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  1. -This is how vehicle is designed, open hatches do not inhibit firing. And nothing prevents you from firing machine gun directly by using its own trigger, while standing in open hatch -There are certain limitations of damage model -Known problem, but so far, it seems that only me was able to see or deliberately reproduce it. Work-around is rather simple- for operation of clickable switches do not activate view with LMB.
  2. 1) What model of Abrams do you trying to tow? 2) What damages vehicle has? Is it on fire?
  3. Ok, thanks! At glance, it seems that you are running out of free space on your disk, when attempting to save edited map as existing or as a new delta: -Please note, that unpublished map with edited heights may take from 1GB to more than 50GB of disk space, depending of amount of changes made.
  4. ...And one more thing... Could you launch SB in debug mode, try to edit map, and provide log collected?
  5. Thanks, I'll pass this information to programmers
  6. It does not fire because it shouldn't. FCS does not provide solution for APFSDS and HEAT beyond 3km(while IRL, in case of HE and ATGMs it will provide solution up to 5km).
  7. @Koen, which version do you have now? 1) If you are updating from v.4.167, then you need: -Uninstall SB Pro PE v4.167 -Uninstall Map Transfer Tools/Map Package Transfer Manager; those should not be confused with SB Pro PE Maps Installer(Steel Beasts Maps) and Steel Beasts Legacy Map Installer. 2) If you are updating from version v.4.250, then you do not need to uninstall anything; just apply SB Pro PE 4.259 Patch Please note, that we have now a SB Pro PE Bundle Installer 4.259, which partially automates installation process. E.g. if you have v.4.167 or older
  8. Those are sealing plugs for TZF an MG apertures. Look closer and you will see tethers
  9. Yes, sorry, this fix didn't made its way in to v.4.259 by certain technical reason
  10. Certain properties of CV9040's FCS and stabilisation system were not obvious to the users before introduction of New Terrain and procedural bumps, because terrain was too smooth, and current rather surprising behavior is actually more-or-less correct(within software limitations).
  11. They are accessible in theme editor if enabled in Land Object Palette. Go to map editor, in 'Theme' drop-down menu pick 'Edit'- 'Edit theme' widget will open. In this widget click 'Edit Land Object Palette' to open widget allowing to change land object presets.
  12. Ok, trying to reproduce here, but without much luck so far. Certain things worthy to mention: -During offline session you can reposition any deployable obstacle, fortification or panel disregarding of ownership, and save their updated position to map overlay file. -If this file is loaded then during network session, then only obstacles and panels, which have your unit as defined owner, will be re-positioned. Note that I didn't mentioned fortifications(bunkers and emplacements), since they are always owned by all users. This brings another issue- what happens in network ses
  13. Ah, sorry... 1) Obstacles and fortifications were not re-deployed during offline test run or during actual TGIF session? 2) Who was the owner of those assets? Did they had multiple owners?
  14. In 4.2 plan stores only units and routes data, while for map graphics, obstacles and fortifications there is a new feature- 'Map overlay'(to save new overlay- File> Save map overlay; to load saved overlay-File>Load map overlay)
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