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  1. T55 commanders sight. TKN-1

    -Thats right. And it was never replaced with something newer(e.g. TKN-3) before collapse of the Soviet Union. -TPKU- have only magnifying optics, but it`s predecessor TPK-1 have unity window. People usually do not see much difference between those 2 devices.
  2. Gunner controllers

    Gunner`s control handles replicas are "specialised equipment for military training" per Wassenaar agreements. This basically means no export or import without end-user certificate and proper licenses in North America and EU.
  3. Standard Load for ATGM teams and Rifle PLt´s ?

    This depends of particular unit`s TOE, IMHO. And in defensive scenarios ammo can be stockpiled on position, so it`s actual number can exceed unit`s ability to haul it by hand in single time
  4. Standard Load for ATGM teams and Rifle PLt´s ?

    ATGM carried load depends of particular weapon system and size of the crew/team. For example AT-7 2-man team carries 4 missiles(1 by gunner and another 3 by his assistant), while AT-4 2-man team can carry only 2 9M111-series missiles which are carried by gunner's assistant(3-man AT-4 team will carry 4 missiles)... And when it comes to larger and heavier ATGMs like TOW or AT-5 average team can carry only one missile over relatively short distance. Speaking of ammo load for RPGs its again depends of weapon. Basic carried load for RPG-7 is 5 rounds(2 in gunner`s pack and another 3 in assistant`s pack) while Carl Gustav crew can carry 2-4 rounds(which are packed in rather bulky 2-round containers). Just my 2 cents...
  5. History of US Tanks.

    Hmm, point taken... Probably inner plates are spaced few millimeters a part from upper glacis, so ultrasonic thickness gauge(most of inexpensive models) will very likely screw-up and not measure 'em.
  6. History of US Tanks.

    Nope Its measured(yeah, it was really measured on actual vehicle) all the same uniform less than 2-inch thickness across entire surface, consistent with values on well-known sketch of CATTB hull . What you see on photos above are welded-in support rims, which as always are giving impression of thick plate.
  7. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

    Well, shaky gun or shaky turret in case of T-series tanks is likely caused by wrong adjustment of stabilizer "hardness" setting; sure it prevents tank from firing, but can be resolved by simple adjustment of some potentiometers in K1 box if cause is not a general failure of said box... Problem is that any tweaking or fixing of stabilizer is prohibited at crew or platoon level as a measure of protection against idiots(but procedures are described in operation manuals)... So only option for the crew is to switch to emergency modes of operation- semiautomatic(powered unstabilized AZ and manual EL,) manual EL and AZ, or in case of T-80U/UD, T-90 and T-84- to try enable mode "Double PA"; in this mode turret traverse is powered unstabilized, but main gun is stabilized by TC`s TKN-4/PK-5(depending of tank model). Issues with AL were very likely caused by air bubbles in hydraulics system... Relatively easy to fix, but not on the range or in the middle of firefight.
  8. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

    Those were presumably to be done by manufacturer`s representatives(crews were from T-64-equipped unit and had rather limited training and practical expeirience with T-84). But as it appeared, vehicles were not ready. Plus Ukraine have just 6 T-84s MBTs, so vehicles not utilized as competition tracks were used as donors of spare parts.
  9. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

    Actually as it appears, tanks of UA team were not completely refurbished at all because nobody bothered to pay factory for this. So manufacturer just added thermal sights, GPS receivers, some external stuff like ladders and applied new paint-job, but nothing more(while vehicles were stored for decade under open sky without proper preservation and maintenance).
  10. Virtual Reality support?

    Sooo... Can anybody explain to me, what is the point(read- real benefits) of VR support in AFV-centric simulation, not necessary Steel Beasts? Especially if things like optics and map views(actually primary views for armor simulation gameplay) and current VR technology limitations are taken in to consideration.
  11. History of US Tanks.

    Yup, and people are giving their money for this.
  12. History of US Tanks.

    Sorry, but this page from "CIA report" is actually not from real declassified "The soviet T-72 tank performance" report, which can be downloaded from CIA's FOIA reading room. Someone decided to fill "sanitized" pages with values from other different sources, and now sells his creation on Amazon. P.S. The real report: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/document/0000498195 Just compare page 10- yes, there is a plenty of stuff deleted, but it is still very different
  13. History of US Tanks.

    Actually not. This presentation(more likely a draft version) was prepared by person who actually works for FMV and runs ointres.se website. His site contains final version of presentation, cleaned of the most of classified stuff, you can download it here: http://www.ointres.se/2012-11-08_OH_Arsenalen.pdf ...and if you download it and then take look on page 106, you will find sanitized down-scaled and unreadable version of the very same diagram.
  14. History of US Tanks.

    Well, speaking of RHA estimates or values obtained during ballistic test, they are almost useless in real life without exact data on threat munition, because current armor can be tailored to defeat very certain nomenclature or even particular models of ammo. Kind of brown magic...
  15. History of US Tanks.

    Diagram shows vehicle with some US-designed package, on following pages there are diagrams for ballistic test rigs, and some of them were probably composed of US-designed special armor and swedish add-on armor(assumption is based on photos)
  16. History of US Tanks.

    Ok, I`m backing off my statement about diagram being a fake. Source document was found, and I`d say it is more than weird if such information can freely float around. Edit: Damian, check in pdf properties who is an author/creator- its a well-known owner of ointres.se, so everything looks legit
  17. History of US Tanks.

    Well... This, actually, is easily verifiable. But nothing can explain images of binder holes on top of the picture
  18. History of US Tanks.

    1) Diagram is listed "Unclassified", and this is abnormal for any graphics or text specifying exact threat and protection values. 2) "Secret" stamp itself. Clearly photoshoped because faker forgot to clean-up some... Features . Anyway this is best quality fake I ever saw to this moment and I`m not going to make life of makers of such stuff easier(they are definitely reading this board).
  19. History of US Tanks.

    Look at classification markings of "document" and "diagram". Nothing pings?
  20. History of US Tanks.

    Obvious fake. Warthunder fanboys are making tons of them now.
  21. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Well, problem is not with missile specs, I`d say. Its more about damage modelling and can not be resolved easy because of diverse selection of munitions represented in SB and the lack of certain information, not available in public domain.
  22. Digital vs analogue FCS

    ...and, back to original topic subject. Major advantages of digital electronics when it comes to systems for ground combat vehicles, are greater accuracy, size and weight reductions, energy savings. Most important in this list is greater accuracy, since digital circuits are less sensitive to minor deviations of supplied power.
  23. Digital vs analogue FCS

    Ekhhhmmm... Why people always confusing analog, e.g. electric systems with electro-mechanical or mechanical devices!?
  24. Real Life M1A1 TC, how do they do ?

    In terms of hardware they are very far from being the same, same applies to the rest of FCS. Just my personal observation.
  25. Any experts on the T34 (early models)?

    Speaking of panoramic device at loader's station on command tanks, it is not reliable ID feature, since regular "line" tanks had dummy installed sometimes(in order to conceal command vehicles).