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  1. Wait a bit... You activated license with Codemeter software installed, right? Asking this, because Codemeter must be installed before activation.
  2. Try Internet Explorer. Type iexplorer in Windows Search, and in search results you will see shortcut to launch IE.
  3. AI does not use smoke generators(from memory); they are enabled in route settings and set to off by default, or manually(Shift+TAB). 1) Do you see this problem in scenario created in 4.1, or in some legacy scenario converted for use in 4.1? Can you upload this scenario, so we can check it out? 2) When you see this issue, are you owning or manually controlling unit, which uses smoke generator? If yes, then what about controls setup- may be there are 'Stop' or 'Engage' hotkeys are colliding with 'Engine smoke' hotkey somehow?
  4. Well, if were talking about Mission Editor, then 'accommodation' is a default optional attribute for the 'ISO container' obstacle; it does not affect visual appearance, but unlike sand-filled or air-filled ISO containers, accommodation ISO container may burn if hit. This is how it always worked since introduction of ISO containers. Then, speaking of maps and map editor, we have ISO Container as map object... This is a building, which looks exactly like an 'ISO container' obstacle in 3D, so it is relatively easy to get confused; unlike obstacle it cannot be set as deployable during planning phase. And then, finally, there is 'container housing unit' building, which is again a map object, e.g. it cannot be added to the scenario in mission editor, but troops are able to occupy it.
  5. Package Download Manager is optional tool and SB is supposed to run without it(albeit obviously without ability to download maps in-game)... Could you locate 'Troubleshooting' subfolder of Steel Beasts program folder in Windows Start Menu? There is a SB shortcut named 'Steel Beasts Pro PE (debug)'; please try to start SB using this shortcut- this will create a much more detailed log. Please send this log to ssnake [at] esimgames.com. Other factors to consider: 1) Are drivers Ok? 2) Is computer meeting minimal system requirements for SB? 3) Possibility of Anti-Virus software preventing SB from running (this is something from ancient times, but still such possibility cannot be discarded completely)
  6. This experimental round(which development was cancelled several years ago IRL, BTW) is not available in game.
  7. Hmmm... First, please check this this thread, describing how to activate license and to troubleshoot some common errors: Second, if you attempted to activate license without installing SB Pro PE and Codemeter software, then chances are that your ticket is still valid, and license was not activated.
  8. This is a feature actually. Ability to change unit's orientation during planning phase is allowed for deployment zones only.
  9. Original Centurion's sight had non-ballistic reticle and drum with range scales was utilized to apply proper superelevation. Upgunning kit with L7 also included a new No.30 sight, which is represented in game; this sight had ballistic reticle graduated up to 3km and because of this range drum was used only for long-range engagements, not normally possible with sight's reticle. Range drum is not simulated in SB at this point. And speaking of real life, not all israely 'Sho't' tanks received complete kits during conversion, so when it comes to gun and sight combinations, in reality there were some odd hybrids.
  10. Yes, it is possible to create conditioned routes only during planning phase Unit cannot occupy unconnected route. Basically, to occupy such route unit should arrive to starting waypoint of this route by following another route. Note, that driving unit manually to a location or close vicinity of the waypoint will note make unit to occupy given waypoint. During offline session- yes, that's possible.
  11. Thanks, this is a limitation of current model; we will try address it.
  12. Thanks, we will investigate this
  13. In-game UAV is not supposed to report contacts on its own, so, technically, it's always blind disregarding of 'Status' presets made in the mission editor. From SB Wiki:
  14. Ok, this one was fixed.
  15. Yeah, this is quite annoying, and let's face it, feature is bit messy, but... First of all 'Default behavior in building' settings are user-specific and they are not saved in scenario, AFAIK.
  16. Able to reproduce. So yes, joystick doesn't work with CRD's unity sight view; interesting if this somehow relates to drivers.
  17. Hello! What version of SB you had before installation of patches?
  18. Yes, v.4.163 is available only as patch installer at present time. So you need to install v.4.162, which is available as a full installer, and then apply patch; in all other aspects description of installation process outlined in release notes is valid.
  19. Speaking of USB stick contents, the only thing which can be used is the maps installer. And, BTW, you need to install maps first; after this you can proceed with installation of v.4.162 and applying v.4.163 patch... Final touch will be installation of the Map Package Transfer Manager v31, which can be downloaded here: http://dl.steelbeasts.com/MapTransferMgr_V31_Setup.exe
  20. Thanks, this is known problem valid for any in-game MBT with gun-missile armament.
  21. Jartsev


    Quite clear that it is the bug.
  22. Jartsev


    Well, it's not about TOS, but about building. Happens if rocket(or any other HE projectile) hits balcony at certain angle, as far as I can see at this point.
  23. Please elaborate bit more... Right now UAV/UGV can be utilized by scout teams and CO/XO units only (this is intentional change which was introduced with first v.4.1 release, if I'm not mistaken).
  24. Right now in game it is possible edit map themes(also open theme files for editing) only if unpublished map package is loaded in the Map Editor; this is a known issue.
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