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  1. Hello! I was trying to reproduce your problems but without much luck 1) Small freezes when terrain streaming is in progress, or if you are switching from desktop to SB running in the full screen mode are very annoying, but inevitable in many cases. It's a price of the new terrain. If they are lasting longer than few seconds and SB is unable to recover, then there is a real problem. 2) Freezes occurring when you are exiting AAR require investigation 3) You mentioned crashes. Can you, please, elaborate more? Also, if we are talking about crashes-to-desktop, then may be there some crash dumps are left, and they could be very useful to sort out troubles you are experiencing. Could you check C:\Users\[your_user_name_here]\AppData\Local\CrashDumps folder, and if it contains any recent crashdump files generated during SB's CTDs, forward those to us(please don't upload them here, but sent via email to @Ssnake) 4) Please try to run SB in windowed mode. First of all, this would let you see, if there some error message pops up on the background. Plus, actually some of the issues may go away. 5) Just curious about your computer's specs- what is the CPU and amount of video RAM
  2. Try to change Filepaths while running SB as administrator. If this doesn't help, when try to re-install Steel Beasts (not the Maps!), and during installation select proper path to the folder containing maps- installer will ask about its location in the next step after confirming SB installation directory.
  3. Jartsev

    Minor Bug M1(IP)

    Thanks, added to the list.
  4. Yay! Resolved... Well, at least you didn't dropped ordnance on your own position, how it happens in real life from time to time
  5. Also, can you provide your copy of converted scenario and map package? This can be very handy.
  6. So... This one ... is the original scenario, right? I made a conversion myself, and after this checked available support options for the blue side(Mission Editor> Options>Support); they appear to be not affected by conversion- 9 batteries of 9 tubes each, 81 tubes total with unlimited supply of ammunition, so we can rule out possibility of changes there during conversion process. Then I made a few test runs with typing-in coordinates manually and using LRF data- arty barrages seems to fall on to intended targets. All this brings another question- do you see the problem repeatedly, and are you sure, that entered coordinates were correct? The tricky thing here, that aside of very trivial typo during filling the call-for-fire form, coordinates reported by AI may be wrong or belong to target spotted somewhere else.
  7. First of all, was this issue observed in the map view, or it was in the some 3D view(F8 view, unbuttoned TC's view, sight view etc)? Then, if it was in the map view, and your realism settings are 'High', then it's perfectly normal not see red arty barrage box, because arty barrages and their labels are intentionally not displayed anymore on the map in offline or network session if realism is high(exception is the test mode of the Mission Editor). And if you were unable to observe arty impacts in 3D view, then something else may be involved, but I cannot reproduce this problem(including manually typing-in target coordinates). E.g. in this case some extra investigation may be required.
  8. LRF trigger is a 2-way switch(may be 'rocker switch' would be a more precise term); if pressed outwards, it fires laser with last return logic, and if pressed inwards- laser is fired with 1st return logic. Gah, my bad. Indeed its an 'Alt.range'. Still this just proofs how non-descriptive and confusing wording for this entry is...
  9. In order to replicate 2-way switch utilized to 'fire' LRF on the real vehicle, 1st return lase is hard-coded to Joystick button #4(note- there is no such hotkey for keyboard/mouse), and 'Toggle laser return: first/last' hotkey have no effect in particular case. Obviously this may be not the most optimal implementation,, and probably we need to consider some changes in this area...
  10. One question- join-in-progress feature was utilized during session, right?
  11. We will try to investigate this, but at this moment I'm not able to reproduce issue. It's rather doubtful if problem is Win10-specific, but such connection cannot be ruled out completely...
  12. No, Steel Beasts is not a freeware. You can download and install it free of charge, but to run it you need a license, which is not free. License can be purchased in our Web Shop here: https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1530 ...and I suggest to think about time-based options, since they are cheaper in short term.
  13. Ok, initial ideas about graphics card performance are probably wrong... So next points of concern are: 1) Do you see this issue on each and every map(same for scenarios), or there are some specific maps/spots on maps/ scenarios where issue is present? 2) Do you have any post-processing injector software ('ReShade' and alikes)? If yes, then try to run SB with such software disabled 3) Please check mods you are using. Excessive size of the textures can impose too much load for the graphics card(even without causing obvious stutters and fps drops), at least in theory.
  14. Smells like graphics card performance issue... What are the graphics card model and RAM size? ...And it is worth a try to cut down graphics and terrain detail settings.
  15. Ok, thanks. In the bug tracker now.
  16. I can suggest to try windowed mode (ALT+W). 1) If you still cannot see mouse cursor after switching to windowed mode, try to move it to display edge or Windows taskbar- it should re-appear tthere; after this you can try to resize SB window. 2) In case, if you can see cursor in the windowed mode, it is worth to try to go back to full screen(Main Menu>Options>Display> LMB click on 'Windowed' to toggle it to 'Full screen'). 3) If after going back to full screen, tou cannot see mouse cursor, then you need to run SB in windowed mode only. And if there is no cursor neither in windowed nor in full screen modes, then you need to experiment with font scaling, which is a Windows setting(try 125%)
  17. There is no any kind of hard-kill APS on any known version of the Kurganets-APC to this date.
  18. No, it still usable. As I wrote before- you need to draw bridges slightly longer. And, BTW I already discussed this matter with programmer, and he is working on the fix.
  19. Actually you still able to use them. As far as I can see at this point, this bug affect only a 3D view of the map editor, while in the mission editor or during gameplay maps should be Ok.
  20. Well, I fully understand your concern and have no intention to downplay the problem, but this: ...is quite an exaggeration.
  21. Hmmm, do you see this on published maps, or while editing unpublished maps? Update: -If map is unpublished, slightly stretch affected bridges.
  22. Such matters are better to be handled over the email, so, please, send a message to @Ssnake
  23. Ok, identified root cause for this issue was fixed.
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