles some things down. E.g. AI may index range, enable or disable certain systems etc on its own. 2) Probably you jumped in to gunner's position, when AI gunner was indexing range. Obviously cycle needs to completed. 3) T-62 has a loading angle, so gun and sight are moving to certain elevation to load a new round
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