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  1. If you are uninstalling only a SB Pro PE and a Map Package Transfer Tools, then your custom content should stay intact, unless it was placed for some reason to installation folder. It is strongly advised not to store your custom content in [Drive Name]:\Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE
  2. Please check, if 4.0 can run. If yes, this would save you some more money.
  3. SB Pro PE v.4.250 will work with 4.1 license, since this is a free update. Regarding checking your license version number, as Gibsonm wrote above- you can check version number by starting the software. Other, and probably more reliable option(also, the only option, if you do not have SB Pro PE installation files anymore) is to use WebAdmin; please visit this topic to read about details:
  4. Thanks, that is an entirely new twist in the story. Will try to replicate. Update: Was able to reproduce.
  5. Ok, then this brings another questions: -Was bridge placed by the owner of bridgelayer? -If not, then how it was possible for non-owner deploy bridge, because that shouldn't be possible from F8 or F9 views? I cannot do that in LAN session even if bridgelayer is a part of some composite platoon.
  6. Trying to replicate, but got a question- was that bridge a 'mobile bridge' deployable in planning phase, or it was placed using bridgelayer vehicle?
  7. It never was possible to access call for fire dialog by clicking reference point map symbol. Basically, Call For Fire dialog can be accessed in two ways: 1) At TC's position, while unbuttoned- via "Support" drop-down menu (tab with menus shows up if mouse cursor is hovered near upper edge of the screen). Note, that if 'Support' Menu is used, then target location would be defaulted to first reference point in the list. If there is no reference points available, then target location field would be empty(you can type-in coordinates). Exception are FO teams and vehicles- i
  8. Well, everyone makes mistakes
  9. Please check in 'Controls', what keys or buttons are assigned to 'Palm switch (default). Default assignments are 'P', Joystick button #3 and middle mouse button
  10. From the briefing text for M1A2 tutorial scenario 'M1A2 TC A Basic Tank Commander Controls': ...in other words, on M1A2 you need to hold 'P' key pressed in order to pan CITV around.
  11. This is kind of known problem... There are several interconnected issues, unfortunately.
  12. This is a known problem, caused by combination of several factors(including source data), which was addressed with large degree of success in 4.2.
  13. Few remarks on the subject... 'Expose to the enemy' penalty zone reveals(via map view and text message) penalized unit to a human user, but not to an enemy AI. If enemy AI does not have LOS to exposed unit, then this unit is not detected/ reported and is not shown on the map in debriefing or AAR, since default setting there is 'Show> Unit icons (reported)'. This behavior is there since very beginning of SB, probably.
  14. Able to find session and access Assembly Area; obviously cannot access any vehicle, since I don't have scenario and host computer is left unattended, so there is no anyone who can confirm file transfer. Basically your setup seems to work, but it is better to run a test game.
  15. Necessary remark: In current beta it looks much(a way much) better, albeit some abnormalities could be seen, if engagement range is over 2km, so there is a definitely a plenty of room for further improvements, and, hopefully, more fixes would implemented. At the same time, please note, that for real-world M60A3 everything beyond 1.5-2km is a sort of extreme range, where chance of hitting anything is relatively low(just because of FCS specs).
  16. Cannot reproduce so far... 1) Please check your controls setup- may be there both magnification and focus controls got mapped to the same joystick button 2) If FLIR focus was adjusted for close range, then in narrow FoV distant targets would appear blurry(same for close targets and far focus)- this behavior seems to be consistent both for mouse+keyboard and joystick with default controls mapping in my tests so far. 3) There is a known issue with dust/smoke particles messing up auto-focus
  17. If correct type of the license ('Secondary License') was purchased and activated, then very likely CodeMeter Runtime was installed without Network Server component on computer, which is supposed to act as a license server. This option is de-selected by default during installation, so you would need to run CodeMeter v.7.10a installer one more time and pick 'Change' instead of 'Remove' and then in the list of options to be installed enable 'Network Server'(it is on top of the list). Probably this is going to resolve situation for the case with 2 PCs connected via wireless router.
  18. Gunfire detection system is non-functional(by several reasons)
  19. Guess, he is using some translation software...
  20. As I wrote above- trees have completely new more detailed models, and to render them requires more GPU resources, despite of all possible optimizations
  21. Answer is very simple- you are staring through magnified optics at nearby bunch of trees, and rendering of those trees causes impact on performance, since as you may notice trees models are not quite the same as they were in 2.5-4.0.
  22. Ok, are you running SB in full screen mode? If yes, I'll suggest to consider switching to windowed mode, which in, particular case may give you extra 5-10 frames per second. I'm writing this as a person, whose primary system has GTX1050Ti graphics card, which is more or less equivalent of RX560. Other option is to reduce resolution somewhat, but blurry appearance of the image in this case may not be suitable for everyone.
  23. 1) Can you upload your test scenario? 2) What are system specs? Sorry, but '8gig ram 4core AMD' is not quite descriptive, and sounds more like some integrated graphics, relying on shared memory.
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