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  1. Yes, commander acts as a gunner, so position is not available if no optional weapon was selected. This is more-or-less in line with other in-game technicals...
  2. Issue with inability to repair damaged drive sprockets is fixed.
  3. Jartsev

    SB wont open [FIXED]

    Please try to start SB in 'Safe Mode'( Start> eSim Games> Troubleshooting> Steel Beasts Pro PE (safe mode)), and see if error still exists
  4. From briefing of relevant tutorial scenario: Basically FCS performs a form of automatic target tracking based on measured initial tracking rates. So if initial tracking was not accurate or steady , or if gunner make attempts of excessive corrections, turret will run away.
  5. Ok, this is definitely something new. Added it to the list...
  6. Thanks this one is easily reproducible with provided scenario, but issue seems to belong to known bug: Fixing of this bug is not very easy or fast Edit: May be a new bug in fact... Looks like something else may be involved...
  7. Jartsev

    Map problem

    Ok... "Does not work" means that Map downloader application fails to start, or something else(cannot connect to the server, cannot find map package etc)?
  8. Please make sure by checking system tray, that Steel Beasts Map Download Manager is not actually running:
  9. Jartsev

    Map problem

    So I'd like to get a log at least. And, since we are talking about custom map, a copy of it would be nice to have too. Map installer, or Map Download Manager? If issue is with Map Download Manager, then un-installing and re-installing SB will not help much. Map Download Manager must be installed only after installation of SB, otherwise it would not work.
  10. From memory- 'Sticky palm switches' are for M1 series only (may be wrong here) No, this is not how it supposed to work. There mast 2 separate keys- one for dynamic lead, and another for the palm switch, so try to change assignments. And, BTW, please be aware, that dynamic lead at TC's position is not available on BW Leo-1A5.
  11. Jartsev

    Map problem

    We need some more details- what map, when exactly error message pops-up, do you have sufficient disk drive space etc. Also debug log can be very helpful- you can find it in My Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\logs folder.
  12. No, this feature works as intended, I just checked it. You need to hold palm switch('override') hotkey, which is a middle mouse button by default, while overriding. And if you have no joystick connected, then you need to "activate" sight view by left clicking- and in case of Leo 1A5 GPSE this can be done only with 'override' hotkey held pressed.
  13. Ouch, damn thing is broken again. This is a #7899 now. BTW, I suggest to use MFD clickable buttons.
  14. Please note: 1)Armor diagram in SB wiki may not represent current in-game model 2) It is very shortsighted to blindly rely on RHA penetration vs RHA equivalent comparisons, because this doesn't work too well in real life.
  15. This feature doesn't work now, and damage is reset after repair
  16. Damage will be continuously applied, because condition 'mission time >0:00" remains true. So it would be better to create an event, and use damage criteria 'Damage if: event ... is true' a small transparent region, and use damage criteria 'Damage if: Unit XXX is in Region YYY"
  17. Is the ISU switched to narrow FOV/ high magnification? WFOV inhibits firing of the missile or aborts guidance of fired missile.
  18. Jartsev

    4.160 crash

    Ok, thanks. I'll try to reproduce.
  19. Jartsev

    4.160 crash

    Hmmm, would be nice to have scenario, where problem occurred
  20. There is a dozen of models exists IRL
  21. So... You have both v.4.159 and v.4.023, installed in to different folders... And version 4.023 was installed after v.4.159, right? Then my next question is,, do you see loss of particle effects in 'stock' scenarios delivered with SB Pro PE, or this also happens in your custom scenarios?
  22. Yest this was intentional change, since AN/TAS-4 and AN/TAS-4A have red tint in real life.
  23. Yes, setting indicate the wind is coming from the east.
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