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  1. You are trying to use scenarios made before v.4.1 release. E.g., they are relying on old format for map and not directly compatible with current version of Steel Beasts without conversion. How to convert? Here are 2 pinned topics: Scenario which you linked as example has map files attached. Unzip downloaded archive, locate files with .ter and .hgt extensions; these are terrain and height map respectively. Copy .ter file to C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\terrain and .hgt file to C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\height, then follow links with instructions above and convert map; scenario very likely would work without conversion, unless you change name of converted map package.
  2. Here you are observing another problem- if you are running certain scenario several times in a row, some things might not get properly purged from memory, and this may have undesirable effects if same scenario is tweaked, saved and tested repeatedly. This is why you might see residual damage to buildings in planning phase. Better save changed version under new name.
  3. Thanks, easy to repro and that is a quite nasty issue.
  4. Well, if scenario was altered and saved in mission editor, then it not supposed to store damage to buildings and map objects, frankly speaking.
  5. So you are observing this problem BEFORE scenario was altered and re-saved in Mission Editor, or AFTER?
  6. Interesting... Do you see this problem in offline or network session? And does it occur on any map, or only on certain maps?
  7. Here we go again. Please try to understand, what you are using and what is going on. You have a gun-mounted thermal camera, and spin-stabilized projectile loaded. Let's assume, that you didn't lased any target before and hence default battlesight range is indexed, lead is cancelled. What does it mean? In line (Elevation) TOGS reticle is more or less aligned with GPS LOS. But is it aligned in deflection(Azimuth)? No! Should it? Not quite so, because in fact it shows a predicted point of impact, and there is a drift compensation applied. What is a practical implication? You can still lase a fully-exposed tank-sized target at normal combat range(e.g. up to ~2km), and to have decently accurate result, while at longer ranges it is not possible to expect highly accurate results. Now what you are trying to do and what you are observing. You probably already have some 2+km range pre-indexed because of previous engagement, and you are lasing something. What is going on? Bluntly speaking, even after dumping lead you are going to measure a temperature on the far side of the moon, because TOGS reticle still has drift compensation applied, and obviously is grossly not aligned with GPS LOS in deflection(and that is normal). So range obtained is going to be expectedly wrong. Now question, how to reduce that error? - Use GPS for long range engagements, if in Challenger 2 - If target is not observable through GPS, HESH is loaded, and you are using TOGS, before lasing try to minimize possible errors: 1) Index battlesight range (Backspace hotkey) 2) Dump lead
  8. From v3 release notes: again from v3 release notes: Mission briefing was not updated and does not reflect those changes
  9. Problem is with aiming at extreme range, while using 1st generation thermal imager. To re-lase you need to dump range and lead, and then to re-lay reticle on target, and if range is over 2.5km this is tricky because of low thermal image resolution(and with HESH loaded you need apply more input to bring reticle on target); you might think that your aim is perfect, while in reality it is not quite so.
  10. Look at Challenger-2 tank. Think, where gunner's primary sight and thermal imager are physically located(hint- not at the same place, and this explained a bit in the briefing of relevant tutorial scenario).
  11. There is no misalignment, as far as I can see. You have last return logic enabled and at ~3km range there is a huge chance of getting return from the terrain behind target, since laser beam has some divergence and your lay on target could be not necessary perfect.
  12. It is not quite obvious, but impact was short of target ant shell was detonated by hitting the ground.
  13. You have HESH loaded, e.g. a round with spin-stabilized shell, so drift compensation remains applied.
  14. ...and even a specialized CAD software cannot provide sufficiently accurate simulation results- they need to be confirmed by live fire tests, and to make things even more complicated- real-world (battlefield) performance could easily be 30-50% worse than demonstrated during live fire tests. There are just way too many variables, which cannot be properly accounted.
  15. Jartsev


    Sadly, but this thread is also going very wrong direction. Please stop debates on subject of politics, and don't make me to lock it or to apply posting restrictions individually.
  16. Hello, there should be 2 mails- one is a confirmation mail with order number, and another- containing license activation link. Neither of them came through, or just one? First of all, please check spam/junk mail folder- may be our mails got trapped by spam filter. Then another factor- transaction processing is not always instant, unfortunately, and may take several hours. If there is no our mails in your spam mail folder, and after a couple of hours nothing comes through- please contact sales.
  17. Looks like this thread is about to go south, and I'll lock it for while. Banhammer flies left, right and center. So please think seriously before posting something and accusing or openly insulting someone. Please understand very simple thing. Most of us here are adult people with their own well-established views and opinions, which are not easy to change, especially by stepping in to moot and pointless dispute with childish argumentation. Such 'debates' usually have only one outcome, and it is negative. And if you don't like, what someone is posting, or sending you via PM- there is Ignore feature on this board.
  18. Hello, please contact sales.
  19. Well, as far as I can see it works on the flat map in offline session, but a few factors should be taken in to account: 1) Visibility range. With default 3km range, if target is let's say is 3,5km away from your 9P148, gunner will do nothing- he does not see it 2) If terrain is not flat- slope angle, since launcher and sight have minus 5 degrees depression limit(also in real life cant angle limitations would apply, very similar to Bradley). Possible issues specific to network session require a separate investigation...
  20. There is a thing called Map Editor, you know. You can do there whatever you want
  21. Hello, first of all, please check your spam mail folder, since there is a non-zero chance of confirmation email being trapped by the spam filter. Then please keep in mind, that there could be a delay up to a few hours, since in some rare cases transactions are not processed instantly, especially if credit card was used; wait for a couple of hours, and if there is still no confirmation mail, please contact sales.
  22. This is a known problem, but unfortunately values in your first post are also not quite right too.
  23. We all see and understand what is going on in Ukraine now. But there are forum rules regarding political debates, and as a moderator I'm asking you to refrain from posting content leading to such debates.
  24. No, he was replying to my post
  25. Excuse me, but why map was uploaded to scenario download section instead of maps downloads? This practise creates a lot potential issues, since in this case automated download of relevant map is not possible, and even if user is able to find map somehow, he may face significant difficulties with copying it in to correct package folder. Dear scenario makers, if you made a custom map for your scenario- please upload this map to maps section!
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