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  1. This is how it supposed to work; creation of conditioned routes(this includes copy-pasting of existing conditioned routes) is allowed only in the mission editor or during planning phase.
  2. Ok... I was able to reproduce the problem, but there is one important catch. This happens only if user attempts to copy-paste route or a route chain during execution phase, e.g. a phase where creation of conditioned routes is not possible- this is why copied conditioned routes doesn't work in such case.
  3. Try to run Windows update: Windows Start menu>Settings>Update&Security> Windows Update> Check for Update
  4. No, you can't apply KB2999226 patch manually by running installer downloaded from MS website. This not how it works with Win 10- you should use Windows Update feature integral to OS(Start>Settings>Update&Security> Windows Update> Check for Update). And as I wrote previously- very likely re-installation of VC++ is needed. I just successfully installed v.4.023 on computer which has just VC++2013 and 2017 installed (both x64 and x86 versions).
  5. 1) Please check, if your computer has Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 installed. -If no, then get installer here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads -if yes, then uninstall it and re-install using fresh installer obtained via link above 2) Use Windows Update to download and install KB2999226 P.S. Installation(or re-installation) of VC++ 2013 may be required too
  6. I suggest to use export function. Start SB and click 'Controls' entry in the Main Menu. Controls setup dialog will open; in this dialog click 'Export' - in window which will open you will be able to type-in desired name for your backup file. When you click 'Save', exported controls profile will be saved to My Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\export as [your_filename].hkf. You can import it, if needed, from this folder by clicking 'Import' in controls dialog. P.S. Working controls profile itself is stored in C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\options as std.hkf; for more detailed information about file system please check pages 22-26 of the user manual (Windows Start menu>eSim Games>Documentation)
  7. Jartsev

    4k dispaly problem

    You need to start game in safe mode in order to restore functionality: Start menu>'eSim games'>Troubleshooting>'Steel Beasts Pro PE (safe mode)'. This would reset options to default and start game with 1024x768 resolution in windowed mode. After this you may try to change resolution again. But anyway freezing is something what shouldn't happen, and we would like to see debug log and info about your system. Debug logs can be found in My Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\logs folder; please send logs collected during failed sessions to this mail: ssnake[_at_]esimgames.com
  8. ...Also, it is important to keep in mind, that angle of attack(and hence angle of impact) is different for in-game Spike and Javelin. And this 10-15 degrees difference really matters, because it defines which damage will be inflicted.
  9. Ok, thanks. Those issues are now in the list.
  10. No, this is not about your hardware Use 'toggle magnification' hotkey, please. Reticle is not projected if night optics have 1.8x magnification selected(which is default for Warrior and Scimitar), so in order to see reticle you need to enable high magnification(6.4x). Admittedly this not very obvious.
  11. Yes, unfortunately. Depends of the computer's specs, but still slow.
  12. Interesting. Never experienced such things with GTX1050Ti, which is newer than GTX970, but doubtfully if better.
  13. Ok, thanks, this one is #8068 now. Please note, that not only the CITV is affected.
  14. Thanks, we will look into it...
  15. This was previously reported, but, unfortunately, not yet fixed despite of all programmer's efforts. BTW, try to refresh or replace theme in the scenario- in some cases this may help.
  16. Ok, thanks! Was there a TC damage present?
  17. More moot(or not so moot) questions: -Are you using gunner's or TC's positions? -Since you are experiencing issue while in the test mode of the Mission Editor, was scenario re-saved between test runs?
  18. Supply of effectors is pretty much limited and some of them, covering exact arc were expended previously. You can see this in AAR by tracking previous events happened to this unit; also note- one of previous impacts was quite close to the left side radar and may be damaged it.
  19. Well, this seems to be completely different thing, and may be not so much a bug in fact. You may notice, that with gun over hull side vehicle motion in pitch axis is perceived mostly as sight/gun LOS jolting in roll axis, so it's more about width/shape of the bumps, IMHO. Edit: it is very easy to see from external views how vehicle's hull is moving during off-road driving, and how this affects gun depending of turret azimuth position.
  20. Ok, thaks we will try to investigate this, but from description initially it sounds like a kind of network problem. P.S. Scenario or map where issue was seen would very handy.
  21. Yes! Ok, thanks. Themes with 'Realism_' prefix were delivered with SB Pro PE 4.0(or may be earlier) and in fact are obsolete now; current 'stock' themes have '_eSim_' prefix and you will not see such problem with them. Now I'll try to explain what happened... Version 4.1 have additional option for the ground type settings- 'is dirt'. Textures for ground type, which have this option enabled will be also utilized for unfinished or not camouflaged emplacements; if theme doesn't have this option enabled for one (and only one!) ground type, then textures for ground type #0(which is a 'Field' in your case) will be applied to emplacements under construction or without camo. Old themes are still pretty much usable, but you need to enable 'Is dirt' option for the suitable ground type(only one of 16 available in the theme!) first, and after this you will need to update your scenario with fixed theme. Also this thing about flagging ground as dirt should be kept in mind during conversion of pre-4.1 maps.
  22. Actually problem with wrong texture may be indeed theme-related, and this makes me to ask you for scenario where you see it; if scenario is based on custom map, it would be very handy to get it too, or at least a theme file...
  23. Obviously it shouldn't work in such case. Completion less than 100% implies that construction is not finished and camouflage is not applied yet, e.g. user needs to utilize AEV to complete construction; this would also make camo to appear as a final touch, if 'Camouflage' option was selected in the mission editor for particular emplacement.
  24. Fixed; fix should be available with the next patch or update
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