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  1. This has nothing to do with 9M119. 1) (by design) Any in-game explosion, if ammo with new HE model implemented is concerned, occurs at approximately 0,4 meters above the ground. E.g. very same thing can be seen with TOW, MILAN, HEAT rounds for tank guns etc. 2) There is a known bug, when AI attempts to engage target almost entirely hidden behind terrain mask.
  2. This is perfectly normal This reflects, that you have a Codemeter stick with 'classic' license up and running, while virtual container for time-based licenses is empty, since you don't have any.
  3. First of all, there is absolutely no need to load scenario in mission editor for the map extraction. Open mission editor, but do not try to open any scenario there, then proceed directly to "File" menu and click there "Extract to map package"; dialog for scenario selection will pop-up- select required scenario there and extract map. If extracted map package have same name as embedded map, ypu will be able to play this sce without further editing(well, ideally it would be nice to check and fix double IDs, but password protection will not let you load sce in the mission editor). This is not technically possible because of amount of custom scenarios made by users
  4. ...and this is how it works in game now.
  5. 1) Right now, in v.4.162 CITV in autoscan mode compensates rotation of the turret, e.g. counter-rotation works. 2) Right now, in v. 4.162 autoscan sector is defined in relation to hull; if hull is traversed, then it takes some time for the CITV to return to assigned sector, because CITV's traverse rate is defined by autoscan rate settings(user adjustable). This may give false impression of non-working counter-rotation, but I think that someone more competent in this area (like @Assassin 7, for example) should provide some input, if current behavior is correct
  6. AI is the same for all parties, and arty obeys very same rules disregarding of the party it belongs, be it blue, red, green etc. So first of all- are you sure that target was not engaged by arty? Fire missions requested by AI and executed by on-map arty are not shown on the map, but this doesn't mean that target was not engaged... Then the next question- can target be engaged at all? Is it within arty's reach? Is it outside of minimal range of fire(because currently in-game arty cannot engage targets in direct fire mode)? What about terrain, may be there are some hills, which are preventing target from being engaged? And most trivial thing- is AI allowed to call for fire, and if 'yes', then what units can call for fire?
  7. Sure contents of \ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts will be overwritten by v.2.370- some stock scenarios including tutorials, legacy maps etc. Also, if you are going to back-up this folder, v2.370 may be not compatible with scenarios and maps for 4.0. and quite obvious that there is no any compatibility with 4.1. Additionally, very likely, you may run in to all sorts of issues with mods because of artwork changes implemented in later versions(and this may affect all installed versions, if you are going to use mods made for 2.370)
  8. TOS-1 is chemical warfare(flame) line-of-sight weapon system; its use for indirect fires is a bit of exception in real life, judging by available documentation for relevant russian gunnery trainer... Basically, it's a replacement of flamethrower tank, which has a very long reach. So, TOS in SB is direct- or semi-direct fire weapon, and to control it's fires you should use 'Suppress here' and 'Hold fire' commands, or to rely on to AI.
  9. Grayed out right panel, which contains terrain and objects selection options, and entry 'Publish map' missing from the 'File' drop-down menu are indicating that map package is is published. Alternatively you can check status of your map package using 'Open' entry of the 'File' menu and toggling 'Filter by publication state' options. Please note: 'Published' status means, that map got read-only compressed state and can be utilized for offline or network session. This doesn't mean, that map package was uploaded anywhere. Yes, generally it's better to share map with scenario, and procedure is described here: ...Just a word of caution... Please upload scenario and map package separately to appropriate sections, don't pack them both to one single archive.
  10. Well, L36A1 actually had a tracer(same for L28 and L52), albeit this was not reflected in official UK nomenclature normally used in the training pamphlets.
  11. Michel, do you see the problem with each and every tank, or it's specific to M1A2 only? In case, if it's M1A2-specific, then next question is, do you have any mods installed? What camo is selected for the blue party? Note, that decals are missing too... Also, as Lumi already pointed out, issue may be caused by extreme visual range set; it's better not to increase it above 9-10 kilometers.
  12. There is an installer containing all maps(minus Terrastan), which were delivered with v.4.0: Legasy Maps Installer; 'Suweon-Osan' map is likely should be included. Please note, that those maps are not converted for use with v.4.1, and you need to do this yourself:
  13. From Belgium, AFAIK. Probably M1000-series by MECAR.
  14. This is an intentional behavior (albeit this may be not clearly defined in the manual); generally, 'Kill when hit' applies only to shots fired by the human users, because this feature is intended for gunnery exercises, first of all.
  15. 'Close' button minimizes program to tray, and you need to restore it from tray instead attempting to launch another instance(this is not possible without --ignorelock' command line option). To quit(terminate) program you need to use red hexagon key marked with X.
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