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    'Export' button in 'Controls' menu exports your current controls settings to .hkf file
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    And you have these problems with any random vehicle, or few specific models? I'm asking this this, because LRF of CV9035NL is defaulted to pulse mode now, and if you see it continously firing with this vehicle- that is a feature(while not documented). Then there is a Pizarro F2, and in its case it is normal that main gun in burst mode continues to fire specified number of rounds even after release of the trigger.
  3. Known problem, which will be addressed in the patch
  4. Looks like LRF was overheated and got shot down for cooling (it should resume working after some time). If you fired it only once, then it makes sense to check controls assignments-both in-game 'Controls' menu, and joystick/ mouse/keyboard specific 3rd party software(if you have such). Chances are, that there is some collision, which forces LRF to fire continuously and overheat. Other possibility- LRF range entry selection switch was set to 'Manual', but it should reset itself to 'Automatic' once LRF is fired
  5. This one is fixed, and fix hopefully would be available in next patch.
  6. Ok, thanks. I see the problem; bug #11324 now.
  7. Well, never delete installed software manually and do not tinker with registry, because in your situation it would not be possible to find ends and not to do more harm to your system. Basically you have two options: a) to restore/undelete files from Recycle Bin (if they were not purged) and to run uninstaller (\Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\unins000.exe) b) to download and try to use SB Pro PE 4.363 Full Installer. Then uninstall normally via Windows Settings>Apps to clean-up any possible left-over, and then to install from the scratch with bundle installer, or by downloading and installing optional components(maps, legacy maps, maps transfer tools) individually.
  8. 1) Please check in-game sound level(Main Menu>Options>Audio or, while playing a scenario- Alt+S) 2) Try to reset user's options file by launching SB in a Safe mode (Start menu>eSim Games>Troubleshooting>'Steel Beasts Pro PE (safe mode)' shortcut) 3) Do you experience loss of sound with SB only, or some other software, including operation system itself is also affected? 4) Do you have any kind of sound 'enhancer' software (especially 'Nahimic') running? 5) Any recent driver updates? 6) Try to run SB in debug mode (Start menu>eSim Games>Troubleshooting>Steel Beasts Pro PE (debug)) and please send log files collected in debug mode session to us by e-mail(please do not upload them to this forum)
  9. So regarding this one: -As a temporary work-around jump out to F8 view for a few seconds, so AI would sort-out things on its own.
  10. Well, first of all there not enough information on LRAS3 in public domain to accurately simulate it. And JIM-LR is sufficiently good stand-in, since LRAS3 is just a more than 2 decades old thermal imager with far target location function.
  11. Need to investigate this; could be an initialization issue if human player is present at gunner's position(F6 view) at very beginning of execution phase, or if vehicle retracts/deploys hammerhead assy. Yes, availability of red arty box is bound to realism settings now. With high realism it is not displayed on the map.
  12. There are projectiles with PGK in game.
  13. This is common behavior for bigger portion of trucks and PCs since very beginning of SB Pro PE, with TC being essentially a ballast.
  14. Whole problem seems to be a collision between TC override and gunner's routines; hopefully programmers would be able to address it.
  15. ...but since range is indexed by TC, lead is not applied automatically- same logic as with TC override. How it was supposed in real life needs to be investigated at our side...
  16. -4 duplicates clickable 'Reset' button, and does only one thing- resets LRF for the next lase by TC (for GNR, releasing palm switches does the same thing) -Num0 is a 'Battle Range' button, and brings LRF LOS in alignment with GPS LOS at ~1600meters (do not remember exactly) for close range engagements to minimize error due to parallax; only wat to reset it in SB- to fire LRF, and none of clickable buttons have right click action; if you right-clicking, you are lasing.
  17. This particular HEAT has 1500m effective range defined in its properties, and this is a cut-off limit for AI gunners of any vehicle using this round in game, not only M60A3
  18. If LRF receives multiple returns not meeting automatic feed requirements(yellow 'SEL' light is lit on LRF face plate), user at TC's position should evaluate them and feed proper one (1st, 2nd or LAST) manually. So if you hear AI gunner announcing 'We got problem!', go to eye view, check measured range values, and index one which looks appropriate.
  19. SB actually has directional sound, and while I'm playing the game, in headphones I can distinctively hear the difference, when panning my view around...
  20. Looks like problem is specific to legacy scenarios, but will not show up if scenario was made in 4.3.
  21. Looks like you were trying to control drone from drone's F8 view, available only in mission editor while testing a scenario. To control drone you need to be in parent squad F8 or F7 view, and while in that view- go to F2 (sort of focus eye view on drone thing) or F3 (drone payload) view.
  22. Thanks, looks like a small issue with animation
  23. Please contact sales, or Ssnake directly via e-mail. We are all out of office, let's say, so addressing your issue might take some time. P.S. I'd like to remind all users, that posting CMDust logs etc in public domain may reveal some your sensitive private data- these materials need to be handed over by mail only
  24. Thanks for heads-up, that is very disappointing thing easy to reproduce .
  25. If you are calling arty from map view while in a test mode, you are essentially using instructor's functionality. E.g. fire mission would be executed immediately and disregarding of ammo availability. If you need to use arty in normal way without turning off test mode, please use 'Support' drop-down menu.
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