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  1. Well, as Ssnake wrote above, CrashDump files would be very handy to determine cause of the crashes. Try to run SB in debug mode('Start'>'eSim Games' 'Trobleshooting'>'Steel Beasts Pro PE (debug)'), and once crash occurs, pick Crash Dump file and send to us via email; also it would be nice to have a scenario file causing crash.
  2. It is not obvious, but you don'need to load legacy scenario in 4.1 to extract the embedded map: 1) Start SB Pro PE v.4.1 2) Open the Mission Editor. Once in the Mission editor, do not open any scenario(simply no need to do this) 3) Click 'File' and then select 'Export to map package...' 4) Dialog 'Open' will pop. Select legacy file, from which your wish to extract the map. -If legacy scenario does not contain embedded map, appropriate message will be displayed. -If there is an embedded map in the scenario, 'Scenario map extraction wizard' will open'. to adjust name, coordinates and date etc. Also you can select 'Publish' and extracted map will be immediately published. It provides you options to save map as the base or delta package... ...to adjust name, coordinates and date etc. Also you can select 'Publish' and extracted map will be immediately published ...Better tactic would be not to load scenario directly after the map extraction, but to proceed to the map editor, and making some final touches to extracted map there.
  3. Ok, I will try to reproduce. Probably there is a some compatibility issue with map theme files created in 4.0... BTW, technically you don't need to keep 4.023 for the maps and themes extraction- very same things can be done in the Mission Editor of v.4.1, but if you need to extract maps from multiple scenarios, version 4.023 is just faster.
  4. Can you send the map package and the scenario to us 'as is', e.g. without making any changes to them? Just upload them to some file sharing service and drop a DL links via PM or mail.
  5. Admittedly, this feature was bugged, and fix became available just today, so only thing I can do now is to ask you to wait for the patch.
  6. Ok, point taken. First of all , Afganit relies (presumably) on blast-fragmentation effectors to intercept incoming threats; it is very unlikely if those effectors can steer and home on to threat munition... So indeed there will be some reduction of performance, as range between effector's point of detonation and threat increases. How big this reduction is an open question. Also probably our current intercept envelope for single effector can be bit narrow than it should be, but again, it is debatable , if this is correct or wrong.
  7. Well, it's all a matter of probability and very random variables. Sometime it will stop them, while sometimes it will not.
  8. Sorry, but if are aiming at the center of mass, and missile is flying just 1-1.5 above LOS it will be perfectly within Afganit's intercept envelope.
  9. If you can see reference to C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages\ in the 'File paths', then you can try to change it to your custom directory. Here is a video how to do this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/87tq15xepr0g5hx/bandicam 2019-07-30 12-42-19-078.mp4?dl=0 ...But before attempting to make changes please check if your new target directory contains 'Default' map package. Also in order to make changes in the 'File paths' menu you need to run SB as administrator.
  10. Problem here is that SB can use the primary game controller only.
  11. Ok, I can see the problem. It's an entry #7752 now
  12. This is really strange, and shouldn't happen... See, the first page of the web depot just warns you, that new license is going to be activated, so in the hurry it may be easy just to assume that license is activated and to close page. Think, your ticket is still valid, so please make another attempt: Try to locate that email, and click activation link again. Even better is to copy link address, and open it in the web browser... Then follow instructions outlined by Ssnake in this post: -please note, that in your case web depot interface will be english, and in case of upgrade license you need to select 'CmDongle' option on start page of the web depot. If this attempt is not successful, please contact sales.
  13. Yes, SB Pro PE 4.1 is a major upgrade and you need to purchase "Upgrade License from version 4.0" license in order to run a new version.
  14. Well, just clicking the link in the email not activates the license. When someone clicks activation link in the email, web browser opens "Web depot" page, where user actually activates his license and transfers it to the dongle(or, in case of time-based licenses, to the local virtual container), so from your description it looks like this part was somehow skipped/aborted.
  15. It works, but with huge delay in case of weapon systems like M2HB, e.g. you really need to wait. Also it works only in squad leader's view (F7), which should not be confused with the sight or ' peek' views. Plus gun must be deployed.
  16. Ok, looks like 'default' map package is missing fro F:/SBMAPS for some reason. In order to fix this, please check: C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps -if you can see folder 'Packages' there, open it and copy its contents to F:/SBMAPS. This should resolve the issue
  17. Part about control handles and palm switches functionality is a #7749 now.
  18. Ok, we will try to investigate this So... Just checking- "Control handle" option is enabled in the "Controls" menu, right?
  19. Well, LCore.exe is a Logitech Gaming Software, and it have no any relation to the SB... So if you are clicking "Ok" in this error window, does SB Pro PE installer shuts down, or not? And if installer doesn't quit, can you simply continue?
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