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    Yes, by replacing a theme with some other winter one: load scenario in Mission Editor, then in 'Map' drop-down menu select 'Replace theme' and pick some other theme. Check result in 3D view, and save scenario if you like result. Other option is to edit existing theme; this one is a bit tricky. Load scenario in Mission Editor, then in 'Map' drop-down menu select 'Extract theme' and save theme to file. After doing that close Mission Editor and go to Map Editor, open Default Map. save default map as new delta or base package(does not matter really which option you choose). Now load theme file you extracted earlier for editing by going to 'Theme' drop-down menu and picking there 'Open'. After that- in 'Theme' menu select 'Edit'. Now you are editing extracted theme. In theme editor window check each and every 'Ground type'(all 16 of them), and if ground type has 'Is snow' flag set- change snow on roads options(under 'Snow depth' slider): select 'No snow on roads' if you want all roads to be not covered with snow. Once done, click 'Ok' and save theme- 'Theme'> 'Save as'. Now you need to go back to Mission editor and replace theme in scenario with edited one.
  2. Thanks, will investigate. But please note that powered operation of 1A40 in T-72B3 is not simulated.
  3. When you are installing maps from Maps Installer please make sure, that you have 'Full Installation' and all maps selected: Also, note installation path, e.g. to which folder maps are going to be installed. They should go in to same folder as defined in SB's file path menu.
  4. Well, ideally user should not tinker with manual transfer and installation of maps; normally this should be done in more-or-less automated way with Map Transfer Tools, supplied with SB. Also it is worth to get familiar with part of User Manual describing the file structure of Steel Beasts (for current revision- pages 23-27, and regarding map packages- 25-26). You can access manual via eSim Games- Steel Beasts Pro entry in Start menu (if you are using Win 11, then in order to see it you need to pick 'All apps' option), or by going to C:\Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\docs. What is not mentioned in manual: 1) eSim Games- Steel Beasts Pro entry in Start menu contains quick access shortcut to your maps folder. Alternative- launch SB, in Main Menu pick Options then File Paths; you will be able to see folder address. Also keep in mind that C:\ProgramData\ is hidden by default. 2) If maker of scenario for whatever reason included map package to a archive with scenario instead of uploading map to server, you should manually copy-paste this package to maps folder, and probably it would work. Just make sure that scenario was downloaded from '4.1+ Single Player Scenarios'. If scenario does not work: a) it is pre-4.1 scenario likely downloaded from 'Multiplayer Scenarios' section, and map requires conversion(also may be you would need to manually download it from ' Pre-4.1 Maps' section of 'Downloads'). That isn't hard, and we have a pinned thread on subject: Legacy map is relatively easy to identify, since it is composed of just two map files and optional theme file: -.hgt for height map, should be copied to C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\height -.ter for terrain map, C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\terrain - optional .thm file, which should go to C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\themes b) it is 4.1+ scenario, but map is unpublished. Well, you would need to open map in Map Editor and pick 'Publish' option in order to make it read-only and usable for normal gameplay sessions c) it is 4.1+ scenario, but map package provided by scenario maker is a delta package (e.g. contains only changes relative to base map). Here things may get tricky, if base map is not available for download from our server, and not a part of map installer. In this case it might be better to contact maker of scenario and ask for instructions where to get base map.
  5. This is a known limitation of current engine- illumination effect is applied to all crew entities disregarding of vehicle type. Alternative would be to have them all pitch black if mission is set at night, and that would also apply to tank and IFV/PC crews even if vehicle interior has illumination enabled. We will try to address this problem, but it is not possible to promise quick and nice looking fix.
  6. I'm not able to reproduce on my machines; problem requires some investigation. Can you launch SB in debug mode and try switching to full screen? Shortcut for launching SB in debug mode can be found in Start>All Apps> eSim Games-Steel Beasts Pro> Troubleshooting. Then please send us collected debug log (can be found in My Documents/eSim Games/Steel Beasts/logs); please use e-mail, do not post it here.
  7. For more than a decade it is quite known that Leo 2s produced in batches 1-6(and partially 7) were designed to withstand frontal impacts by 115mm APFSDS at 1km range/125mm APFSDS at 1.5km range, but until recent time it wasn't known what were actual threat munitions. But thanks to declassified information discovered in NL archives we know now, that surrogate round to represent 115mm APFSDS was 105mm XM735. Specified CE protection is 115mm HEAT-T and 116mm ATGM simulated with 105mm M465 HEAT-T and 96mm MILAN warhead respectively. This is about what we have in SB at present time, and for simulation purposes it is way more beneficial to know exact nomenclature of specified threats than some abstract RHA equivalents. In other words at this point armor protection Leo-2A0-A4 is very well documented from overall protection requirements down to armor plates nomenclature.
  8. Symbol is to help ID this pit and its purpose; pit itself is omnidirectional.
  9. It works even if waypoint has tactics applied, but you need to be careful with embarkation conditions.
  10. It still works. 1) Create approach route ending with waypoint, which has 'Troops> Dismount' option selected. 2) From waypoint mentioned above plot a new route with 'Engage' tactics. In 'Speed' options pick 'Slow', '6 kph' or, if you want troops to jog- '10 kph'. Note that in latter case troops are going to hit the ground, if stamina runs out, and vehicles would sit idling and waiting for them. Possible bottleneck: make sure, that mounted element(vehicles) assumed proper formation before arriving to disembarkation point, e.g. set proper formation for approach route in advance. If this wasn't done, PCs may try to drop dismounts first, and change formation after.
  11. 1) 'Not focused lines' are negative side effect of antialiasing enabled internally, this is why curved and inclined elements of reticles and symbology are smooth and not composed of jagged lines as before. Downside is less tidy appearance of some very small elements. We will try to do something about that, but I'm not sure if this is possible to address without rolling sight views back to 4.363 state, and what else may be impacted. 2) Inconsistency of GAS views is old and known issue.
  12. Known problem; unfortunately it is an engine limitation
  13. And by the they, how Cobras in your scenario are supposed to engage enemy with AGLs, if ammunition load in scenario has 0 grenades for them?
  14. First, as far as I can see, AH-1 has no problems with using 40mm AGL against ground targets(hitting them is a bit different and known story), if on route with appropriate tactics(engage, for example) and AI considers target as engageable. It would be nice to see your test scenario with instructions how to reproduce. And note, that if you are flying helicopter manually, then depending of terrain it may open fire when it is bit too late.
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