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  1. Thanks for reporting this problem! As far as I can see, there is an issue with ammo selection by AI, affecting VEC. Unfortunately, changing SAPHEI to more appropriate HEI will not resolve it for you at this moment I'll pass information to programmers.
  2. Here is a quick video: bandicam 2022-01-24 10-44-31-566.mp4 by left- and right-clicking this field you can cycle available options(and there is a lot of them).
  3. As I wrote above- this particular texture is not standard and does not comes with SB or maps included to our maps installer. I'm trying to say, that very likely there is modified sbarn.dds file for Barn2 ID#51 on your computer, and thing with mods(especially theme-specific mods), that it is very easy to forget about them- I made that mistake several times myself. Please check contents of following folders for modified Sbarn.dds: My Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\textures\woodland My Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\textures\autumn _your_maps_directory_\Scania_edited [autocreated base]\actors\textures In most extreme case it is worth to check what is going on in Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\textures\woodland and Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\textures\autumn ...by default there no dedicated 'autumn' or 'desert' versions of sbarn.dds, while default woodland looks like this:
  4. Map packages allow to have texture mods applied directly to them, so it is worthy to check if base package contains anything in _package_name_\actors\textures
  5. I'd suggest to check your mods folder. Those are not standard textures delivered with SB itself, or with map package. With 'stock' textures exactly same spot should look like this:
  6. Yes. Plus, it makes sense to inspect them individually for excess vertices which were placed automatically at wrong places(usually in proximity of intersections, bridges etc.). Also, bug #9802 still applies and it a good idea to check if waypoints are not between tracks of highway ID #5 (small 4x4 vehicle or motorbike might not be able to reach such waypoint, if tactics forces unit to stay on road). So there is still a big amount of manual labour needed.
  7. With this option unticked you would not need to hold ALT key at all, e.g. for off-road routes, or portions of the routes extending outside of the roads navmeshes are going to be used by default
  8. In case of routes bound to roads it is not relevant, if Alt key is pressed or not, since navmeshes are utilized for off-road routes. Hold Shift or apply 'Follow roads'. There is no such global option. It is possible to use marquee tool, but it would select everything belonging to given party, and some options for selected objects might not be available. There is no global option to see which routes were edited, and which were not; routes need to be checked manually, one-by-one. 'Follow routes' just makes route vertices to snap to nearby road, essentially; it has zero relation to AI behavior defined by tactics. So if unit has scout tactics, it would never ever try to stay on road and if something made it to deviate- it would just go to next route vertice or waypoint by shortest path. In this context 'Engage' with 'Retreat back if...' and 'Open fire if...'(or 'Return fire') conditions defined is probably best substitute to a scout tactics, but unfortunately it would not replace it completely.
  9. In case of BRDM and other player-crewable soviet APCs controlling turret and gun with mouse is the manual mode, because of gear ratios on real-world vehicles(traverse rate is up to 30degrees per second, for example)
  10. By certain reasons in case of those two vehicle default unit size is '1'. But when you are placing new unit to the map, you can expand 'Platoon size' options list and define new quantity for this particular unit- up to 6 vehicles. This the way how size of any new unit may be adjusted, with some exceptions like Sperwer UAV. But, if this doesn't work for you- I'll be very interested to know that.
  11. Happy New Year! A question to clarify the subject: is it TeamViewer on your computer unable to connect, or Steel Beasts Pro PE on your computer is unable connect to a host as a client? In later case, host needs to forward ports on his router very likely.
  12. Artwork is quite dated(was made may be a ten or so years ago), and has some limitations
  13. This is known general problem with machine guns; unfortunately appears to be not quite trivial to fix.
  14. There is a reference mark on safety shield, visible in F1 view; gun needs to be aligned this way by tapping Up/Down arrow keys:
  15. Did you activated the new license? It doesn't get activated automatically just by the fact of purchase. Also please note, that license must be activated only after installing SB and CodeMeter user runtime(comes with SB installer); here is a tutorial video with walk-through:
  16. This is not possible with in-game tools to my knowledge. Purpose of 'Configure Driver Axes' menu is setting-up of input device for driver's position only; in other words- how your game controller would work in F9 view.
  17. Availability of certain features and options depends of user's realism settings; 'Lines of fire' option is available during regular session only if realism set to low, there is no changes in 4.268 in this aspect. Also please note, that during network sessions realism settings are applied by server(server has high realism- same would be applied to clients)
  18. Well, ammunition selection by AI is based on several factors, like distance to target vs effective range of particular round, penetration performance of ammo available vs perceived armor protection of particular target, target aspect etc. Now please take a look at in-game ammunition load of PT-76, and note that only HE has effective range well over 1km; this essentially means that if you have a PC somewhere beyond 1100 meters, AI would use HE and not anything else.
  19. First of all, it is better not to use mission editor for preparation of plans and overlays, since in test mode you have god-like capabilities and is able to move around non-movable objects. Just like in last test scenario Emplacements there are have flag 'Deployable in deployment zone' enabled, and obviously they would not be moved to a new location if overlay file is loaded.
  20. Sorry, but I'm not able reproduce this, for me it works both in offline and online sessions with your scenario. Looks like some critical details needed for reproduction of the problem are missing.
  21. 1) Inability to deploy vehicle emplacements on the roads and in their immediate proximity is an intentional feature 2) As far as I can see, saving re-positioned deployable emplacements to map overlay file works Ok during network session(LAN between 2 computers). Here is one not quite obvious catch- updated positions of deployable emplacements must be saved to overlay file by participant, who performed this move; e.g. if host moves some emplacements, and client- some other emplacements, then only emplacements moved by the host would be saved to map overlay file created by host, while to store updated positions of emplacements moved by client, this client must save own overlay file.
  22. It is hard to say what exactly went wrong in your case, and I'd prefer not to make guesses here. Still you need to address the situation somehow and I'll suggest to check if maps folder from your previous installation is still somewhere else on your computer(e.g. on other drive, for example), unless you always utilized default location C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps. If there is an old folder found somewhere, you can define it as a new file path for maps: 1) Make sure that it contains 'Default' map package; if not- copy-paste it there, since SB would not run without it. 2) Launch SB as administrator (right click on shortcut> More...>Run as Administrator) 3) In the Main Menu pick 'Options', then 'File paths' and check what address is listed there; probably it would be C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps 4) Change location of map package folder by left-clicking 'Map Package Folder' line- dialog will pop-up, navigate to required folder and confirm your selection by clicking 'Select' button If there no such old folder found for whatever reason, I'll suggest to re-install everything starting with SB Maps first, then SB Pro PE itself, and Map tools as a final touch. Running maps installer when everything else is already done was causing issues to some people in the past, so complete re-installation is a very time-consumable, but probably a safer option. P.S. It is also worth to keep in mind, that optional Legacy Maps Installer places pre-4.1 maps only to C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps.
  23. Most of the maps on our server were created by community and we simply directly converted them for use with v.4.1 without any alternations, also there is a non-zero chance, that some of the maps are left-overs of beta test. Feel free to save an unpublished delta of this map, and delete any not needed objects or annotations.
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