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  1. Please refrain from finger-pointing, personal vendetta and insults. Let's keep discussion polite and constructive.
  2. Exactly. As I wrote above- settings in 'Default behavior in buildings' and 'Default route waypoint tactics' menus are global and during network session are applied to each and every unit owned by client. You cannot define them separately for each of your units.
  3. It is possible to make changes to those settings during execution phase, but they would take effect not immediately, but once units wold embark new route or arrive to new BP. Also those 'Default behavior in buildings' settings cannot be applied selectively to individual units; they are global for all units owned by session participant (in offline session- party).
  4. Please contact sales@esimgames.com; it is possible to replace broken CodeMeter stick (for a fee). Also it makes sense to run CmDust diagnostic utility and attach resulting log file to your email to sales, but please DO NOT post this log here, since it contain sensitive data.
  5. Well, I just cross-checked 4.023, 4.167 and 4.267 versions of Steel Beasts and do not see any difference, when it comes to handling of vehicle skins. E.g. with assumption that folder and file names are correct, mods were placed to the right folder and respective camo for party was enabled via Mission Editor, current version works exactly same way as it was before.
  6. In order to see what is going on, it would be very nice to have original unchanged scenario. Can you upload it, please? Also if map was medited for use with this scenario, it would be good to get it too. Edit: Disregard, I was able to reproduce problem.
  7. Remark here: saving a back-up copy of \ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\scenarios only makes sense, if several different versions of Steel Beasts are installed on the same computer at the same time. User-created scenarios should be saved to \My Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Scenarios, which is never overwritten during SB updates. Same applies in case, if you are editing stock scenario delivered with SB- save it not to 'Scenarios' but to 'My scenarios'.
  8. So now it sounds more like CodeMeter Control Center pops up on system start instead of being minimized to tray. If this assumption is correct, solution for the problem could be found in here: Please also note, that CodeMeter Control Center showing up not minimized to system tray on Windows start is not a big deal per se, albeit it could be quite annoying.
  9. This is definitely not right, since warning about approaching expiration of time-limited license shall appear only if Steel Beasts is launched, while Classic License(e.g. 'unlimited license') stored on USB key should not trigger such message. So first and most obvious question- are you positively sure, that message displayed is indeed shown by CodeMeter and not, let's say, something else? Then, if message indeed belongs to CodeMeter, is there any chance, that for whatever reason Steel Beasts is set to auto-run on Windows start-up?
  10. I mean individual vehicles within recombined unit in the map view and 3D
  11. There are still 6 vehicles in resulting unit, just 2 of them are not showing up on the map immediately. Drag unit a bit, for example, and you will see 'em.
  12. If you are jumping away from your current position, AI would not keep changes made by you and would apply own settings. This is not a bug and applies to range, ammo, rate of fire etc.
  13. T-62, e.g. a vehicle with 115mm smoothbore gun never ever had such thing. T-62A with 100mm rifled gun- is a different story, but it never reached mass production.
  14. Thanks, but delta map will not work alone, e.g. without base package. Edit: P.S. Actually yes, it needs base, which we do not have here.
  15. ...and it would be really nice to have a map for scenario, where crashes were observed...
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