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  1. As I wrote above- trees have completely new more detailed models, and to render them requires more GPU resources, despite of all possible optimizations
  2. Answer is very simple- you are staring through magnified optics at nearby bunch of trees, and rendering of those trees causes impact on performance, since as you may notice trees models are not quite the same as they were in 2.5-4.0.
  3. Ok, are you running SB in full screen mode? If yes, I'll suggest to consider switching to windowed mode, which in, particular case may give you extra 5-10 frames per second. I'm writing this as a person, whose primary system has GTX1050Ti graphics card, which is more or less equivalent of RX560. Other option is to reduce resolution somewhat, but blurry appearance of the image in this case may not be suitable for everyone.
  4. 1) Can you upload your test scenario? 2) What are system specs? Sorry, but '8gig ram 4core AMD' is not quite descriptive, and sounds more like some integrated graphics, relying on shared memory.
  5. Yep, that is a classroom feature...
  6. Well, that is the test mode, where you have much more freedom, but probably we should reconsider ability to move deployable objects outside of deployment zone in that mode... Speaking of inability to re-select moved objects, that one was fixed for an update.
  7. Jartsev


    In particular case scenario file name contains non-ASCII character 'Ü' in 'Rübenberge', and this is why SB cannot open file. So to fix the issue you just need to rename file(in Windows Explorer).
  8. Ok... Thanks for reporting; as far as I can see, issue is indeed present.
  9. Well, as I wrote above- Rb57 Storm needs some extra work.
  10. Fixing of NLAW is in progress, lets say.
  11. No need to bump. This issue is fixed.
  12. Jartsev

    Jump to end

    Well, for some reason 'Jump to the end if...' logic for both routes in your test scenario has 'Before checking, wait: 0:02' set, and this 2-second wait time causes all the mess.
  13. Yes, this seems to be a problem, so it would be a good idea to check temperatures. Another matter, why this happens; judging by graphics card model, we are talking about laptop, and its cooling system may not have sufficient airflow. Also Radeon Pro 560 is not so much a performer, and may be it is worth to consider reduction of resolution, graphics and terrain details distance settings.
  14. 1) What was scenario name? 2) Is there any specific direction of viewing or particular event, when frame rate drop happens? Or frame rate falls down no matter of what, without any apparent reason?
  15. Jartsev


    Very likely scenario is set on some old map, which wasn't georeferenced; in such case in v.4.1 coordinates for the map's SW corner are automatically set to Oceanic Pole of inaccessibility, which is located in southern part of Pacific Ocean and this conflicts with time zone settings in scenario. You need to open scenario in the mission editor and then adjust local time zone(UTC offset) in 'Mission date and time settings' dialog.
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